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Cath Crowley
“I didn’t say you weren’t smart. I said you were stupid.”
“I guess I’m too dumb to see the difference.”
Cath Crowley, A Little Wanting Song

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Girls, watch out for the bad guys!...there are those capable of showering their resources on you just to dance on top of you, and finally destroy your good image and reputation.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“To lovers there.

Most ladies the reason they are dumped and their relationship doesn't last is they made themselves to become a want than a need in a relationship.”
Kyos Magupe

Ryan Lilly
“Yesterday is a pile of rubble. Today is a pile of opportunity. Life takes a new dump each morning”
Ryan Lilly

Thomm Quackenbush
“Aw, so he used you as a penis cozy and then left? Guys are pigs.”
Thomm Quackenbush, Danse Macabre (Night's Dream, #2)

Israelmore Ayivor
“Greed squeezes your dreams into a portable size, so that failure can easily carry them to dump somewhere.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Ladder

“First impression: The Tijuana dump is beautiful. Second impression: It is like a military operation. It is at the top of a small mountain. A convoy of trucks comes to the top of the mountain and dumps the refuse of a developing city. [...]
Other equipment moves mountains of dirt to cover the wastes. At intervals, standpipes are inserted into the filled spaces to allow the biogas of the rotting materials below to escape. The wind blows across these vents, creating an eerie music. When the biogas envelops you, you sense that sinking feeling of doom.”
Raymond Coppinger

Miriam Toews
“The dump was kind of like a department store for Ray, but even more like a holy cementery where he could organize abandoned dreams and wrecked things into families, in a way, that stayed together.”
Miriam Toews

Simone Elkeles
“Elena opens the door and yanks me through the house, stopping only when we reach the backyard. She lets me go only to grab the microphone from the lead singer.
"Paco!" she announces loudly. "Yeah, I'm talkin' to you," Elena says, pointing to Paco talking to a bunch of girls. "Next time you want to take a dump, do it in someone else's house."
Paco's entourage of girls backs up and giggles, leaving him alone.”
Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

“People were dumped all the time and their tears did not swallow dry land.”
Valentine Glass, Between Kay and You: A Bisexual Girl's Cumming-of-Age Confession

Sheba Karim
“I have to take a big Frosty dump.” “I love it when you talk sexy.”
Sheba Karim, Mariam Sharma Hits the Road

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