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With so many folders and threads it can be hard to figure out where to look for information and where to post a question or start a new discussion. To help make it easier, I've created a site map. Below is the folder hierarchy and listed under each folder is a link to the most informative threads (not all of them). Old threads, those with no activity for 60 days or no longer relevant, will either be deleted or moved to the Sometimes Dead Threads Come Back. I hope this helps everyone navigate our group.

Welcome to our group -this folder is for general information about the group and good place to start when you are new to the group.
Introduce yourself -This thread is a place where we can all go and tell everyone about ourselves.
Help!! Post your questions here.-Questions about the Stephen King Fans group or Goodreads in general should be posted here.
Spoiler Policy- We have a stricter spoiler policy then most groups. That is because there are so many King books and so many people reading we want to make sure every one has a great experience. Go here to learn more!
What is the Group Read?-Stop by here to learn what we have read as a group and how we pick our monthly book club picks.
Frequently Asked Questions- Before you ask your question, check here to see if it's already been answered.

Lilja's Library -Questions and Answers with Lilja from Lilja's Library author of Lilja's Library:The World of Stephen King

Group Read Discussions -this folder is for the current monthly book club pick ONLY. Go here to join in the discussions.

Talk about the Novels -Group Members can get confused as to where to talk about the books. Go here to find a specific novel
The novels are listed below in alphabetical order. Please look for the novel BEFORE posting a new thread about it so we don't have too many threads for one book.

Bag of Bones
Black House
Blockcade Billy
The Colorado Kid
Cycle of the Werewolf
Danse Macabre
The Dark Half
The Dark Tower series
The Dead Zone
Different Seasons
Dolores Claiborne
Doctor Sleep
Duma Key
Everything's Eventual
The Eyes of the Dragon
Four Past Midnight
From a Buick 8
Full Dark, No Stars
Gerald's Game
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
The Green Mile
Hearts in Atlantis
Just After Sunset
Lisey's Story
The Long Walk
Mile 81
Mr. Mercedes
Needful Things
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
On Writing
Pet Sematary
Rose Madder
The Running Man
Salem's Lot
The Shinning
Skelton Crew
The Stand
Stephen King Goes to the MoviesStorm of the Century
The Talisman
The Tommyknockers
Under the Dome

Short Stories and Collections -this folder is for King's Short stores and collections where you can find individual short story discussions.

Personalized Recommendations -A lot of you are interested in other member's advice on a good book so put your question here!
Looking for a King book? Looking for a King book that someone can recommend to you? Ask us about it here!

Movies & TV Shows -Watched a good King movie or show? Tell us about it!
What are your favorite King movies?-Do you have an absolute favorite King movie we all must see?? Tell us about it here! Find a list of movies and TV shows here.
Cast your favorite King movies-Who would you cast in movies based off King books.
Least Favorite Adaptation-Tell us what you loath about King adaptations!

The King Himself -The folder is for topics about Stephen King himself. Articles, Book Reviews by him, King's website are some great examples.
The man himself-All kinds of fun information about King in one place.
Recommend a book to King-Know a great book you think Stephen King would love? Tell us about it here!

The Random Discussion Threads -Want to talk about fun topics related to King's writings??? Do it here!!
Me? In a King book?-If you could be in a Stephen King book which would it be?
Your first!-Tell us what your first Stephen King book was.
Do you blog?-Are you a blogger? Get the Stephen Kings Fan button for your blog here & share you blog!
Favorite sayings from King books.-Share your favorite lines from any King book here!
BAD GUYS!-Who is your favorite or least favorite King villain!
Favorite Bachman Book-Do you have a favorite Bachman book?

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Angie | 2535 comments Mod
The Dark Tower Series -There are so many discussions about the Dark Tower series it gets it's own folder!
Dark Tower movie &show-Who is excited about the movie and show??? Talk about it here.
The Gunslinger-book 1
The Drawing of the Three book 2
The Wastelands-book 3
Wizard and Glass book 4
Wolves of the Calla book 5
Song of Susannah book 6
The Dark Tower book 7
The Wind Through the Keyhole book 8

Graphic Novels -Stephen King has recently participated in creating graphic novels.. let's discuss
The Secretary of Dreams
American Vampire
Dark Tower Graphic Novels
The Stand Graphic Novels
N printed graphic novel

IT discussions -IT (the book) has been thoroughly discussed in the group... so of course the book gets it's own folder!

Non-King books & authors -OK so we have spent so much time talking about King let's talk about someone else now
What are you reading right now?-Let us know what you're reading and your thoughts on it.

Sometimes Dead Threads Come Back -Old threads, those with no activity for 60 days or no longer relevant, will either be deleted or moved to this thread.

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