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Cassandra Clare
“He grinned. It was a wicked grin, the kind that made the blood in Clary's veins run a little faster. "You want to go on a date?"
Caught off guard, she stammered. "A wh-what?"
"A date," Jace repeated. "Often 'a boring thing you have to memorize in history class,' but in this case, 'an offering of an evening of blisteringly white-hot romance with yours truly."
"Really?" Clary was not sure what to make of this. "Blisteringly white-hot?"
"It's me," said Jace. "Watching me play Scrabble is enough to make most women swoon. Imagine if I actually put in some effort.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls

Greg Behrendt
“A friend of mine told a story about a date with a guy she was really excited about: He stood her up. He then called her, begging her forgiveness and giving some excuse. She told him to get lost, telling him that he only gets one shot with her, and he blew it.”
Greg Behrendt

Gena Showalter
“Pops: How about you finish this sentence for me, Jason? When a girl says no she means...
Justin, looking desperately at me: No?
Nana: Are you sure?
Justin, shifting uncomfortably: I'm sure. No means no.
Nana: Well look at you. You got one right. Now here's another, even tougher sentence for you to finish. Premarital sex is...
Me: Nana! I'm so sorry Justin.
Nana: Unlike Pops, I'm not moving on. Justin?
Pops: His name is Jason.
Pops: While you think about that, why don't you tell me how you feel about drinking and driving?
Justin: I'm totally against it, I swear!
Nana: Methinks he protests too much.”
Gena Showalter, Alice in Zombieland

Cassandra Clare
“Simon turned to Jordan, who was lying down across the futon, his head propped against one of the woven throw pillows. "How much of that did you hear?"
"Enough to gather that we're going to a party tonight," said Jordan. "I heard about the Ironworks event. I'm not in the Garroway pack, so I wasn't invited."
"I guess you're coming as my date now." Simon shoved the phone back into his pocket.
"I'm secure enough in my masculinity to accept that," said Jordan. "We'd better get you something nice to wear, though," he called as Simon headed back into his room. "I want you to look pretty.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels

Josephine Humphreys
“You know a relationship has deteriorated past the point of salvage when one person detests another's gestures.”
Josephine Humphreys, Rich in Love

Eoin Colfer
“I hear that you were on a date with Trouble Kelp. Are you two planning on building a bivouac any time soon?”
Eoin Colfer, The Atlantis Complex

David Levithan
“You wanna-I dunno-get coffee or something sometime?"

Justin smiled "Not coffee. But yes."

"Not Coffee it is, then."

"Yes, Not Coffee.”
David Levithan, How They Met, and Other Stories

J. Lynn
“Good God, you don’t give up.”
I laughed, couldn’t help it, and his
smile spread in response to the sound.
“I’m sure there are plenty of girls who
want to go out on a date with you.”
“There are.”
“Wow. Modest aren’t you?”
“Why should I be?” he shot back.
“And I want to go out on a date with you.
Not them.”
J. Lynn, Wait for You

Kim Harrison
“Trent, is this a date?"

He didn't reach for the key still in the ignition. "You never told me how your car got impounded."

"Is this a date?" I asked again, more stridently.

Silent, he sat there, his hands on the wheel as he stared at the front door and the neon bowling pins flashing on and off. "I want it to be.”
Kim Harrison, The Undead Pool

Liz Reinhardt
“I'm winning a date with you. Granted, it's the frigging lamest date on earth, but I'm winning it anyway.”
Liz Reinhardt, Double Clutch

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Flattery does not encourage the perfect flow of love in the vein of your relationship. Be genuine and speak out what you feel for each other without hiding the painful truth.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Gregor Golob
“The most beautiful is to see the joy in your eyes.”
Gregor Golob

Elizabeth Berg
“This is one rule about mixing boys and girls: that a date always comes first.”
Elizabeth Berg, Joy School

Elizabeth Chandler
“Actually, I came because I have a last-minute invitation. My friend Erika Gill is having a big party tomorrow night, one of those all-out birthday bashes that girls like. Want to go?"

"No. Sorry."
"Since it's a catered thing, at a restaurant, I'll pick you up at- what did you say?"
"I'm sorry. I can't do it."
"You're busy?"
"I just can't do it," I said.”
Elizabeth Chandler, The Back Door of Midnight

“To lovers there.

Most ladies the reason they are dumped and their relationship doesn't last is they made themselves to become a want than a need in a relationship.”
Kyos Magupe

Gregor Golob
“I always wanted to know what it is right. Maybe we know each other from time immemorial, if you know that in you is the eternal energy of goodness, which is most important for you.”
Gregor Golob

David Foster Wallace
“Here is how to turn down an extramural date so you won't be asked again. Say something like I'm terribly sorry I can't come out to see 8 1/2 revived on a wall-size Cambridge Celluloid Festival viewer on Friday, Kimberly, or Daphne, but you see if I jump rope for two hours then jog backwards through Newton till I puke They'll let me watch match-cartridges and then my mother will read aloud to me from the O.E.D. until 2200 lights-out, and c.; so you can be sure that henceforth Daphne/Kimberly/Jennifer will take her adolescent-mating-dance-type-ritual-socialization business somewhere else.”
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest
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Joanna Mazurkiewicz
“It's delicious,’ he announces, chewing my sandwich. 'I would like to stay here forever and die with you in my arms.'
'I don't know. I think it's too cold for forever,' I say, smiling.”
Joanna Mazurkiewicz

Michael Ampersant
“The person first showing up for a date is always the loser.”
Michael Ampersant, Green Eyes
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Amanda Abram
“The day I fall in love with you for real will be the same day they open up a ski resort in Hell.”

“Splendid. That can be our first date.” He flashed me a grin which, even in the dark, managed to sparkle.”
Amanda Abram, The Importance of Getting Revenge
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Zøe Haslie
“I have a whole week to get a date out of you.”
Zøe Haslie, Just For A While
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Melody  Lee
“Take her on a date to a book store—So she may get a better idea of who you are…to see your expressions while perusing the classics, poetry, erotica. She needs to see how you react to books she adores. Will your eyes light up when she asks you to read to her some more? She wants to experience how you taste your words. She wants to know if you get lost in different worlds and if you find magic when you gaze into a book. For her, this will be the initial hook.”
Melody Lee, Moon Gypsy

“To lovers out there...
Women with toys, don't have time for man and don't care about men. Now men are getting their own toy. They won't have time for other women or care about them. In this technological century we leave in were people are being replaced by robots, because people don't want to feel anymore. Were People are trying so hard avoid catching feelings for someone.

Be thankful if there is someone out there, who cares on how you feel, who loves you and want to be part of you.”
De philosopher DJ Kyos

Zøe Haslie
“Looks like we've got a date," Misha whispered proudly.
"Great," Charlotte said ironically, looking at him stone-faced.
"Don't worry, I promise not to like you," he said as he stepped back and felt they guys' hands on his back.”
Zøe Haslie, Just For A While

Petra Hermans
“Best Profile on all Dating Sites, of the Universe.”
Petra Hermans
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“Lies have expiry date, but truth will last longer.”
Olawale Daniel

Becky Albertalli
“An actual date with a boy. This is possibly, definitely the number one best thing that’s ever happened to me. And I have no chill about it. None whatsoever.”
Becky Albertalli, What If It's Us

Becky Albertalli
“He laces our fingers and shrugs. And I’m dead. I am actually dead. There’s no other way to explain it. I’m sitting in fucking Herald Square, holding hands with the cutest boy I’ve ever met, and I’m dead. I’m the deadest zombie ghost vampire who ever died. And now my mouth isn’t working. It's like I'm stunned into silence. That never happens.”
Becky Albertalli, What If It's Us

Wataru Watari
“Totsuka was just so nice, it made me want to decide on our children's names together.”
Wataru Watari, やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている 5

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