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Freddie Mercury
“I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend.”
Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury
“It's not a concert you are seeing, it's a fashion show.”
Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury
“Inside my heart is breaking,
My make-up may be flaking,
But my smile, still, stays on!”
Freddie Mercury, Greatest Hits

Stewart Stafford
“The bravest thing David Bowie ever did was to go on stage after Queen at Live Aid.”
Stewart Stafford

Stewart Stafford
“It is often said that Freddie Mercury is "one of the best" showmen in history. To me, he is THE best. Why? Two reasons - he wrote what is generally-considered the greatest song of all-time (Bohemian Rhapsody) AND gave the greatest live performance ever (Live Aid). To do one of those things is extremely difficult, to do both is a genius-level achievement.”
Stewart Stafford

Lesley-Ann Jones
“Fuck them, darling, if they just don’t get it,” retorted Freddie.”
Lesley-Ann Jones, Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury

“He was a loveable rogue, and very costly to be around, always bumping into expensive things and demanding champagne, but always bright and lively and the center of attention.”
Matt Richards, Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury

Stewart Stafford
“The Dead Rock Star's Bar by Stewart Stafford

I went for a drink in The Dead Rock Star's Bar,
Phil Lynott was drinking whiskey in the jar,
Jimi Hendrix was rocking the place,
Elvis Presley was stuffing his face,
Sid Vicious was grumpy and gruff,
Freddie Mercury strutted his stuff,
Marvin Gaye had plenty of soul,
Lennon and Cobain compared bullet holes,
Jim Morrison declared he was The Lizard King
Buddy Holly sported an aeroplane wing,
Such an array of talent leaves one's mouth agape,
But they're all still alive on CD and tape,
Wherever you live, you don't have to travel far,
To have a damn good time at The Dead Rock Star's Bar.

© Stewart Stafford, 1996. All rights reserved.”
Stewart Stafford

“Freddie: Kermit – after Muppet character Kermit the Frog. During Fred’s ‘ballet’ period in 1977, he took to wearing white leotards on stage and when exposed under green lights, his lithe body in the skin-tight costume made him look like the Muppet character – especially when he sat on the steps of the stage set. ‘Halfway up the stair?’ (Nobody dared to call him Kermit personally, I hasten to add.)”
Peter Hince, Queen Unseen: My Life with the Greatest Rock Band of the 20th Century

“...but Freddie was a very sweet man. He was a good arbitrator. Chris and [Jeremy Gallop, guitarist of Sour Milk Sea] used to argue like hell. I used to have fights with the bass player—and get beaten up—and Fred was always the one who’d cool down the situation with diplomacy. On stage, Freddie became quite a different personality—he was as electric as he was in later life. Otherwise he was quite calm. I’ll always remember him being strangely quiet and very well-mannered. Extremely well-mannered, in fact. My mum liked him.”
Matt Richards, Mark Langthorne

Stewart Stafford
“White Christmas' is the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' of Christmas songs.”
Stewart Stafford

Stewart Stafford
“Brian May's Red Special guitar is as big a Queen icon as the crest Freddie Mercury designed for the band. It is the Stradivarius of Rock, and Brian is a virtuoso in the classical mold.”
Stewart Stafford

Stewart Stafford
“Champion Spirit by Stewart Stafford

When Freddie Mercury passed away,
Where did his spirit go to play?
Zanzibar, Feltham, or Wembley?
Or did he go and visit Brian May?

Did he stand at the mic in Montreux?
De Lane Lea, Trident, or to Tokyo?
Did he party in Munich, NY, or Rio?
Did his purring cats watch him go?

Did he take a last look at Garden Lodge?
Or whisper a final joke to his old pal Rog?
Waves of affection were hard to dodge,
His superstar status will never dislodge.

© Stewart Stafford, 2022. All rights reserved.”
Stewart Stafford

Stewart Stafford
“Fair Warning by Stewart Stafford

Sheer Heart Attack!
The auctioneer's hammer fell,
On Freddie's exquisite clutter,
The room officially rocked.

The last item of King Mercury,
Sold to the highest bidder,
In the room and online,
No Kensington Pyramid, though.

Seven Seas of Rhye claimed,
The Killer Queen laid to rest,
A throne in flux, vacated,
Champion bids will out, darling!

© Stewart Stafford, 2023. All rights reserved.”
Stewart Stafford