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Hunter S. Thompson
“No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun — for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax — This won't hurt”
Hunter S. Thompson

Kamand Kojouri
“They want us to be afraid.
They want us to be afraid of leaving our homes.
They want us to barricade our doors
and hide our children.
Their aim is to make us fear life itself!
They want us to hate.
They want us to hate 'the other'.
They want us to practice aggression
and perfect antagonism.
Their aim is to divide us all!
They want us to be inhuman.
They want us to throw out our kindness.
They want us to bury our love
and burn our hope.
Their aim is to take all our light!
They think their bricked walls
will separate us.
They think their damned bombs
will defeat us.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that my soul and your soul are old friends.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that when they cut you I bleed.
They are so ignorant they don’t understand
that we will never be afraid,
we will never hate
and we will never be silent
for life is ours!”
Kamand Kojouri

Mother Teresa
“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.”
Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

Joseph Heller
“Who's they?" He wanted to know. "Who, specifically, do you think is trying to murder you?"
"Every one of them," Yossarian told him.
"Every one of whom?"
"Every one of whom do you think?"
"I haven't any idea."
"Then how do you know they aren't?"
"Because..." Clevinger sputtered, and turned speechless with frustration.
Clevinger really thought he was right, but Yossarian had proof, because strangers he didn't know shot at him with cannons every time he flew up into the air to drop bombs on them, and it wasn't funny at all.”
Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Erik Pevernagie
“The global Corona conflict has rammed people into trenches. Invisible, lethal, viral weapons have replaced visible whistling bullets and thunderous bombs. As we don’t know who is calling the shots, it is difficult to tell how we can call a truce with imperceptible enemies. (“What do they hide behind their dirty aprons”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Ray Bradbury
“How in hell did those bombers get up there every single second of our lives! Why doesn't someone want to talk about it! We've started and won two atomic wars since 2022! Is it because we're having so much fun at home we've forgotten the world? Is it because we're so rich and the rest of the world's so poor and we just don't care if they are? I've heard rumors; the world is starving, but we're well fed. Is it true, the world works hard and we play? Is that why we're hated so much? I've heard the rumors about hate too, once in a long while, over the years. Do you know why? I don't, that's sure! Maybe the books can get us half out of the cave. They just might stop us from making the same damn insane mistakes!”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Don DeLillo
“I used to think it was possible for an artist to alter the inner life of the culture. Now bomb-makers and gunmen have taken that territory.”
Don DeLillo, Mao II

Kamand Kojouri
“Let my silence grow with noise
as pregnant mothers grow with life.
Let my silence permeate these walls
as sunlight permeates a home.

Let the silence rise from unwatered graves
and craters left by bombs.
Let the silence rise from empty bellies
and surge from broken hearts.

The silence of the hidden and forgotten.
The silence of the abused and tortured.
The silence of the persecuted and imprisoned.
The silence of the hanged and massacred.

Loud as all the sounds can be,
let my silence be loud
so the hungry may eat my words
and the poor may wear my words.

Loud as all the sounds can be,
let my silence be loud
so I may resurrect the dead
and give voice to the oppressed.

My silence speaks.”
Kamand Kojouri

David Mitchell
“Have you noticed," said John, "how countries call theirs 'sovereign nuclear deterrents,' but call the other countries' ones 'weapons of mass destruction'?”
David Mitchell, Ghostwritten

“Millions cheer the warrior
spilling blood across the ring
while the one who stands for peace
is ridiculed and shamed.
Must hearts forever suffer
from ignorance and greed?
Can bombs heal our souls
or set our spirits free?”
Aberjhani, Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player

Amit Kalantri
“War is not just the shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also the shower of blood and bones on both sides.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Ann E. Burg
“Maybe the Americans should have brought baseballs instead of bombs.”
Ann E. Burg, All the Broken Pieces

Markus Zusak
“The only sign of war was a cloud of dust migrating from east to west. It looked through the windows, trying to find a way inside, and as it simultaneously thickened and spread, it turned the trail of humans into apparitions. There were no people on the street anymore. They were rumors carrying bags.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

“The English Language is a form of communication! Words aren't only bombs and bullets - no, they're little gifts, containing meanings. What is true in love, is equally true at law”
Phillip Roth

Stephen M. Irwin
“Hannah expected this to make her sob even more, but instead she found her tears drying up and her tummy growing warm. How dare they? How dare they do this to little girls? She understood now why her parents go so angry when they saw the result of bombers in the white hot streets of the Middle East, why men and women wailed in anger as well as grief as they lifted the limp bodies of children from the rubble. How dare they? No, she wasn't going to die like this, wrapped up like some helpless baby.”
Stephen M. Irwin, The Dead Path

Christopher Hitchens
“It would be nice to think that the menacing aspects of North Korea were for display also, that the bombs and reactors were Potemkin showcases or bargaining chips. On the plane from Beijing I met a group of unsmiling Texan types wearing baseball caps. They were the 'in-country' team from the International Atomic Energy Agency, there to inspect and neutralize North Korea's plutonium rods. Not a nice job, but, as they say, someone has to do it. Speaking of the most controversial reactor at Yongbyon, one of the guys said, 'No sweat. She's shut down now.' Nice to know. But then, so is the rest of North Korean society shut down—animation suspended, all dead quiet on the set, endlessly awaiting not action (we hope) or even cameras, but light.”
Christopher Hitchens, Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays

Laurence Overmire
“Love doesn't make bullets. It doesn't drop bombs. Only hate does that - driven by fear.”
Laurence Overmire, New York Minute: An Actor's Memoir

John Steinbeck
“People who try to tell you what the blitz was like in London start with fire and explosion and then almost invariably end up with some very tiny detail which crept in and set and became the symbol of the whole thing for them. . . . "It's the glass," says one man, "the sound in the morning of the broken glass being swept up, the vicious, flat tinkle." ... An old woman was selling little miserable sprays of sweet lavender. The city was rocking under the bombs and the light of burning buildings made it like day. . . . And in one little hole in the roar her voice got in—a squeaky voice. "Lavender!" she said. "Buy Lavender for luck."

The bombing itself grows vague and dreamlike. The little pictures remain as sharp as they were when they were new.”
John Steinbeck, A Russian Journal

“But by the time the first bombs fell, we were already bored.”
The Arcade Fire

Markus Zusak
“The sky was dripping.
Like a tap that a child has tried its hardest to turn off but hasn't quite managed. At first, the drops were cool. I felt them on my hands as I walked down from Frau Diller's, in the middle of the road.
Above me, I could hear them.
Through the overcast sky, I looked up and saw the tin-can planes. I watched their stomachs open and drop the bombs casually out.
The bombs came down and soon the clouds would bake and the cold raindrops would turn to ash. Hot snowflakes would shower to the ground.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Avijeet Das
“The world is crazy about amassing guns, bombs and wealth of humongous proportions, but it will not give knowledge a second glance!”
Avijeet Das

“He enjoyed lying on the tiles and getting a slight tan as he watched the Air Force planes practice for future wars by shooting at passenger aircraft.”
Arturo Arias, After the Bombs

David R. Gillham
“It’s said that if you can hear a bomb whistle, then you’re safe. It’s the bomb you don’t hear that rips the roof from your building, pulverizes the walls, and buries you alive in a heap of smoldering slag. Still, the whistling builds up inside you like a scream. You can’t help but hold your breath.”
David R. Gillham, City of Women

“Our dumbness and our brilliance are inseparable.”
Rajesh`, Random Cosmos
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Corinne Beenfield
“Helen looked around the room as though if he just looked too, he would see it. Would see the memories that she faced in every corner. She wanted to explain, but instead, her mind darted to the last time she had visited home, the Christmas before when she and her parents had only given gifts to fill the bomb shelter. The bleakness of war had penetrated their house that night, the depressing presents and rationed food nothing compared to the vacant seats around the table. The quietness had choked them. Now its fingers curled only around her throat.”
Corinne Beenfield, The Ocean's Daughter

Anthony T. Hincks
“Flights shall carry a thousand suns to all parts of the globe and plunge the world into a new darkness of light.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Anthony T. Hincks
“Angels may sing when bombs fall for those who pray, but when the war is over and peace reigns, it is the devil who howls.”
Anthony T. Hincks

George Orwell
“He watched the ribbon of torn paper whirling, fluttering on the Q.T. Sauce advertisement. Our civilization is dying. It must be dying. But it isn't going to die in its bed. Presently the aeroplanes are corning. Zoom-whizz- crashl -The whole western world going up in a roar of high explosives.”
George Orwell, Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Steven Magee
“We are an irradiated nation.”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“Shell shock victims tend to go crazy in their fifties.”
Steven Magee

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