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Frank Herbert
“He who controls the spice controls the universe.”
Frank Herbert, Dune

Anthony Doerr
“War is a bazaar where lives are traded like any other commodity: chocolate or bullets or parachute silk.”
Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Robert A. Heinlein
“Civilians are like beans; you buy 'em as needed for any job which merely requires skill and savvy.
But you can't buy fighting spirit.”
Robert A. Heinlein

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Common sense is one of the most unused commodities available to man.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“In our modern world, this elemental quality of storytelling is denied. We live today in a world in which everything has its place and function and nothing is left out of place. Storytelling is thus at a discount and like everything else in a world ruled by the laws of exchange value, literature is required to submit itself to the requirements of the market and must learn, like any other commodity, to adapt and serve needs that lie outside of itself and its concrete value. It is forced to stand not for itself but for an ideological cause of one sort or another, whether it be political, social or literary. It cannot exist for itself: like everything else it has to be justified. And for this very reason the power of storytelling is automatically devalued. Literature is reduced to the status of complimentary utilitarian functions: as a pastime to provide distraction and entertainment, or as a heightened activity that would claim to explore 'great truths' about the human condition.”
Michael Richardson, Dedalus Book of Surrealism 2: The Myth of the World

“A mental disease has swept the planet: banalization. Everyone is hypnotized by production and comfort -- sewage system, elevator, bathroom, washing machine.

This state of affairs, which arose out of a struggle against poverty, overshoots its ultimate goal -- the liberation of humanity from material cares -- and becomes an obsessive image hanging over the present. Between love and a garbage disposal, young people of all countries have made their choice and prefer the garbage disposal. A complete and sudden change of spirit has become essential, by bringing to light forgotten desires and creating entirely new ones. And by an intensive propaganda in favor of these desires.

Gilles Ivain (aka Ivan Chtcheglov)”
Tom McDonough, The Situationists and the City: A Reader

Karl Marx
“What exclusively determines the magnitude of the value of any article is therefore the amount of labour socially necessary, or the labour-time socially necessary for its production.”
Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. 1: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production

M.J. DeMarco
“Value your time poorly and you will be poor. When time is wasted as a lifestyle choice you will be stranded in places you don't want to be.
Take a look around. How do your friends, family, and peers value their time? Are they standing in line to save four bucks? Are they driving 40 minutes to save 10 dollars? Are they parked on the sofa anxiously waiting to see who wins Dancing With the Stars?”
M.J. DeMarco, The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime!

Len Deighton
“I think Jay is in import and export business as his cards say, but he finally found that the second most valuable commodity today is information."
"The most valuable?"
"People with information," I suggested.”
Len Deighton, The Ipcress File

Toba Beta
“Mystery is a commodity for society that willing to buy it.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Olawale Daniel
“You might think of Bitcoin and blockchain as two halves of a whole, but in reality, they are very distinct commodities.”
Olawale Daniel

Olawale Daniel
“To pin the future of blockchain on any one currency, let alone the initial one, means limiting blockchain potential; a potential that once scaled promises to have an unequaled impact on our day-to-day lives. And that really is the stuff of stars.”
Olawale Daniel

Toba Beta
“Truth is commodity in political consumption.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

William Shakespeare
“Mad world, mad kings, mad composition!
John, to stop Arthur’s title in the whole,
Hath willingly departed with a part;
And France, whose armour conscience buckled on,
Whom zeal and charity brought to the field
As God’s own soldier, rounded in the ear
With that same purpose-changer, that sly devil,
That broker that still breaks the pate of faith,
That daily break-vow, he that wins of all,
Of kings, of beggars, old men, young men, maids,—
Who having no external thing to lose
But the word ‘maid’, cheats the poor maid of that—
That smooth-faced gentleman, tickling commodity;
Commodity, the bias of the world,
The world who of itself is peisèd well,
Made to run even upon even ground,
Till this advantage, this vile-drawing bias,
This sway of motion, this commodity,
Makes it take head from all indifferency, 580
From all direction, purpose, course, intent;
And this same bias, this commodity,
This bawd, this broker, this all-changing word,
Clapped on the outward eye of fickle France,
Hath drawn him from his own determined aid,
From a resolved and honourable war,
To a most base and vile-concluded peace.
And why rail I on this commodity?
But for because he hath not wooed me yet—
Not that I have the power to clutch my hand
When his fair angels would salute my palm,
But for my hand, as unattempted yet,
Like a poor beggar raileth on the rich.
Well, whiles I am a beggar I will rail,
And say there is no sin but to be rich,
And being rich, my virtue then shall be
To say there is no vice but beggary.
Since kings break faith upon commodity,
Gain, be my lord, for I will worship thee.”
William Shakespeare, King John

Victor Shamas
“If we could treat every natural resource as a gift rather than a commodity, we would be on the path to sustainability. The difference is that a gift does not belong to us but to the universe. It comes into our lives from a source that is unknown and ultimately unknowable; eventually , it returns to its source.”
Victor Shamas, The Way of Play: Reclaiming Divine Fun & Celebration

“Time is the greatest commodity”
Sunday Adelaja

“Things can be copyrighted, thoughts cannot be copyrighted, meditations cannot be copyrighted. They are not things of the marketplace. Understand the difference between an objective commodity and an inner experience.”

Richie Norton
“Sourcing has become a commodity.

We changed the game.

We bring strategy, business skills and end to end fulfillment from prototyping to manufacturing to shipping to warehousing to your customer’s door PLUS strategy and tactics so you actually make real money.

We (PROUDUCT) brought value back to sourcing.”
Richie Norton

Olawale Daniel
“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are dependent on blockchain - the underlying distributed ledger that guarantees tamper-resistant permanent transactions - to do business. But that's not all blockchain does, or has the potential to do.”
Olawale Daniel

Zygmunt Bauman
“It is not necessarily the case that the denizens of postmodern - privatized and commodified - society enjoy the sum-total of greater happiness (one would still wish to know how to measure happiness objectively and compare it), and that they experience their worries as less serious and painful; what does truly matter is that it would not occur to them to lay the blame for such troubles they may suffer at the door of the state, and even less to expect the remedies to be handed over through that door.”
Zygmunt Bauman, Modernity And Ambivalence

Awdhesh Singh
“The profit-oriented print and electronic media have made news itself a commodity which is sold on the basis of demand and supply. They sell what people want. The government can ban drugs and intoxicants which are harmful to society, but there is no such mechanism to ban media from selling harmful news. People have become so addicted to negative news nowadays that they don’t want to see good news at all.”
Awdhesh Singh, Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth

Anurag Shrivastava
“Like his son, he too was under a false presumption that he could get justice by the way of law in a country where justice was too expensive a commodity for a poor man to afford.”
Anurag Shrivastava, The Web of Karma

Gina Barreca
“We want to possess what they’re not making any more, what not many others can get and what will distinguish us from others.”
Gina Barreca

Henny Purnama Sari
“Begitu santainya mengintip kini. Tak lagi ada was-was tepergok. Orang pun bisa memutar ulang apa yang diintip tiap kali dikehendaki. Intipan kini adalah komoditas. Berdesakan di rak-rak dan hamparan tikar dan plastik yang berderet di sepanjang tepi jalan raya, di hadapan pertokoan dan pasar. Dirubung pembeli. Bulan pernah dengan agak malu menjadi salah satu di antara yang merubung itu. Kini akankah dia dan Panca yang dirubung pembeli di pinggir-pinggir jalan dan emper toko, dari Glodok hingga kota-kota lain di pelosok?”
Henny Purnama Sari, 69: Berkubang Liang

Ebinezar Gnanasekaran
“People are in stingy to appreciate the good works but generous in gossiping, criticism, spreading rumors, and WhatsApp forwards. Hence, The most expensive and rarest commodity in the world today is not "gemstone" but "appreciation.”
EBINEZAR GNANASEKARAN , You Can Step Ahead to Success

Steven Magee
“During COVID-19, laptop computers became a hot commodity.”
Steven Magee

Richie Norton
“Solopreneurs will rise because freelancers will become commodities to utilize.”
Richie Norton

“Knowledge is the most prized commodity in the entire universe, and it is infinite in its commodity. But to humans, money is, even though it is extremely limited to the majority of us.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

“The Good thing about Money is that it can buy just anything.

The bad thing about it is that it can buy 'YOU' too!”
Ramana Pemmaraju

Karl Marx
“All commodities, as values, are realized human labours.”
Karl Marx

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