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Idowu Koyenikan
“When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”
Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

Idowu Koyenikan
“When you work on something that only has the capacity to make you 5 dollars, it does not matter how much harder you work – the most you will make is 5 dollars.”
idowu koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability
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John Wesley
“Do you not know that God entrusted you with that money (all above what buys necessities for your families) to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to help the stranger, the widow, the fatherless; and, indeed, as far as it will go, to relieve the wants of all mankind? How can you, how dare you, defraud the Lord, by applying it to any other purpose?”
John Wesley

Woody Allen
“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”
Woody Allen, Without Feathers

Elizabeth Warren
“Balancing your money is the key to having enough.”
Elizabeth Warren Amelia Warren Tyagin

“Whomsoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”
James Garfield

“Your income is proportional to your control.”
Meir Ezra

Sheryl WuDunn
“...when women gain control over spending, less family money is devoted to instant gratification and more for education and starting small businesses.”
Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Ali Wong
“A reporter once asked me why I think progressive men who earn significantly less than their breadwinning wives still won't quit their jobs to take care of their children. Why do they still hold on to their careers, even if taking care of the children would make more financial sense because the cost of childcare is higher than their net salary?
I think I know the answer to that now, and it sucks. Women are not expected to live a life for themselves. When women dedicate their lives to children, it is deemed a worthy and respectable choice. When women dedicate themselves to a passion outside of the family that doesn't involve worshiping their husbands or taking care of their kids, they're seen as selfish, cold, or unfit mothers. But when a man spends hours grueling over a craft, profession, or project, he's admired and seen as a genius. And when a man finds a woman who worships him, who dedicates her life to serving him, he's lucky. But when a man dedicates himself to taking care of his children it's seen as a last resort. That it must be because he ran out of other options. That it's plan Z. That it's an indicator of his inability to provide for his family. Basically, that he's a fucking loser. I think it's one of the most important falsehoods we need to shatter when talking about women's rights.”
Ali Wong, Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, & Advice for Living Your Best Life

“As soon as I had believed that financial security purchased emotional security, I'd lived a dependent, conditional life. Now I realize that rather than mortgage myself for a dream life on a layaway plan, I prefer the rather nice kind of life I've stumbled into. My desire for a double oven has less to do with signaling that I belong to a certain class or have reached a type of perfection and more to do with the fact that I haven't figured out how to make a pot roast and an apple pie at the same time. So I make the pie ahead of time and reheat it. I think it was Mark Twain who said, 'Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want.' I tell my kids this, hoping they will learn to balance the act of pursuing with the act of savoring.”
Liz Perle, Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions, and Cash

Laird Barron
“Money was a problem. Money was always a problem no matter how many bones he crushed or how much blood he let or dues he paid. The fucking rent was always due.”
Laird Barron, The Light is the Darkness

Fred C. White
“Finances flow along the lines of relationships in the kingdom of God.”
Fred C. White, Walking in the Father's Riches: The Prosperity of Sonship

Patricia Grasso
“The money is mine, not yours,” Reginald reminded her. “You ungrateful wretch. I found you an earl to marry, and your son will be an earl.”
“You chose yourself a son-in-law,” Regina said. “You traded me for a title.”
“You will thank me—”
“—for dying and leaving me in peace.”
“You will regret those words some day.”
“I can manage the regret, if not my own finances.”
Patricia Grasso, Seducing the Prince

Dave Ramsey
“70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Seven out of ten people you walk past going down the sidewalk are broke. You can model your life after them, and you will be one of them. Or you can mode your life after the weird people. Because wealth is unusual. It’s not normal. So you have to engage in unusual behaviors and habits to create unusual results”
Dave Ramsey

Thomm Quackenbush
“Most people who win the lottery are exactly as they were prior within a few years if they are not worse off. The fiscal management skills that lead one to give over daily money for scratch-offs will also cause the new money to vanish.”
Thomm Quackenbush, Holidays with Bigfoot

Ramani Durvasula
“Narcissists are manipulative and masterful at twisting the situation and working the rules to get what they want. Even more frustrating, they will turn things around in such a way that you may ultimately give them what they want and exhaust yourself in the process. Early in a relationship, the manipulation is most often emotional (“I had a tough childhood, so sometimes I say things I do not mean” or “I am under a lot of stress, so I blew up—I didn’t really mean it”) and financial (masterfully getting you to take on disproportionately more financial responsibility, finding yourself spending money you do not have to keep your relationship going and your partner happy.”
Ramani Durvasula, Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Surviving a Relationship with a Narcissist

“People love to spend money on something that does not really make sense and what they do not understand, and at the same time, the difference in real benefit is marginal. In addition, surprisingly many do a job that they do not like to get the money they do not have (credit) for which they buy items they do not need, wanting to impress people who they do not like.”
WODZU from

Maciej Aniserowicz
“It is better not to have a Porsche, live in an apartment, but have time for the family. Have time to count snails with your daughter in the morning on your way to a kindergarten.”
Maciej Aniserowicz

Maciej Aniserowicz
“Not one man would cry in my place and wonder “is it worth it?”. But on my side, when I look at these expenses, only a smile appears on my face. Because all this is my bright future. Which, of course, may not come, but … what to spend on, if not on dreams? If not on this, I will be at least able to say “at least I have tried” on my deathbed?”
Maciej Aniserowicz

“People are so obsessed with being financially stable and they end up forgetting they need mental and emotional stability too”

Abhijit Naskar
“If a nation is not able to monetize its assets, then it’ll have to beg for money from the developed parts of the world.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mad About Humans: World Maker's Almanac

Harken Headers
“The basic thing with frugality is:
Harken Headers, Health & Not Screwing It Up

Ada Calhoun
“We are some of the best-educated human beings in history and among the first adults in recent American history in worse financial shape than our parents.”
Ada Calhoun, Why We Can't Sleep: Women's New Midlife Crisis

Ada Calhoun
“In their forties, our parents' generation could expect to own a house and to have savings. In our forties, we are often still scrambling like we did at twenty-five. According to a 2017 national survey by CareerBuilder, 78 percent of US workers live paycheck-paycheck; nearly three in four say they are in debt.”
Ada Calhoun, Why We Can't Sleep: Women's New Midlife Crisis

Marianne Fritz
“...the ideal legal form being, it goes without saying, the one in which the least taxes are paid and the company is least vulnerable to any official prying.”
Marianne Fritz, The Weight of Things

Langston Hughes
“Friend, I am thinking about money--which goes beyond race. If all the Negroes in the world had money, the color problem would be solved in the morning.”
Langston Hughes, The Return of Simple

Olawale Daniel
“Bitcoin cannot be acquired for free, neither is it too costly to acquire today, which is precisely why it is setting humanity free.”
Olawale Daniel

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Manage your money.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Keisha Blair
“Each of us should have a financial identity. One that is distinct and separate from our spouse's or parents'. If you find yourself always wondering what your friends or parents think about the way you spend or invest, then its an indication that you haven't fully figured out your financial identity.”
Keisha Blair, Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness

Ramani Durvasula
“Despite our financial struggles, he - the narcissist - would insist that we take lavish vacations, get $150 bottles of wine, and spare no expense. When the bills came in, he couldn’t be bothered, but he always expected the show to go on. Narcissists will tend to spend money they don’t have to throw a big show. One place this will sometimes emerge is in wedding planning. Many people I talked with reflected back on their weddings as though they were a “show”.”
Ramani Durvasula, Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Surviving a Relationship with a Narcissist

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