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Raymond Chandler
“It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.”
Raymond Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely

Raymond Chandler
“There are blondes and blondes and it is almost a joke word nowadays. All blondes have their points, except perhaps the metallic ones who are as blond as a Zulu under the bleach and as to disposition as soft as a sidewalk. There is the small cute blonde who cheeps and twitters, and the big statuesque blonde who straight-arms you with an ice-blue glare. There is the blonde who gives you the up-from-under look and smells lovely and shimmers and hangs on your arm and is always very tired when you take her home. She makes that helpless gesture and has that goddamned headache and you would like to slug her except that you are glad you found out about the headache before you invested too much time and money and hope in her. Because the headache will always be there, a weapon that never wears out and is as deadly as the bravo’s rapier or Lucrezia’s poison vial. There is the soft and willing and alcoholic blonde who doesn’t care what she wears as long as it is mink or where she goes as long as it is the Starlight Roof and there is plenty of dry champagne. There is the small perky blonde who is a little pal and wants to pay her own way and is full of sunshine and common sense and knows judo from the ground up and can toss a truck driver over her shoulder without missing more than one sentence out of the editorial in the Saturday Review. There is the pale, pale blonde with anemia of some non-fatal but incurable type. She is very languid and very shadowy and she speaks softly out of nowhere and you can’t lay a finger on her because in the first place you don’t want to and in the second place she is reading The Waste Land or Dante in the original, or Kafka or Kierkegaard or studying Provençal. She adores music and when the New York Philharmonic is playing Hindemith she can tell you which one of the six bass viols came in a quarter of a beat too late. I hear Toscanini can also. That makes two of them. And lastly there is the gorgeous show piece who will outlast three kingpin racketeers and then marry a couple of millionaires at a million a head and end up with a pale rose villa at Cap Antibes, an Alfa-Romeo town car complete with pilot and co-pilot, and a stable of shopworn aristocrats, all of whom she will treat with the affectionate absent-mindedness of an elderly duke saying goodnight to his butler.”
Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“Beware of her fair hair, for she excels
All women in the magic of her locks;
And when she winds them round a young man's neck,
She will not ever set him free again.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Alfred Hitchcock
“Suspense is like a woman. The more left to the imagination, the more the excitement. ... The conventional big-bosomed blonde is not mysterious. And what could be more obvious than the old black velvet and pearls type? The perfect ‘woman of mystery’ is one who is blonde, subtle and Nordic. ... Although I do not profess to be an authority on women, I fear that the perfect title [for a movie], like the perfect woman is difficult to find.”
Alfred Hitchcock

Rebecah McManus
“The very first thing I saw was his eyes, bluer and brighter than the sea itself. They gazed at me, so dazzling, and for an instant I couldn't even feel the pain. I was too overcome by the handsomeness of this sandy haired boy”
Rebecah McManus, Colliding Worlds

Heinrich Heine
“And yonder sits a maiden, The fairest of the fair, With gold in her garment glittering, And she combs her golden hair.”
Heinrich Heine

Quinn Loftis
“All I got to say is if she said no, shemight not want to go to sleep tonight'cause I'm going to dye her hair blonde to compliment her being a dumb ass," Jen told them.
"Uh, Jen, you're a blonde," Jacque pointed out.
"No, not really, God just got it wrong and it was too late to change it once He noticed.”
Quinn Loftis, Prince of Wolves

Holly Black
“... on the lawn one late summer day, her pale hair tangled because she'd cry if anyone tried to brush it, spinning around and around until she got so dizzy she fell in a pile of bare feet and dandelions and sundress.”
Holly Black

Joyce Carol Oates
“For madness must be punished in a world in which mere sanity is prized. The revenge of the ordinary upon the gifted.”
Joyce Carol Oates
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“If you could see my thoughts, you could see our faces.”
Frank Ocean

Rick Riordan
“Leo thought of blondes as much too smart and much too dangerous.”
Rick Riordan, The Mark of Athena

Starley Ard
“I had a dream that I had brown hair…I woke up and ran to the mirror…Phew! I’m still a blonde.”
Starley Ard, Dreaming is for lovers

“She had streaked blonde hair, long and straight, parted in the middle framing high cheek bones, an aquiline nose and beautiful deep blue eyes. She was young, around 30, tall and lithe with a good body, athletic, not skinny. She wore a sleeveless black dress that exposed her toned arms and shoulders, indicating regular workouts or yoga. There was a hint of vein running the length of her lean muscle. This girl stood out like an arabian in a corral full of draft horses.”
Nick Hahn

Bruce  Crown
“Unfortunately for him he looked more like an innocent man on America’s terror watch-list rather than a gallant Viking possessing all the benefits of modernity. More like a villain in a Western fairy tale with his slicked-bouffant obsidian hair rather than the long sun-like curls that all great saviors of the poor have been obliged to possess. I squinted to the side towards him for a second and he caught my gaze almost immediately; his inky irises were comfortable enough to hold my stare indefinitely, his pupils seemed entirely ravenous as opposed to the feminist preferred oceanic turquoise, which for them is a physical demarcation of emotional sensitivity. He seemed like an uncanny bad guy any which way I looked at him, except of course, by his actions thus far…”
Bruce Crown, Forlorn Passions

Lidia Longorio
“You’re going to bed
I’m just waking up
You say Namoi
I say hello
You have blonde hair
I’m a brunette
We’re both artists
With different interpretations
Staying up late to talk to each other
Those differences and similarities are what makes our friendship so special”
Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity

J.K. Rowling
“Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?"
It was the girl from Beauxbatons who had laughed during Dumbledore's speech. She had finally removed her muffler. A long sheet of silvery-blonde hair fell almost to her waist. She had large, deep blue eyes, and very white, even teeth.
Ron went purple. He stared up at her, opened his mouth to reply, but nothing came out except a faint gurgling noise.
"Yeah, have it," said Harry, pushing the dish toward the girl.
"You 'ave finished wiz it?"
"Yeah," Ron said breathlessly. "Yeah, it was excellent."
The girl picked up the dish and carried it carefully off to the Ravenclaw table. Ron was still goggling at the girl as though he had never seen one before. Harry started to laugh. The sound seemed to jog Ron back to his senses.
"She's a veela!" he said hoarsely to Harry.
"Of course she isn't!" said Hermione tartly. "I don't see anyone else gaping at her like an idiot!"
But she wasn't entirely right about that. As the girl crossed the Hall, many boys' heads turned, and some of them had become temporarily speechless, just like Ron.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Kirsty Logan
“The kitchen light gleams on her pale hair, on the silk covering her shoulders.”
Kirsty Logan, The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories

Kevin James Moore
“Her honey-blonde hair is strewn across her face as she sways her head. She’s working a red sequined bikini separated by a tan, flat stomach, and a butterfly tattoo resting on her left hip. Her legs are clad in black fishnets that run into a pair of white-heeled boots—still a knockout.”
Kevin James Moore, The Go-Go Girl

“My first job as assistant director was to make sure he didn't cast the talented blond dancer who had so easily stolen my boyfriend the summer before. I accomplished this with the persistent and skilled manipulation of a grade A bitch.”
Tina Fey, Bossypants
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“Multi cauta paradisul cu o blonda pe o insula pustie, nestiind ca acolo se afla doar insula si ceva numit prostie.”
Mircea Popister

Andre the BFG
“There is something about having a charismatic blonde at the front that seems to lift any random collection of axe wielding blokes out of the ordinary. Just look at the Thatcher government.”
Andre the BFG, Andre's Adventures in MySpace

Lidia Longorio
“The bags under her deep blue-
green eyes told me we had the same darkness
Despite her tight blonde ponytail I could see her mess
We made each other's pain hurt less (at least for a while)
God smiled the first day I asked her, “You want to hang out at recess?”
Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity

Roberto Bolaño
“Jim liked dark women, apparently, history's secret women, he would say, without elaborating. As for me, I liked blondes.”
Roberto Bolaño, The Insufferable Gaucho

Albert Memmi
“A blonde woman, be she dull or anything else, appears superior to any brunette.”
Albert Memmi, The Colonizer and the Colonized
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