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Henry David Thoreau
“The preachers and lecturers deal with men of straw, as they are men of straw themselves. Why, a free-spoken man, of sound lungs, cannot draw a long breath without causing your rotten institutions to come toppling down by the vacuum he makes. Your church is a baby-house made of blocks, and so of the state.

...The church, the state, the school, the magazine, think they are liberal and free! It is the freedom of a prison-yard.”
Henry David Thoreau, I to Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau

Steven Moffat
“This was supposed to be yesterday. I was sitting on the Cardiff/London train, supposedly about to write this very column, and realising something quite terrible. My head was entirely empty. A vast echoing void. Bigger on the inside, but with nothing in it. You could drop a pebble in my brain and wait for an hour to hear it land. No actually, you couldn't - that would be aggressive and unhelpful, so keep your damn pebbles to yourself.”
Steven Moffat

Hyeonseo Lee
“I hope you remember that if you encounter an obstacle on the road, don’t think of it as an obstacle at all… think of it as a challenge to find a new path on the road less traveled.”
Hyeonseo Lee, The Girl with Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story

Alice Sebold
“I stared at her black hair. It was shiny like the promises in magazines. ”
Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

Kaiden Blake
“Raise your children to love and embrace others. Tell them they are beautiful; they may grow up to be stars one day, and "beautiful" will never mean as much in a magazine as it will coming from you.”
Kaiden Blake

“If you're anything like me,
You bite your nails,
And laugh when you're nervous.
You promise people the world,
because that's what they want from you.
You like giving them what they want...
But darling, you need to stop,

If you're anything like me,
You knock on wood every time you make plans.
You cross your fingers, hold your breath,
Wish on lucky numbers and eyelashes
Your superstitions were the lone survivors of the shipwreck.
Rest In Peace, to your naive bravado...
If life gets too good now,
Darling, it scares you.

If you're anything like me,
You never wanted to lock your door,
Your secret garden gate or your diary drawer
Didn't want to face the you you don't know anymore
For fear she was much better before...
But Darling, now you have to.

If you're anything like me,
There's a justice system in your head
For names you'll never speak again,
And you make your ruthless rulings.
Each new enemy turns to steel
They become the bars that confine you,
In your own little golden prison cell...
But Darling, there is where you meet yourself.

If you're anything like me
You've grown to hate your pride
To love your thighs
And no amount of friends at 25
Will fill the empty seats
At the lunch tables of your past
The teams that picked you last...
But Darling, you keep trying.

If you're anything like me,
You couldn't recognize the face of your love
Until they stripped you of your shiny paint
Threw your victory flag away
And you saw the ones who wanted you anyway...
Darling, later on you will thank your stars
for that frightful day.

If you're anything like me,
I'm sorry.

But Darling, it's going to be okay.”
Taylor Swift

Bill Bryson
“I tell the kids that, even in a childhood marked by despair and deprivation, I knew that no matter what happened, I still had my family, or at least the remnants of a family ripped apart by divorce and then glued back together in various odd arrangements through a series of ill- advised remarriages. It was good to know I had a solid foundation.”
Washington Post Magazine

Brandi Salazar
“This was like being in one of those National Geographic magazines. We were among the natives now.”
Brandi Salazar, Faerie Tales: The Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite

Elizabeth Bowen
“The stupid person's idea of the clever person. [on Aldous Huxley, in Spectator magazine, 1936]”
Elizabeth Bowen

“Faced with the prospect of a black depression, Highsmith once again retreated into fantasy, dreaming about an affair with the actress Anne Meacham, whose picture she had seen in a magazine publicising her role in the Tennessee Williams' play, In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel. After the disasters of recent years, she reckoned that the safest option was to escape into romantic imagination. She reviewed her failures over the past five years and concluded that 'the moral is: stay alone. Any idea of any close relationship should be imaginary, like any story I am writing. This way no harm is done to me or to any other person'.”
Andrew Wilson, Patricia Highsmith, ζωή στο σκοτάδι

“A magazine—a relevant one—should be a sound, not an echo.”
Tina Brown, The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992

W. Terry Whalin
“Publishing in magazine is an under-used route for authors to reach readers. As a former magazine editor, I understand the power of reaching the audience…With one article, I have reached millions of people.”
W. Terry Whalin, 10 Publishing Myths, Insights Every Author Needs to Succeed

Enock Maregesi
“Ndani ya kibweta cha risasi kuna vitu vitano vyenye uwezo wa kulipuka kama vile risasi, kasha, baruti, kitako na fataki. Risasi hutumika kama kombora – kitu kinachoweza kusafiri hewani na kulipuka baada au kabla ya kugonga shabaha – wakati kasha kazi yake ni kuhifadhi vitu vyote vya kibweta kwa pamoja kusudi visisambae. Baruti inayotoa au isiyotoa moshi ni poda yenye uwezo wa kulipuka ambayo ndani yake kuna mkaa, salfa na shura; ambayo husukuma kombora mbele kwa nguvu kubwa baada ya fataki kulipuka kupitia katika kitako cha kibweta. Kitako cha kibweta hutumika kama kiziduo cha risasi kutoka katika chemba ya silaha, wakati fataki kazi yake ni kuwashia baruti.”
Enock Maregesi

Stephanie Kate Strohm
“It was quite a cake. Three layers of cake interspersed with layers of jam and frosting- no, not frosting, lemon cheesecake, according to the caption- and topped with pickled strawberry icing and a ring of what looked like crumbled cookies.
"It's- it's Christina Tosi, isn't it?" she asked shyly. "The exposed sides of the cake. That's her thing. And the milk crumbs on top. I recognize them, from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook."
Henry looked closer- she was right. They weren't cookies.
"Milk crumbs?" he asked, trying to imagine what a milk crumb could be.
"They're made with milk powder and white chocolate. Really good. You're not supposed to eat them on their own, I don't think, they mostly go in or on other things, but they're so good I always save a few to snack on. What flavor's the cake?"
"Strawberry lemon.”
Stephanie Kate Strohm, Love à la Mode

Sylvia Plath
“„Se zgâia la imaginea ei în ferestrele lucioase ale magazinelor de parcă ar fi vrut să se asigure, clipă de clipă, că există în continuare.”
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

“Offline classes form the nucleus of the college life. Online classes can only complement offline education, not replace it.”
Shivanshu K. Srivastava

“If you want to know the value of a week ask the editor of a weekly magazine if he fails to meet up with the target of his weekly publication.”
Sunday Adelaja

“Chase your dreams, even if you trip.”
Ashley Brooke Robbins

“You're the creator of your own future. Get to writing.”
Ashley Brooke Robbins

“Achieving the right balance is all part of programming a news magazine.”
Jonathan Kern, Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production

“Industry Era is a technology magazine that features and talks about the enterprise solutions that can play a key part in redefining the business goals of organizations. We have become the leading sources who are sharing innovative and unique services developed by established vendors who have not yet been able to gain limelight. One can say we are the change that is much needed in the technology arena which has become congested with technological advancements.”
industry era

Gillian Flynn
“A male author can write about unlikable male characters. They’re called anti-heroes and it’s called a novel.”
Gillian Flynn

Elin Hilderbrand
“Smith and Kemp bought a run-down restaurant on the beach that had formerly served burgers and fried clams, and they transformed it into the Blue Bistro, with seating for over a hundred facing the Atlantic Ocean. The only seats harder to procure than the seats at the blue granite bar are the four tables out in the sand where the Bistro serves its now-famous version of seafood fondue. (Or, as the kitchen fondly refers to it, the all-you-can-eat fried shrimp special.) Many of Ms. Kemp's offerings are twists on old classics, like the fondue. She serves impeccable steak frites, a lobster club sandwich, and a sushi plate, which features a two-inch-thick slab of locally caught bluefin tuna.”
Elin Hilderbrand, The Blue Bistro

Lindsey Kelk
“I couldn’t remember the last time things had been so easy.”
Lindsey Kelk, I Heart Forever

Lindsey Kelk
“Why did people insist on telling you not to panic when the only rational response to what they’re about to say is panic?”
Lindsey Kelk, I Heart Forever

“To ride the zeitgeist successfully, you have to know when it has turned.”
Tina Brown, The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992

“Writezine - the magazine by writers for writers.”
Praveen Kumar Yadav

“I will create a blog, magazine and newspaper website by WordPress newspaper theme”
Liman mia

Margie Orford
“My mother...would sit for hours flicking through magazines, looking at photographs of smiling women with immaculate hair. She dreamed of a world without dust, a world of shining kitchens and canapé recipes, a world that wasn't the farm. I sat at her feet waiting for her.”
Margie Orford, The Eye of the Beholder

Steven Magee
“I will never understand why a police officer has to do a gun magazine dump into their victim.”
Steven Magee

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