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Celia Rivenbark
“Okay, let's see if I got this straight. The butt is the new breast, and the lower back is the new ankle. Now if only we could figure out where the brain has moved.”
Celia Rivenbark, Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom

Charles Bukowski
“The ass is the face of the soul of sex.”
Charles Bukowski

Miranda July
“I typed "royal family" into a dream-interpretation website, but they didn't have that in their database, so then I typed "butt" and hit "interpret," and this came back: To see your buttocks in your dream represents your instincts and urges. It also said: To dream that your buttocks are misshapen suggests undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. But my butt was shaped all right, so that let me know my psyche was developed, and the first part told me to trust my instincts, to trust my butt, the butt that trusted him.”
Miranda July, No One Belongs Here More Than You
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Oliver Markus
“The red lipstick? It's supposed to signal fertility and readiness to mate. Just like the swollen red butt of a baboon. That tight-fitting little dress that shows off your curves? From the standpoint of evolutionary biology, big breasts represent a healthy mate who can feed a lot of offspring. That's why men are programmed to like big tits. When you show off your curves, what you're really doing is advertising to the whole world: "Look at me! I'm a healthy female! I'd be a perfect mate! Come mount me!”
Oliver Markus, Why Men And Women Can't Be Friends

Woody Allen
“There's a snake in my butt!”
Woody Allen

C.B. Lee
“We can't just sit on our asses and not live our lives while we're trying to expose a corrupt government.”
C.B. Lee, Not Your Sidekick

Diana Peterfreund
“Hey,” he pulled away and put his hand on my face. “What are you thinking about?”
“Your butt,” I admitted.”
Diana Peterfreund, Rampant

Pawan Mishra
“Anyone can lecture from the butt; only very few can act.”
Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy

Marlon James
“Three year in prison and a dick is just another thing to put up your ass.”
Marlon James, A Brief History of Seven Killings

Ryan Lilly
“The best cure for a stick up your butt is a dog to play fetch with.”
Ryan Lilly

Diana Gabaldon
“Amphora,” he murmured against the wide, sweet curve of her lips. His hands slid over the wide, sweet curve of her hips, cupping smoothness cool and solid, timeless and graceful as the swell of ancient pottery, promising abundance. “Like a Grecian vase. God, you’ve got the most beautiful arse!”

“Jug-butt, huh?”
Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The average woman feels small whenever a man who has just walked past her does not turn his head to check out her ass, especially if it is—or if she feels that it is—big.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Stephanie Lahart
“So what if you have stretch marks. So what if you have cellulite. So what if you don’t have a big butt. So what if you don’t have large breasts. So what if you don’t have flawless skin. So what if you don’t have a body that other people deem to be perfect. So what! Don’t allow people to define YOUR beauty. Hold your head up high and know who YOU are! DO NOT EVER allow anybody to make you feel as if you’re NOT enough. You ARE enough! BELIEVE that.”
Stephanie Lahart

Criss Jami
“Now what religion has never had sects? Rest assured, Extremism is always the derrière.”
Criss Jami, Healology

C.B. Lee
“She looks great in that skirt. Her butt is so cute.”
C.B. Lee, Not Your Sidekick

Daniel Zomparelli
“My skin is fitting weirdly on my body today. I woke up this morning, and it felt looser than usual. When I checked the mirror, I could see that there was extra skin drooping from my eyes, some folding around my butt, some gathered around my elbows.”
Daniel Zomparelli, Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person

Giorge Leedy
“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"
"Not at all. Shoot-"
"Do you have butt implants?”
Giorge Leedy, Uninhibited From Lust To Love

James Joyce
“He kissed the plump mellow yellow smellow melons of her rump, on each plump melonous hemisphere, in their mellow yellow furrow, with obscure prolonged provocative melonsmellonous osculation.”
James Joyce, Ulysses