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Kiersten White
“Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing”
Kiersten White, And I Darken

Anthony Liccione
“The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.”
Anthony Liccione

Krista Ritchie
“The fear of losing each other is always stronger than the pain we cause.”
Krista Ritchie, Addicted to You

“Life is a game, you either win or loose but there is no draw”
Ikechukwu Izuakor

Israelmore Ayivor
“Loosers want it but only through the easy way. If action taking were like reading a story book, loosers would only love to open the picture pages”
Israelmore Ayivor

Simón Bolívar
“El arte de vencer se aprende en las derrotas”
Simón Bolívar
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Arzum Uzun
“easy to love. easy to loose.”
Arzum Uzun

Enock Maregesi
“Mtu aliyepoteza kazi na mke na watoto wake kuuwawa kwa mfano, watu wanapaswa kuwa makini na yeye, ana uwezo wa kufanya chochote.”
Enock Maregesi

Enock Maregesi
“Mtu aliyepoteza kila kitu katika maisha yake ana uwezo wa kufanya chochote.”
Enock Maregesi

David Trueba
“Quien no ha perdido a quien quiere mientras le dice todo está bien, no pasa nada, no sabe lo que es el amor.”
David Trueba, Tierra de campos

“Selfish people try to keep or get things but they loose people”
Hannah Garrison

“Am in the making, you can't break me. Life to me, is a Chain. It will loose just at the right time but in the know of GOD”
Temi 'T Quest' Sholeye

“I had days thinking I am at loose, regretting why I took that chance. I had nights dreaming what if we be still together. I had times I decided to move back. But inspite all those days, nights and times I had people who let me to pull myself together.
Now, maybe I'm slow but delight to know I'm not at loose. I have nights praising my Lord Whom give me chance to be strong. I'm thankful for not taking the chance to go back. Because I took the chance of losing you to find myself.”
Irfa Rahat

Deyth Banger
“...So to be fast to don't be long and to try to be short... If you want to play the best game, create it - make the rules, make what they will do... That's how I do it. I make people to play my games and then often loooose!”
Deyth Banger

Kristen Henderson
“The outfit, tight in places,
and loose in some, says as much
in the buttons as it does in cuffs.”
Kristen Henderson, Of My Maiden Smoking

“I always have a fear of loosing Love ones. Even if I don't want to see this happen, I will have to face the bitter truth sooner or later.”
Ahmed Falah

Anthony Liccione
“We are the road that winds down a sound mind, then slips into the sea.”
Anthony Liccione

“Don't let the urge to everyday, blindfold you to ultimately loose in life.”
Faisal Khosa
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Daniel Zomparelli
“My skin is fitting weirdly on my body today. I woke up this morning, and it felt looser than usual. When I checked the mirror, I could see that there was extra skin drooping from my eyes, some folding around my butt, some gathered around my elbows.”
Daniel Zomparelli, Everything Is Awful and You're a Terrible Person

“Life is Beautiful, it is you who want to Enjoy or Cry.
Enjoy = Win, Cry = Loose.”

Christina Engela
“Tracey hurriedly shut the door behind her to prevent the flames that had been licking hungrily at her caboose all the way down the corridor, from following her inside. Then, almost falling into one of the gravity couches, she hurriedly strapped herself into it before punching the emergency release. She hoped the escape system still worked. It did. The explosive dead-bolts fired, shaking the pod loose, dislodging it from the rapidly disintegrating wreck, just about shaking the crap out of her on its bone-jarring way into the great wide open.”
Christina Engela, Prodigal Sun

Arzum Uzun
“Love is like gamble. From the start you know you'll loose everything you have.”
Arzum Uzun, Aşkın 8 Kusuru

Francesco Piccolo
“Se vuoi vincere a tutti i costi, le tue probabilità di vittoria aumentano, ma non sono sufficienti per vincere; se invece vuoi perdere, se hai la propensione psicologica alla sconfitta, allora perdi con certezza matematica.”
Francesco Piccolo, Il desiderio di essere come tutti
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