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Alain Robbe-Grillet
“To tell the truth, girls are no longer the way they used to be. They play gangsters, nowadays, just like boys. They organize rackets. They plan holdups and practice karate. They will rape defenseless adolescents. They wear pants... Life has become impossible.”
Alain Robbe-Grillet, Djinn

Kevin Ansbro
“For anyone with a library in their head and love in their heart,”
Kevin Ansbro, The Fish That Climbed a Tree

John Masefield
“Christmas ought to be brought up to date,” Maria said. “It ought to have gangsters, and aeroplanes and a lot of automatic pistols.”
John Masefield, The Box of Delights

Mark Capell
“There was a ringing in his ears, like a dead phone line that he couldn’t hang up on.”
Mark Capell, Run, Run, Run

Miles Watson
“It wasn’t fair, but maybe Tommy was right on that score. Maybe a man didn’t have no right to ask for fair. Maybe a man made fair for himself.”
Miles Watson, Pleas and Thank Yous

Neil Walker
“To them, kindness was seen as weakness, mercy was perceived as cowardice and negotiation was a code word for a bullet in the head.”
Neil Walker, Drug Gang Takedown

James Mahaffey
“The Soviets were worried that the Americans would attack their "sparkling new Mir space station, ... in a space shuttle, throw out grappling hooks, forcibly board the peaceful habitat and claim it as captured territory. To the hard-core Soviet mind-set, the American government was an unstable combination of cowboys and gangsters, unpredictable and capable of any insane action. The cosmonauts would have to be armed against outrageous aggression.”
James Mahaffey, Atomic Adventures: Secret Islands, Forgotten N-Rays, and Isotopic Murder

J.J. Connolly
“Meditation is concentrating the front of the mind with a mundane task so the rest of the mind can find peace.”
J.J. Connolly, Layer Cake

Carlos Salinas
“Cuz even a gangsta rapper can find redemption
For the sins committed before revelation.”
Carlos Salinas, Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper

“When you have to kill to get it, you’re gonna get killed If you keep it. That’s Karma”
Jordan Hoechlin

“One day I was through Strachan’s Corner just hanging out, and they must have picked up Scrooge earlier for a pep talk, so they were now dropping him back home in one of their police vehicle. Supt. Strachan was in the back seat talking with him, while a male officer was driving. So I asked her, what were some of the things you used to say to Scrooge?
I used to tell him it is not worth it, You are hurting people. You are only going to end up in jail for the rest of your life, or you are going to end up in the grave. I knew that he was listening to me. I would talk to him and encourage him. My other colleagues used to say I was soft on crime because of what I was doing, but I could be tuff. I am a mother of two sons; just ask my sons how tuff I can be.
If I feel that I have done the best that I can, and cannot do no more than that is it. This was what I was telling those kids down there.
I told them if you do not change, you are going to die. Sad to say, that is what happened to some of them eventually. The best came out of you and others in another way. Supt. Allerdyce Strachan, the first female officer to rise to the rank of superintendent on the Royal Bahamas Police Force.”
Drexel Deal, The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father

Jonathan Latimer
“What are they trying to do?” Davison asked. “I never heard of anything like this.”
I took my eyes off Ginger’s legs. “Gangsters,” I said.
“But they’ve gone out of style,” Davison said. “They don’t have gangsters any more.”
“Suppose you go out and tell them that,” I said.”
Jonathan Latimer, Solomon's Vineyard

Jonathan Latimer
“Pug said: “I’m trying to think of the best way of knocking you off.”
“The Chinese do it with rats,” I said. “They let ‘em eat the victim.”
“Where am I going to get the rats?”
“Well,” I said, “there’re three in the car now.”
I don’t know which one hit me; Pug or the guy with the garlic breath. It was the barrel of a pistol and it cooled me for a couple of minutes. When I came to we had stopped by a small shack. I was alone with the guy on my left.”
Jonathan Latimer, Solomon's Vineyard

“fearing not like i ever”

“Not afraid to die , but not the fear of death”
Rotik the marathi rapper

“She was floating in the midst of a black sea, in the darkest of nights, with no hope or care to see light again. She was a mere wave away from drowning in blackness.”
Anam Iqbal, The Whyte Divide

A.H. Septimius
“To discover what becomes of men who do not pay debts owed to Ratilla, one must visit the underworld.”
A. H. Septimius, Crowns Of Amara: The Return Of The Oracle

Carter F. Smith
“Gang members have joined the military since the mid-1800s.”
Carter F. Smith, Gangs and the Military: Gangsters, Bikers, and Terrorists with Military Training

Carter F. Smith
“The first military-trained gang member was Samuel Mason, leader of the Mason gang of river pirates operating along the Ohio River from the 1790s.”
Carter F. Smith, Gangs and the Military: Gangsters, Bikers, and Terrorists with Military Training

Carter F. Smith
“Gangs have had connections to the U.S. Military in every period since the founding of the country.”
Carter F. Smith, Gangs and the Military: Gangsters, Bikers, and Terrorists with Military Training

Carter F. Smith
“The first gang members who joined the military were known as the Hounds, a group of former New York gang members.”
Carter F. Smith, Gangs and the Military: Gangsters, Bikers, and Terrorists with Military Training

Carter F. Smith
“Jesse and Frank James were the most well-known military-trained gang members”
Carter F. Smith, Gangs and the Military: Gangsters, Bikers, and Terrorists with Military Training

“Toast up with the gang and focus more on getting more money stop chasing bitches.”
Jordan Hoechlin

Avijeet Das
“Gangsters too have families. They have a wife they return to.”
Avijeet Das

“I won't let anybody talk to me in different way, accept someone in my family.”
Jordan Hoechlin

“I would be a gang member in a heartbeat.
If it was to provide meals to those who cannot eat
To give free care to all those who are sick
To take the homeless out of the streets quick
If I could be a voice for those who are scared to speak
And to protect and defend all those who are weak.”
Ricardo Derose

“Ever hear the expression "never gamble with scared money"?' I nodded. 'They say that because every time you do, you lose. It's that way with us. We win because we're not afraid of the stakes or the consequences. What can they do, put us away for awhile? You know the right people and doing time is like a paid vacation.”
Jim Cirni, The Kiss Off

Lorenzo Carcaterra
“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
--Benjamin Franklin”
Lorenzo Carcaterra, Gangster

Lorenzo Carcaterra
“The greatest of evils and the worst of crimes is poverty.
--George Bernard Shaw”
Lorenzo Carcaterra, Gangster

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