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The only thing Jane now knows of Earth is that the crop crises of 2047 have obliterated its food sources.

It’s been months since the Incident, but Jane’s life still resembles the unmoving atmosphere in which she finds herself. Gray, eerie, uncomfortably still.

It all changes when a mysterious group of visitors lands at her doorstep and Jane is suddenly forced to face a past she didn’t choose.

Finding herself at the center of a mission to save the flailing population of Earth, Jane embarks on a journey that will test her absolute limits. On the quest for survival, Jane teams up with a stubbornly serious but inevitably alluring partner.

Will they survive the mission to save the Earth?

Not everyone is as they seem in this thrilling, can’t-put-down dystopian romance. For readers of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Selection.

Praise for 2050 Landing:

"This was an amazing book to binge read! Such a good combo of sci-fi, thriller, romance and even comedy. You can’t go wrong with this book, you’ll be hooked from the very beginning! Please let there be a sequel!"
- Amazon Starred Review

"As soon as I read the premise of a girl all alone on a planet I was intrigued. From there, the story was filled with twists that took the plot in surprising and unexpected directions. The romantic interest is gorgeous and had my heart racing - he and Jane have lots of delicious tension and chemistry. I'm excited for the next book!"
-Amazon Starred Review

"I 100% recommend this sci-fi story. It has everything you need: action, romance, mystery with a healthy amount of funny moments. A great book from a promising young author. Can't wait to see what's next!"
-Amazon Starred Review

“A story about friendship, survival, and love, this book kept me on the edge of my seat! It was the perfect mingling of my favorite genre, post-apocalyptic survival, with beautifully written characters and human stories. I'm eagerly anticipating the unfolding of this story in the sequel.”
-Amazon Starred Review
  • Science fiction
  • Young-adult
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In this six-session study (streaming video included), author and pastor Jay Kim guides small-group members through Paul's letter to the believers in Colossae, revealing what his words meant to his original readers . . . and how they apply to us today.

The letter to the believers in Colossae contains a message that's urgent today—a message of unity among the followers of Christ; a message of thanksgiving and spiritual fullness in a broken world; a message that shows us how to live as the people who are made alive in the one true Christ.

This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including:

The study guide itself—a 40 Day reading plan through Colossians with discussion and personal reflection questions, video notes, and a leader's guide.
An individual access code to stream all six video sessions online (you don't need to buy a DVD!).
Participants will be encouraged as they listen to Jay's teachings and, through the accompanying study guide, challenged to read Colossians on their own during the forty days in the study.

40 Days Through the Book series:

Each of the studies in this series, taught by a different pastor or Bible teacher on a specific book of the Bible, is designed to help you more actively engage with God's Word by understanding its background and culture and applying it in a fresh way to your life. Throughout each study, you'll be encouraged to read through the corresponding book in the New Testament at least once during the course of 40 days.  

Watch on any device!

Streaming video access code included. Access code subject to expiration after 12/31/2027. Code may be redeemed only by the recipient of this package. Code may not be transferred or sold separately from this package. Internet connection required. Void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Additional offer details inside.
  • Religion
  • Spirituality
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¿Te has preguntado cómo es el amor en medio del mundo musical? ¿Qué es lo que pasa tras escena de un concierto? O, tal vez, ¿cómo llegan los artistas a los medios? Noelia es una excelente profesional, que ha entrado a trabajar en una de las mejores compañías musicales del país. Su perfeccionismo, lealtad, compañerismo y buen hacer, le harán tener el cariño y apoyo de sus compañeros, aunque también despertará envidia. ¿Qué mujer no conoce a Sebastián? Un mujeriego andante, con gran poder en la industria de la música, además de uno de los jefazos de Noelia en la empresa. Cada día aparece con una chica nueva bajo el brazo, luciéndola como si fuera un reloj. Un pequeño accidente, pondrá en la misma habitación a Noelia y Sebastián, ¿serán capaces de evitar lo que el destino les tiene preparado?
  • Romance
  • Contemporary
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Set in Cuba in 1998, Sacrificio is a triumphant and mesmeric work of violence, loss, and identity, following a group of young HIV-positive counterrevolutionaries who seek to overthrow the Castro government.

Rafa, an Afro-Cuban orphan, moves to Havana with nothing to his name and falls into a job at a café. He is soon drawn into a web of bizarre, ever-shifting entanglements with his boss’s son, the charismatic Renato, leader of the counterrevolutionary group “Los Injected Ones,” which is planning a violent overthrow of the Castro government during Pope John Paul II's upcoming visit. 
When Renato goes missing, Rafa’s search for his friend takes him through various haunts in Havana: from an AIDS sanatorium, to the guest rooms of tourist hotels, to the outskirts of the capital, where he enters a phantasmagorical slum cobbled together from the city’s detritus by Los Injected Ones. 
A novel of cascading prose that captures a nation in slow collapse, Sacrificio is a visionary work, capturing the fury, passion, fatalism, and grim humor of young lives lived at the margins of a society they desperately wish to change.
  • Fiction
  • LGBTQ+
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Learn success secrets from original remote work pioneers on the mindset and strategies they developed to build and grow successful organizations from the ground up.

With the unprecedented rise in remote work due to the pandemic, many businesses have struggled with how to effectively transition to a distributed format. Meanwhile, companies who had always been remote-first had a unique advantage: a highly scalable set of work processes, a unique communication style, and the proper “async mindset” required to succeed without an office.  

This groundbreaking guide unlocks the secrets and the lessons discovered by those pioneer entrepreneurs and founders who have figured out how to harness the async mindset and grow their businesses remotely in the most the seamless, freeing, and cost-effective ways.

Once you accept and master some fundamental differences, remote work can fuel higher productivity, eliminate time-wasting meetings and treacherous commutes, and strip away the ugly politics that often undermine the most talented employees. It also leads to great cultural inclusivity and richer cultural exchange.  

Running Remote is for ventures of all stripes—companies small and large, one-person operations, mom-and-pop shops, and global mega-corporations. The lessons herein are as valuable for on-premises organizations as they are for the tech worker. 

Readers will:

Master the fundamentals of the async mindset by exploring three overarching principles—deliberate overcommunication, democratized workflow, and detailed metrics.
Learn nuts-and-bolts techniques and real-life lessons from remote work trailblazers who built successful all-remote organizations prior to the pandemic.
Gain a better understanding of why hiring, on-ramping, and managing in a remote context is totally different—again with methods and first-hand stories from the founders and leaders that did it first.
Learn how moving to a remote business model impacts traditional management and work processes.
  • Business
  • Non-fiction
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