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Stephen King
“You couldn't not like someone who liked the guitar.”
Stephen King, The Stand

Woody Guthrie
“This machine kills fascists.”
Woody Guthrie

Milan Kundera
“The history of music is mortal, but the idiocy of the guitar is eternal.”
Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Melina Marchetta
“The string slices into the skin of his fingers and no matter how tough the calluses, it tears.

But this beat is fast and even though his joints are aching, his arm's out of control like it has a mind of its own and the sweat tat drenches his hair and face seems to smother him, but nothing's going to stop Tom. He;s aiming for oblivion.”
Melina Marchetta, The Piper's Son

Ashly Lorenzana
“Fame is not so impossible for people with charisma, passion and talent. Being famous just means you have fans, and even one or two is enough to make you someone special. Ask a music fan who the best guitarist of all time is, and while one group insists that it was Jimmi Hendrix, another group swears that it was Eddie Van Halen instead. There will never be a time when everyone on this planet agrees on something like that, but luckily that's not important. All that matters is that both sides remain loyal, which they will assuming you continue to be who you are and do your thing. This is all that you need to be immortalized.”
Ashly Lorenzana

Mark  Rice
“Things began to go wrong when I was seventeen. My band’s twenty-year-old lead guitarist earned seven years in jail for a drug-fuelled spree of violence. The other band members were quick to let go of their musical dreams, but I never did. They did the ‘mature’ thing: after writing off the band as a teenage fantasy, they got real jobs and made some money. They called it growing up. I called it giving up.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Nathan Squiers
“Brian came in heavy at that moment on his guitar, the rapid, high-pitched squeal ranging back and forth as his fingers flew along the frets. As the intro's tempo grew more rapid, Bekka heard Derek's subtle bass line as it worked its way in. After another few seconds Will came in, slow at first, but racing along to match the others' pace. When their combined efforts seemed unable to get any heavier, David jumped into the mix.

As the sound got nice and heavy, Bekka began to rock back-and-forth onstage. In front of her, hundreds of metal-lovers began to jump and gyrate to their music. She matched their movements for a moment, enjoying the connection that was being made, before stepping over to the keyboard that had been set up behind her. Sliding her microphone into an attached cradle, she assumed her position and got ready. Right on cue, all the others stopped playing, throwing the auditorium into an abrupt silence. Before the crowd could react, however, Bekka's fingers began to work the keys, issuing a rhythm that was much softer and slower than what had been built up. The audience's violent thrash-dance calmed at that moment and they began to sway in response.

Bekka smiled to herself.

This is what she lived for.”
Nathan Squiers, Death Metal

Faye Kellerman
“What's the difference between a classical guitar and a pizza? A pizza can feed a family of four.”
Faye Kellerman, Hangman

Amit Kalantri
“Music is the fastest motivator in the world.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“Billy Rankin is a true Glasgow rock legend. He has everything going for him: he's a brilliant guitarist, he writes killer songs, he's worked with the best, toured the world and he is one handsome-looking chap. I know all of this because Billy told me.”
Robert Fields, Unknown Book 11768634

Amit Kalantri
“Music shouldn't be just a tune, it should be a touch.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Brenda Sutton Rose
“The guitar poured out its soul, its history, its dreams, its pain, its victories, its secrets. The guitar’s strings purred with blues and ended with a haunting solitary song with no lyrics.”
Brenda Sutton Rose

Moryah DeMott
“Music is another language, one so close to actual thought, strung together, sometimes staccato, flowing, and sometimes even nonsensical or harsh to the ears. It’s truth in an otherwise dishonest world.”
Moryah DeMott, Timeless

Keith Richards
“If you don't know the blues... there's no point in picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music.”
Keith Richards, Life

Brenda Sutton Rose
“There’s secrets hiding inside this six-string just waitin’ for somebody to find ‘em and turn ‘em into music.”
Brenda Sutton Rose

Debasish Mridha
“I love you as a guitar loves those playful nimble hands. Without your touch, the strings of my heart can’t play the amazing songs of my life.”
Debasish Mridha

Dave Matthes
“We kissed and pressed up against each other, and I said to her “Ya know, my first kiss I ever had with anyone, it was with a boy, in the back of a school bus at night.” Lotty stopped kissing me for a second.
“That’s disgusting,” she said.
“What? It’s not like we had much choice in where we did it. Kinda had to sneak around in those days. Get it in when and where we could.”
“No, I mean the fact that your first kiss was with a boy.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“Boys are gross.”
Dave Matthes, The Sounds From the Hills Go Away When the Sun Goes Down

Dave Matthes
“There will never be a shortage of people who tell you what they think you need to hear. But you know better. For them, their forever exists as a low, impenetrable ceiling. But for you, there is only sky.”
Dave Matthes, The Sounds From the Hills Go Away When the Sun Goes Down

Brenda Sutton Rose
“These babies ain’t just guitars; these babies are living, breathing instruments.”
Brenda Sutton Rose

Brenda Sutton Rose
“He chose a guitar from one of the oak cabinets. Picking it with his calloused fingers, he squeezed his eyes shut and hummed. Something miraculous poured from his soul, riding in on a lonely train, rising softly from a distant place— a place I’d never been— then louder and louder it came, traveling through my ears, pulsing through my veins. I’d never heard anything like it. When he finished playing, he sat with the guitar cradled in his arms, waiting, the music traveling through the forgotten city of my soul.”
Brenda Sutton Rose

Mitch Albom
“There are songs that you play that you have to restart, and songs that you play that you never get right. But when a song is complete, there is no more you can do.”
Mitch Albom, The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

B.B. King
“I wanted to sustain a note like a singer. I wanted to phrase a note like a saxist. By bending the strings, by trilling my hand - and I have big fat hands - I could achieve something that approximated a vocal vibrato. I could sustain a note. I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions. By fooling with the feedback between my amplifier and instrument, I started experimenting with sounds that expressed my feelings, whether happy or sad, bouncy or bluesy. I was looking for ways to let my guitar sing.”
B.B. King, Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography of B.B. King

B.B. King
“I'd solo on my guitar; then sing; then solo; then sing some more. one stopped when the other started. That way I felt a continuity, not a conflict, like a wheel that keeps turning. Both sounds - guitar and voice - were coming out of me, but they issued from different parts of my soul.”
B.B. King, Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography of B.B. King

Dave Matthes
“You’ll see no mercy from this place, kid,” Wendel Trope said, holding on to his bottle in his lap, “you’ve wandered into a tiny sliver of Hell. Fall asleep with your eyes closed and it’ll swallow you hole. Happens to everyone eventually though, it’s not something you can avoid by doing anything with your life differently. I haven’t found it yet, but supposedly there’s something… good about everything,” he laughed at that, drinking, letting the liquid spill out over his lips and onto his shirt, “I dunno, maybe it’s just under the dirt somewhere. Really deep down where they bury all the bodies.”
Dave Matthes, The Sounds From the Hills Go Away When the Sun Goes Down


The lights go out
Darkness takes over my mind
I can see only the unreal…
The sound of the piano
Whispers in my ears
Provoking the sea of tears
Breaking down the strings
Attaching me to my fears

The violin wakens the dreams
Creating the will
Detaching from the ground
Lifting me up
To be one with the dark clouds
To feel the storm whelming up inside

The strings of the guitar cinches
The cords binding me to you
Luring me to the ends of the galaxies
Gluing me to an inaccessible time
Where time stands still
And pain continuously spills

But your voice slithers in between
Rising with each beat
Stretching out its wings
Sheltering me from the wind
Fighting my wars
Risking it all


The pulsation of the drums
Join with the beats of my heart
Stating their case in sync
Awakening me to your presence
And in a flash of lightning
Heaven and earth become one

The piano severing the strings to my fears
The violin forging a storm
The guitar freezing time
Your voice fighting my wars
The drums breathing life into me
That’s rock for me
The rock state of mind”
Evy Michaels

“Note to myself - It is time for me to start taking my guitar lessons. One of my neighbor's singing and guitar strumming skills are so cool that I can't stop marveling at the music wafting around here.”
Avijeet Das

Dave Matthes
“Fag Bush Betty leaned against the sink and the supports whined under her weight, but she leaned anyway and picked stuff out of her teeth, using the mirror as a reference. She stopped after a few crevices and looked at herself. I’d seen a ton of women give themselves that look to themselves in the mirror before. Those eyes were searching for the answer. The way her eyebrows made her forehead wrinkle up, and her chapped lips and skin that was loose on parts of body gave her a very gaunt texture and appearance. I didn’t need a change of light or a particular aimed luminescence to see the extreme parts of her. I could see her spine, and every bone in it. She turned the faucet on and ran water into her hands, splashing it onto her face and letting the beads run down her cheeks, over the edge of her chin and down beside the veins in her neck.
“I do that sometimes too,” I said.
She turned her head with her back still facing me.
“That, right there, stand above the sink and using the water like that,” I said, “never helps though, but it’s funny how it makes your eyes burn. I’ll take a shower sometimes and get real clean. I’ll wash everything. Later that night I’ll have a freak out and walk over to the sink, same as you, naked as hell. I’ll splash water on my face but still when it gets in my eyes it burns. Like there’s some dirt or sweat that I missed while in the shower. It always happens that way. I can’t seem to get everything, and my eyes just… burn. Sometimes the sweat really makes them sting. And there’s nothing you can really do about it, ya have to let it burn until it washes out.”
Dave Matthes, The Sounds From the Hills Go Away When the Sun Goes Down

Jimi Hendrix
“Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel”
Jimi Hendrix

“I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed.”
BB King

Martine Murray
“Guitarists always start in the bedroom”
Martine Murray, Marsh and Me

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