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Chuck Palahniuk
“It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

China Miéville
“Scars are not injuries, Tanner Sack. A scar is a healing. After injury, a scar is what makes you whole.”
China Miéville, The Scar

Jodi Picoult
“Scars are just a treasure map for pain you've buried too deep to remember.”
Jodi Picoult, Lone Wolf

Paulo Coelho
“Defeat is for the valiant. Only they will know the honour of losing and the joy of winning
I am not here to tell you that defeat is a part of life: we all know that. Only the defeated know Love. Because it is in the realm of love that we fight our first battles – and generally lose.
I am here to tell you that there are people who have never been defeated.
They are the ones who never fought.
They managed to avoid scars, humiliations, feelings of helplessness, as well as those moments when even warriors doubt the existence of God.’’
Manuscript Found In Accra – Paulo Coelho”
Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra

Criss Jami
“To be acceptable is for one to ignore his weakness while knowing his strength, to cover the scar even though it's always there, however, to be impossible is for one to see his weakness as, not an adversary, but the cherry on top of his strength, to rearrange the scar so that it compliments his features.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Shirley Hughes
“Waddya want me to do? through my sling shot at him?”
Shirley Hughes

Kamand Kojouri
“They want us to be afraid.
They want us to be afraid of leaving our homes.
They want us to barricade our doors
and hide our children.
Their aim is to make us fear life itself!
They want us to hate.
They want us to hate 'the other'.
They want us to practice aggression
and perfect antagonism.
Their aim is to divide us all!
They want us to be inhuman.
They want us to throw out our kindness.
They want us to bury our love
and burn our hope.
Their aim is to take all our light!
They think their bricked walls
will separate us.
They think their damned bombs
will defeat us.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that my soul and your soul are old friends.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that when they cut you I bleed.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that we will never be afraid,
we will never hate
and we will never be silent
for life is ours!”
Kamand Kojouri

Munia Khan
“Some pain has no relief,it can only be sealed
You can grasp the wound to feel the scar unhealed.”
Munia Khan

Ann Aguirre
“For I need this scar over my heart to remind me. Crazy as it sounds, if I can bear the wound on my body, it lessens what I must carry on my soul. How he knew that about me, I cannot fathom.”
Ann Aguirre, Aftermath

Patrick Ness
“It'll make you look rugged,' Mel says.
'Because I woke up this morning,' I say, 'and the one thing I realized I lacked was ruggedness.”
Patrick Ness, The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Marissa Meyer
“I can't tell if that was arrogant," Ruby muttered, "Or just... you know, honest."
"The two aren't mutually exclusive.”
Marissa Meyer, Renegades

Rasmenia Massoud
“The counselor says that with more time and more surgeries, I will begin to feel normal again. She says this with a mouth that can still smile. It’s so easy to be reassuring when you have lips.”
Rasmenia Massoud, Human Detritus

Kamand Kojouri
“Kiss your scars. Fall in love with them. They ought to serve as life-affirming reminders—a lingering trace of hope. The only reason we have these scars is because we survived and are still here.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“Like a pair of old slippers,
I feel comfort and
warmth as I slip into you.
No, that is too crude.

Like the match to the wick,
I ignite when we touch.
My counterpart and
life's purpose.
Yes, as though I've known you my whole life.

Every scar,
every failure
has become an affirmation
of what should be:
Yes, as though I've loved you my whole life.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“For all these stars,
nothing is new.
They’ve seen all kinds of wars
and miracles, too.

They know the messengers with their holy books
will smile and wash their hands in blood.
They know the politicians with their good looks
will make the poor eat pies of mud.

They’ve seen the Earth freeze
and then burn with greed.
They’ve seen the trees
and the seas emptied.

Yet, you won’t hear their sneers
when a man arrives
and, having experienced a number of years,
proclaims: 'I have lived!'

Because nothing is new under these stars:
the lies, the love, the memories and scars,
the ruin, the revolution, the fakes and true,
the families, the friends, none of it is new.
All of it—even the me and you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“Give it air & let the scar on your soul reveal itself, because, like the body, it too was made to heal itself.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Kamand Kojouri
“Eyes and ears are two.
Lungs and kidneys, too.
I wonder then
why we're born with one
heart that skips a beat when hay is here,
and beats quickly when you are near.
One heart that cracks when you are far,
lie to me and leave a scar.
I wonder then
why we're born with one
heart that gets broken.
Was I supposed to find you then?
So your heart would make one
plus one is
for me and
two for you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Munia Khan
“Night never needs a shade
but it requires to fade
into the grin of twinkling stars
where light is just a glint of scars”
Munia Khan

Jennifer Weiner
“È un libro sull’amore capace di trascendere l’aspetto fisico, su come la bellezza sia un confine arbitrario e facile da superare, su come due persone possono entrare in sintonia nonostante le differenze fisiche, su come possono innamorarsi malgrado il loro aspetto esteriore li separi dal resto del mondo.”
Jennifer Weiner, The Next Best Thing

Kami Garcia
“I rubbed the scar on my skin. It felt like the truth.”
Kami Garcia, Beautiful Darkness
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Israelmore Ayivor
“To become a better you, dare to take calculated risks and overcome your limitations. Your scars can make you a star, but you have to decide.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Amit Chaudhuri
“At the base of her ankle is a deep, ugly scar she got when a car ran over her foot when she was six years old. That was in a small town in Bangladesh. Thus, even today, she hesitates superstitiously before crossing the road, and is painfully shy of walking distances. Her fears make her laughable. The scar is printed on her skin like a radiant star.”
Amit Chaudhuri, Afternoon Raag

“Discovery Cancels Emotional Scars”
Sunday Adelaja

“The fascination Fred and George show at Harry's scar corresponds to the need of that other twin, Thomas, to see 'the mark of the nails.”
Luke Bell, Baptizing Harry Potter: A Christian Reading of J.K. Rowling

Elizabeth Hoyt
“Her gaze dropped to the right side of his mouth, to the corner of his lip that was permanently pulled into a slight snarl by the edge of the angry scar, and then to the other side of his mouth, to the sensuous curve of his lips. She raised her hand, reaching out to touch that perfect curl. She stilled, her hand hovering, as the sunlight glinted off the ruby ring on her finger. It was a pretty little ring, delicate and made for a woman. In any other circumstances she would've worn it with happiness.
Here, though... Well it was almost a mark of possession, wasn't it?
Iris inhaled and jerked her hand back before she made contact. This man might be her 'husband' now- courtesy of a series of terrible events and his own stubbornness, but he was still a stranger.
A stranger she wasn't even sure she could entirely trust.”
Elizabeth Hoyt, Duke of Desire

“The scars on her face said something different about her, too-that she, like Cyra, knew what she was risking when she risked her life."

pg 337”
Veronics Roth

Jeffrey Stepakoff
“When I was a kid," he said, "I used to run around this place barefoot, until I stepped on one of those pop-tops. I have a semicircular scar, big one, on my heel."
A hand on the doorframe for support, he lifted up one of his feet and pointed. She stopped, looked, seeing the little scar that was virtually identical to the one on 'her' foot.”
Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

L.R. Knost
“Don't hide your scars, your stretch marks,
your laugh lines, your calloused hands.
They are your life story,
telling of struggles won and lost,
challenges faced, losses overcome,
life grown and birthed and nurtured,
hard work accomplished,
stars reached for, hopes dashed, dreams realized,
rock bottoms and mountain tops.
They tell the story of your one
amazing, awful, beautiful life
written in the curves and lines of
extraordinary, miraculous, beautiful you.”
L.R. Knost

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