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“Music doesn't get in. Music is already in. Music simply uncovers what is there, makes you feel emotions that you didn't necessarily know you had inside you, and runs around waking them all up. A rebirth of sorts.”
Matt Haig, How to Stop Time

Freddie Mercury
“It's not a concert you are seeing, it's a fashion show.”
Freddie Mercury

“It's a sort of piss-take on culture, because a drag queen is a clown - a parody of our society. It's a sarcastic spoof on culture, which allows us to laugh at ourselves - but in a way that is inclusive of everyone.”

Kurt Cobain
“And I do, god, how I do love playing live, it's the most primal form of energy release you can share with other people besides having sex or taking drugs. So if you see a good live show on drugs and then later that evening have sex, you're basically covered all the bases of energy release, and we all need to let off steam. It's easier and safer than protesting abortion clinics or praising God or wanting to hurt your brother; so go to a show, dance around a bit and copulate.”
Kurt Cobain, Journals

Lauren Oliver
“Time becomes a stutter-the space between drumbeats, splintered into fragments, and also endlessly long, as long as soaring guitar notes that melt into one another, as full as the dark mass of bodies around me. I feel like the air downstairs has gone to liquid, to sweat and smell and sound, and I have broken apart in it. I am wave: I am pulled into the everything. I am energy and noise and a heartbeat going boom, boom, boom, echoing the drums.”
Lauren Oliver, Hana

Nathan Squiers
“Brian came in heavy at that moment on his guitar, the rapid, high-pitched squeal ranging back and forth as his fingers flew along the frets. As the intro's tempo grew more rapid, Bekka heard Derek's subtle bass line as it worked its way in. After another few seconds Will came in, slow at first, but racing along to match the others' pace. When their combined efforts seemed unable to get any heavier, David jumped into the mix.

As the sound got nice and heavy, Bekka began to rock back-and-forth onstage. In front of her, hundreds of metal-lovers began to jump and gyrate to their music. She matched their movements for a moment, enjoying the connection that was being made, before stepping over to the keyboard that had been set up behind her. Sliding her microphone into an attached cradle, she assumed her position and got ready. Right on cue, all the others stopped playing, throwing the auditorium into an abrupt silence. Before the crowd could react, however, Bekka's fingers began to work the keys, issuing a rhythm that was much softer and slower than what had been built up. The audience's violent thrash-dance calmed at that moment and they began to sway in response.

Bekka smiled to herself.

This is what she lived for.”
Nathan Squiers, Death Metal

Lauren Oliver
“As Steve draws me closer to the band, all I can see is a frenzied mass of seething, writhing people, like a many-headed sea snake, grinding, waving their arms, stamping their feet, jumping. No rules, just energy - so much energy, you could harness it; I bet you could power Portland for a decade. It is more than a wave. It's a tide, an ocean of bodies.”
Lauren Oliver, Hana

Hayley Williams
“when you come to a show do you feel the same thing that i feel when i’m on that stage? i mean, i know you’re not standing on the stage… but surely you can feel the same energy that i’m feeling, to some degree. it’s so much more powerful than all the trivial nonsense that people chalk our band up to be. it means something great and it feels empowering. it’s the grace of knowing that we can all totally suck and be a little messed up and then stand in a room with thousands of other people who are exactly the same way, no matter how dressed up they look on the outside, and we can be broken all the same.”
Hayley Williams

Brenna Ehrlich
“It tugs at me, filling me with the kind of seasick nostalgia that can hit you in the gut when you find an old concert ticket in your purse or an old coin machine ring you got down at the boardwalk on a day when you went searching for mermaids in the surf with your best friend.

That punch of nostalgia hits me now and I start to sink down on the sky-coloured quilt, feeling the nubby fabric under my fingers, familiar as the topography of my hand.”
Brenna Ehrlich, Placid Girl

Emme Rollins
“He recovered quickly, reaching out to touch a few outstretched hands, melting the front row of girls like one long stick of butter as he moved closer toward me.”
Emme Rollins, Dear Rockstar

Stewart Stafford
“The bravest thing David Bowie ever did was to go on stage after Queen at Live Aid.”
Stewart Stafford

Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
“Sunetele clădeau geometria solida a unor oraşe albe inundate de o lumină egală, ce se difuza repetat. Prin acele cetăţi minunate trecea radioasă. Portativul era un amfiteatru feeric pe care se proiecta arhitectura marmoreeană a palatelor.
Pe temelia coardelor notele punctau desenul grădinilor, arpegiile curbau colinele şi din cheia de sol căderi de apă trimiteau un şipot fluid sau numai o pânză de răcoare, un păianjen vaporos ca răsfirarea fină a unui jet d`eau. Apoi seara cădea în acorduri minore peste cetăţi.
Ritmul cu frază largă sau şoapta minuţioasă a lui Bach nu părăseau niciun moment o idee gravă, o emoţie concentrată, cu desenul tras sigur printre meandrele armonioase. Sunetele scoteau reliefurile unor efigii nobile, şi modulaţiile aveau sugestii virtuoase.
Se înălţau rugăciunile simple ale unor iubiri fără duplicitate cu ascensiune senină; iubiri înălţate de un suflet victorios, dar fără de fast şi vanitate, trecând peste obstacole de măiestria sufletească.
Şi mereu acea siguranţă care lega cetăţile vizionare ale muzicii una de alta cu un ţărm neîntrerupt şi lin.

Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu "CONCERT DIN MUZICĂ DE BACH”
Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“We sometimes take photos (or record a video) so that we can later see what was happening while we were busy taking photos (or recording a video).”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Jarod Kintz
“Eddie Money and Johnny Cash should have collaborated. I’d have paid good last name to see them in concert.”
Jarod Kintz, There are Two Typos of People in This World: Those Who Can Edit and Those Who Can't

Brenna Ehrlich
“When I was your age, I would go to plays all the time, just sit in the darkness and try to take it all in inside me. Contain everything in some corner of my heart so that when I had my shot, it could all come pouring out - all the lights and moments and colour.”
Brenna Ehrlich, Placid Girl

“I was walking along and this chair came flying past me, and another, and another, and I thought, man, this is gonna be a good night.”
Liam Gallagher

Taylor Jenkins Reid
“BILLY: I finally tapped Eddie on the shoulder, right before the finale, I said, 'Thanks, man. I just wanted to really give ’em a good show since Rolling Stone is out there.'
"EDDIE: He said he’d normally let me play but since it was Rolling Stone, he wanted to really do it right.”
Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & The Six

“What is so unique about coaching female business executives is the fact they approach taking executive business decisions the same way they approach matching two pieces of cloths they will wear going to a cocktail party or to a classic concert . To my surprise this turned to be something that teaches me deeper business dimensions male executives are not privileged with.”
Sameh Elsayed

Alain Bremond-Torrent
“The gig ends and my friends appear out of the glue.”
Alain Bremond-Torrent, running is flying intermittently

“Jika kemudian meliput konser band-band rock legendaris itu ibarat "naik haji" bagi jurnalis musik, maka Denny Sabri sudah "mabrur" berkali-kali.”
Idhar Resmadi, Jurnalisme Musik dan Selingkar Wilayahnya

Jay Reatard
“In a live environment, the more bodies you put in a room, the more energy there will be. That's a real big payoff. That's really important, the live show, it's a big cycle of energy. If the audience is boring, it's tough to get excited about it.”
Jay Reatard

Hermann Hesse
“Se întâmplase în timpul unui concert, răsuna o muzică veche splendidă, când iată că între două măsuri ale unui piano interpretat de suflători mi se deschise din nou poarta spre lumea cealaltă, străbătusem cerul în zbor şi îl privisem pe Dumnezeu la lucru, suportasem dureri izbăvitoare, nu mai refuzasem nimic pe lumea asta, nu mă mai temusem de nimic pe lumea asta, acceptasem toate cele şi inima mea prinsese drag de tot ceea ce era în jurul meu''.”
Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf

Teju Cole
“Most of the people around me yesterday were middle-aged or old. I am used to it, but it never ceases to surprise me how easy it is to leave the hybridity of the city, and enter into all-white spaces, the homogeneity of which, as far as I can tell, causes no discomfort to the whites in them.”
Teju Cole, Open City

Ruth Ann Oskolkoff
“The concert was magnificent. It was the second time she saw Floor and she loved them. Psychedelic rock. Indie. Hardcore. They always started with this great classic love song they sang a capella backstage while passing around some whisky. They each took a swig as they sang. The beautiful melodies that came out of this were amazing and the audience sang along. It was always a breathtaking moment.”
Ruth Ann Oskolkoff, Zin

Anthony T. Hincks
“Music: Stairway to Armageddon”
Anthony T. Hincks

Steven Magee
“My girlfriend would tell me she was flying out of town to a pop concert with her friends for the weekend. She did go to the concert, but it later emerged it was an excuse to meet up with her secret lover!”
Steven Magee

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Music contains zero alcohol, yet it gets people high.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Night of a Thousand Thoughts

“But regardless, Mr. Meinert looked forward to Wednesday night the way a parent looks forward to seeing a child take those first few steps alone — alone, but not really.”
Andrew Clements, The Last Holiday Concert

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