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Anthony Doerr
“War is a bazaar where lives are traded like any other commodity: chocolate or bullets or parachute silk.”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Laurell K. Hamilton
“When crime busting is easier than your personal life, something has gone seriously wrong.”
Laurell K. Hamilton, Bullet

“There’s people who’d expect you to take a bullet for them and they don’t bother rememb’ring yuh name.”
Robert Galbraith, The Cuckoo's Calling

Laurell K. Hamilton
“Pretend I asked, now answer the question...”
Laurell K. Hamilton

John Brunner
“to travel faster than a speeding bullet is not much help if you and it are heading straight towards each other”
John Brunner, The Infinitive of Go

Olivia Gatwood
“I once heard the word 'conversation'
described as a progression of exchanges
but there is no progress here
so maybe I will instead compare this
to the bullet drop—the idea that if you shoot
a gun & drop a bullet from the same location
they will hit the floor at the same time,
hundreds of feet apart.

("The Lover as a Dream")”
Olivia Gatwood, Life of the Party

Jason Heller
“A bullet is naught but a glorified pebble.”
Jason Heller, Taft 2012

Neil Walker
“To them, kindness was seen as weakness, mercy was perceived as cowardice and negotiation was a code word for a bullet in the head.”
Neil Walker, Drug Gang Takedown

“Why would that woman shoot me? We had dinner reservations later!”
Gunter Vogler

Stephen King
“Something that sounded like an insect droned past Ralph’s ear. He had an idea it was a .45-caliber bug. Better hurry up, sweetheart, Carolyn advised. When bullets hit you on this level they kill you, remember?”
Stephen King, Insomnia

Enock Maregesi
“Mahatma Gandhi alipigwa risasi na kufariki dunia baada ya maisha yake kumfelisha. Lakini kifo chake kiliipatia India uhuru kutoka Uingereza. Hivyo, akafanikiwa.”
Enock Maregesi

Steven Magee
“If you do not like guns, then you should not be living in the USA.”
Steven Magee

Cassandra Troyan
“The bullet passed through his body and into hers.
He lived, she died.”
Cassandra Troyan, Throne of Blood
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“Authority is like a Uniform while power is the gun. You need power to enforce authority just like a policeman on the highway, he is authorized by the law but without gun, even children can make a mockery of him.”
Ikechukwu Izuakor , Great Reflections on Success

Clementine von Radics
“God, what a short life the bullet has
compared to the wound.”
Clementine von Radics

Jonathan Marker
“A shot rang out from the rifle of an alerted Harvestman, and just as the sound reached Nathaniel’s ears, he felt the hot streak of a bullet pierce his left arm, spattering blood on the ground before him.”
Jonathan Marker, SPYDER SYLK

Basma Abdel Aziz
“The High Sheikh invoked a few passages from the Greater Book, explaining that if a believer were to be struck by a bullet (despite his prayers and supplication), his faith would guide him to the understanding that it was God himself who'd struck him down. A wounded believer should not despair or oppose God's will. Nor should he question the unquestionable - such an act could lead him down a perilous path toward doubt. Instead, the believer must accept the will of God. He must acknowledge how lucky he was to be struck by a bullet, and exalted to a place in heaven ordinarily reserved only for the most dutiful.”
Basma Abdel Aziz

“Here are five bullets for the boys on the boat.
Here is one more for the saint.”
Andrew Smith

Steven Magee
“I always assume that anyone who approaches me in the USA has a gun.”
Steven Magee

Dmitry Glukhovsky
“Глядя на аккуратные ряды «пулек» на прилавках, Артем вспомнил слова своего отчима. «Я читал когда-то, что Калашников гордился своим изобретением, тем, что его автомат – самый популярный в мире. Говорил, счастлив тем, что именно благодаря его конструкции рубежи Родины в безопасности. Не знаю, если бы я эту машину придумал, я бы, наверное, уже с ума сошел. Подумать только, именно при помощи твоей конструкции совершается большая часть убийств на земле! Это даже страшнее, чем быть изобретателем гильотины».
Один патрон – одна смерть. Чья-то отнятая жизнь. Сто граммов чая – пять человеческих жизней. Батон колбасы? Пожалуйста, совсем недорого: всего пятнадцать жизней. Качественная кожаная куртка, сегодня скидка, вместо трехсот – только двести пятьдесят, вы экономите пятьдесят чужих жизней. Ежедневный оборот этого рынка, пожалуй, равнялся всему оставшемуся населению метро.”
Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033

Ehsan Sehgal
“The bullet is not a victory since it sows hatred and reaps shame and sorry in history.”
Ehsan Sehgal
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Nalini Dhiman
“I wrote your name on the bullet so that everyone knew you were the last thing that went through my mind.”
Nalini Dhiman, The Labyrinth of Clouds

Wajdi Mouawad
“Every balle que je mets dans le fusil, Is like a poème.
And I shoot a poème to the people and it is the précision of my poème qui tue les gens”
Wajdi Mouawad, Incendies

Steven Magee
“It would be a wonderful thing if USA police officers were trained to rely on their bullet proof vests instead of their guns.”
Steven Magee

Paul   Krueger
“When a person dies from a gunshot, you don't blame the bullet. You blame the shooter.”
Paul Krueger, Steel Crow Saga

“I’ve been writing around the rim
of the word like the blunted tip of a spent bullet.”
Tiana Clark

Ehsan Sehgal
“Ego is such a bullet that fires all your relations.”
Ehsan Sehgal
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Anton Chekhov
“The bullet is followed by the silence of the grave, but a wasted youth is followed by years of grief and agonising memories.”
Anton Chekhov

Louis-Ferdinand Céline
“And anything that the boys could carry, they made off with. Combs, lamps, silly little things, even bridal wreaths, everything went. As if we'd had years of life ahead of us. They looted to take their minds off their troubles, to make it look as if they had years before them. Everybody likes that feeling.

As far as they were concerned, gunfire was nothing but noise. That's why wars can keep going. Even the people who make them, who fight in them, don't really get the picture. Even with a bullet in their gut, they'd go on picking up old shoes that 'might come in handy.' The way a sheep, lying on its side in a meadow, will keep on grazing with its dying breath. Most people don't die until the last moment; others start twenty years in advance, sometimes more. Those are the unfortunates.”
Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Journey to the End of the Night

“A bullet is like a word, when it flies out, you cannot catch it”
Tamerlan Kuzgov

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