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Cormac McCarthy
“Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.”
Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

Dean F. Wilson
“Nox didn’t say a word. He waited, counting the seconds in his mind. Sometimes you counted bullets and sometimes you counted time. Either one could kill you.”
Dean F. Wilson, Rustkiller

Dean F. Wilson
“The silence just allowed the echoes of the question to play out in Nox’s mind, reminding him of his own unwinnable war against the never-ending tide of conmen and criminals. He was trying to clean up these parts, but every time he rubbed away a stain, he found another layer of dirt beneath. So, you could give up—or you could keep on scrubbing.”
Dean F. Wilson, Coilhunter

Willowy Whisper
“Reese sucked in a breath and played faster, hurling the anger through his fingers until it spun all his
fear, all his rage, into the gentle voice of music.”
Willowy Whisper, This Hostile Land

Penelope Williamson
“My love for you won't stop with my leaving. Come an evening over the years, when you step outside your door and hear the wind blowing through the cottonwoods, that'll be me, thinking of you, whispering your name, and loving you.”
Penelope Williamson

Missy Lyons
“There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse.”
Missy Lyons, Cowboys Don't Sing

Erich Maria Remarque
“No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck.”
Erich Maria Remarque

Johanna Lindsey
“You know, you really don't have to kill anyone over this. I'll get an annulment. It will be like never happened"
His eyes came to her, briefly meeting her gaze before dropping to her mouth. "You'll have to make that a divorce instead"
"No you don't understand. An annulment will be much easier to obtain"
His gaze locked with hers now. Cassie became slightly breathless with the intensity of his stare.
"Not after tonight, it won't." He said in his mesmerizing drawl.
"Why?" She barely got the word out.
"Because i'm in the mood to play husband"
"You're what?"
He started toward her. She was too stunned to move, so he was there and reaching for her before she had time to think about running.
"We're having a wedding night," he said as he lifted her off her feet.--”
Johanna Lindsey, Angel

D.A. Carson
“In the moral realm, there is very little consensus left in Western countries over the proper basis of moral behavior. And because of the power of the media, for millions of men and women the only venue where moral questions are discussed and weighed is the talk show, where more often than not the primary aim is to entertain, even shock, not to think. When Geraldo and Oprah become the arbiters of public morality, when the opinion of the latest media personality is sought on everything from abortion to transvestites, when banality is mistaken for profundity because [it's] uttered by a movie star or a basketball player, it is not surprising that there is less thought than hype. Oprah shapes more of the nation's grasp of right and wrong than most of the pulpits in the land. Personal and social ethics have been removed from the realms of truth and structures of thoughts; they have not only been relativized, but they have been democratized and trivialized.”
D.A. Carson, The Gagging of God: Christianity Confronts Pluralism

B.M. Bower
“Use your head for something more than to give your hat a ride, can't you?”
B.M. Bower, Shadow Mountain

Liliana Shelbrook
“You’re a lady. It’s written all over you, but the West doesn’t forgive any woman-unless she’s got a man.”
Liliana Shelbrook, Lantern in the Mist

Forrest Carter
“He loves deep... hates hard, ever'thing's that killed what he loves. All great warriors are sich men.”
Forrest Carter, The Outlaw Josey Wales

Alice Walker
“But I don't know how to fight. All I know how to do is stay alive.”
Alice Walker The Color Purple

Louis L'Amour
“It is brutal. Only I never could see the sense in having folks look at your tombstone and say, 'He was a man who didn't believe in violence, He's a good man... and dead.”
Louis L'Amour

Neal Stephenson
“Yong is the outer manifestation of something. Ti is the underlying essence. Technology is a yong associated with a particular ti that is ... Western, and completely alien to us [the Chinese]. For centuries, since the time of the Opium Wars, we have struggled to absorb the yong of technology without importing the Western ti. But it has been impossible. Just as our ancestors could not open our ports to the West without accepting the poison of opium, we could not open our lives to Western technology without taking in the Western ideas, which have been as a plague on our society. The result has been centuries of chaos.”
Neal Stephenson, The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

Max Brand
“First, the weather got hotter every day, and the hay press broke down every day. Second, the boss fell in love with Marian Wray, and the hay press broke down every day. Third, inside of forty-eight hours everybody on that crew hated everybody else, and the hay press broke down every day. Fourth, and most important of all, the hay press broke down every day.”
Max Brand, The Oath of Office: A Western Trio

Zane Grey
“So that's troublin' you? I reckon it needn't. You see it was this way. I come round the house an' seen that fat party an' heard him talkin' loud. Then he seen me, an' very impolite goes straight for his gun. He oughtn't have tried to throw a gun on me - whatever his reason was. For that's meetin' me on my own grounds. I've seen runnin' molasses that was quicker'n him. Now I didn't know who he was, visitor or friend or relation of yours, though I seen he was a Mormon all over, an' I couldn't get serious about shootin'. So I winged him - put a bullet through his arm as he was pullin' at his gun. An' he droppped the gun there, an' a little blood. I told him he'd introduced himself sufficient, an' to please move out of my vicinity. An' went" - Lassiter”
Zane Grey, Riders of the Purple Sage

Seyyed Hossein Nasr
“Furthermore, in the 13th/19th century philosophy began to see itself as a complete replacement for religion as one can see in the rise of the very idea of ideology at that time, a term used widely today even by Muslims who rarely realize the essentially secular and anti-religious character of the very concept of ideology which has gradually come to replace traditional religion in so many circles.”
Seyyed Hossein Nasr, A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World

“I felt a hole boring through my heart. It was carving a scar that would never heal. I was a man. A man doesn't cry at lost love. Never. Instead, he turns hard. From now on, I would live up to my name"...Rattler.”
Barry Andrew Chambers

O. Henry
“You sold a story last week," said Pettit, "about a gun fight in an Arizona mining town in which the hero drew his Colt's .45 and shot seven bandits as fast as they came in the door. Now, if a six-shooter could—"

"Oh, well," said I, "that's different. Arizona is a long way from New York. I could have a man stabbed with a lariat or chased by a pair of chaparreras if I wanted to, and it wouldn't be noticed until the usual error-sharp from around McAdams Junction isolates the erratum and writes in to the papers about it." (from "The Plutonian Fire")”
O. Henry, Selected Stories

Álvaro Mutis
“هؤلاء الغربيون لم يفهموا شيئًا من الإسلام ، والأسوء هو أن هذا الجهل المتعجرف ، يرجع إلى أزمنة الحروب الصليبية”
Álvaro Mutis, Abdul Bashur, soñador de navíos

Zane Grey
“When I envied a man's spurs then they were indeed worth coveting.”
Zane Grey

Sergio Leone
“[Tuco is in a bubble bath. The One Armed Man enters the room.]
One Armed Man: I've been looking for you for 8 months. Whenever I should have had a gun in my right hand, I thought of you. Now I find you in exactly the position that suits me. I had lots of time to learn to shoot with my left.
[Tuco kills him with the gun he has hidden in the foam.]
Tuco: When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.”
Sergio Leone

B.M. Bower
“By all the rules of modern fiction there should have been gunsmoke mingling its acrid blue with the brown haze of corral dust. Dead men should have fallen and been trampled...

Nothing of this sort happened.”
B.M. Bower, Five Furies of Leaning Ladder

Lori Handeland
“Son of a bitch!" Cash erupted. "He's wearing Nate's guns."
Reese had been too occupied gazing into those eyes to notice the oddity of a gun belt strapped around a naked waist. Cash was right. Those were Nate's pretty pearl pistols. Reese had never liked those guns. He liked them even less now.
"Sullivan, ask him where he got those," Cash demanded.
"What gave you the idea I can speak Comanche?" "Because you are one?"
"You're a jackass, but I don't expect you to talk to a donkey."
"This is no time to be funny, breed."
"Then quit trying so hard.”
Lori Handeland, Nate

Thomas Mann
“Protestantism harbors within it certain elements – just as the Great Reformer himself harbored such elements within his personality. I am thinking here of a sentimentality, a trancelike self-hypnosis that is not European, that is foreign and hostile to our active hemisphere’s law of life. Just look at him, this Luther. Look at the portraits, both as a young man and later. What a skull, what cheekbones, what a strange set to the eyes. My friend, that is Asia. I would be surprised, would be astonished, if Wendish-Slavic-Sarmatian blood was not at work there, and if it was not this massive phenomenon of a man – and who would deny him that – who proved to be a fatal weight placed on one of the two precariously balanced scales of your nation, on the Eastern scale, which caused – and still causes – the Western scale to fly heavenward.”
Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

Lori Handeland
“The sun glanced off a long, wicked looking knife in the Comanche's grip. At least Cash wouldn't have long to mourn. The other Indians held similar weapons, but they hung back as their leader knelt next to Sullivan. He muttered something, low and guttural, a single syllable that sounded like an insult, then picked up a lock of Sullivan's hair.
The knife descended toward his scalp.
"No!" Reese shouted. "Me."
The Comanche paused and stared at him with a spark of interest, almost admiration. But that couldn't be since the Indian had no idea what Reese was saying. He continued to try anyway.
"Me first." He struggled, wishing he could use his hands to point at himself.
"Shut the hell up, Reese," Sullivan said.
"What possible difference does it make who they kill first?" "Who knows what might happen. While they're working on me, anyone could show up and save the rest of you."
"In that case, me first," Cash drawled. "Me."
"No. Yo primero!"
"Kid, I'm the only one without a wife and far too many children. No one would miss me."
"I would." The words were punctuated by the distinct sound of a rifle being cocked. All eyes turned toward the man who had appeared at the edge of the clearing.
Cash's sigh of relief was in direct contrast to the sneer in his voice. "About damn time, Rev. We've been waitin' on you.”
Lori Handeland, Nate

Seyyed Hossein Nasr
“If you ask today what art is, what its function is, what the meaning of art is and why one should create art, the answer given oftentimes by Western philosophers of art and those who special- ize in modern aesthetics is ‘‘art for art’s sake.’’ The modern response is that you just create art for the sake of art; but this was never the answer of traditional civilizations where one created art for both the sake of attainment of inner perfection and for human need in the deepest sense—because the needs of man are not only physical, they are also spiritual. We are as much in need of beauty as of the air that we breathe.”
Seyyed Hossein Nasr, در جستجوي امر قدسي

Zane Grey
“What's all the row over at Ben's?" [Mrs. Ide] inquired, placidly, from her comfortable chair.

"Rustlers, cattle, foremen, sheriffs, and Heaven only knows what," replied Hettie, distractedly.”
Zane Grey, Nevada

Meg Mims
“Keep a spur handy.”
Meg Mims, Double Crossing

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