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Brandon Sanderson
“Do not let your assumptions about a culture block your ability to perceive the individual, or you will fail.”
Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

David Mitchell
“So little is actually worthy of belief or disbelief. Better to strive to coexist than seek to disapprove . . .”
David Mitchell, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

Diversity is an aspect of human existence that cannot be eradicated by terrorism or war
“Diversity is an aspect of human existence that cannot be eradicated by terrorism or war or self-consuming hatred. It can only be conquered by recognizing and claiming the wealth of values it represents for all.”
Aberjhani, Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

“Beneath the armor of skin/and/bone/and/mind
most of our colors are amazingly the same.”
Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

Aleister Crowley
“In Astrology, the moon, among its other meanings, has that of "the common people," who submit (they know not why) to any independent will that can express itself with sufficient energy. The people who guillotined the mild Louis XVI died gladly for Napoleon. The impossibility of an actual democracy is due to this fact of mob-psychology. As soon as you group men, they lose their personalities. A parliament of the wisest and strongest men in the nation is liable to behave like a set of schoolboys, tearing up their desks and throwing their inkpots at each other. The only possibility of co-operation lies in discipline and autocracy, which men have sometimes established in the name of equal rights.”
Aleister Crowley, Moonchild

“In the days when hyenas of hate suckle the babes of men, and jackals of hypocrisy pimp their mothers’ broken hearts, may children not look to demons of ignorance for hope.”
Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

Jonathan Sacks
“God has given us many faiths but only one world in which to co-exist. May your work help all of us to cherish our commonalities and feel enlarged by our differences.”
Jonathan Sacks

“Much of the vitality in a friendship lies in the honoring of differences, not simply in the enjoyment of similarities".”
James Fredericks

“It's the failure to see this planet as a single entity that causes so much pain so many times. You cannot attack one part of the world without it affecting the whole earth, the whole body. Attacking other cultures, other nations, is a self-destructive act. It always comes back on you in some way.”
Gorillaz, Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre

“Millions cheer the warrior
spilling blood across the ring
while the one who stands for peace
is ridiculed and shamed.
Must hearts forever suffer
from ignorance and greed?
Can bombs heal our souls
or set our spirits free?”
Aberjhani, Songs from the Black Skylark zPed Music Player

“Any person who, with all the sincerity of heart, is in search for God, on land or in the sea, is worthy of respect.”
Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God

“This is God's universe and he is the master gardener of all. If we were to eliminate all colors in his garden,then what would be a rainbow with only one color? Or a garden with only one kind of flower? Why would the Creator create a vast assortment of plants, ethnicities, and animals, if only one beast or seed is to dominate all of existence?”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Dan Simmons
“Religion and ethics were not always - or even frequently - mutually compatible. The demands of religious absolutism or fundamentalism or rampaging relativism often deflected the worst aspects of contemporary culture or prejudices rather than a system which both man and God could live under with a sense of real justice.”
Dan Simmons, The Fall of Hyperion

Toba Beta
“The truth is sealed.
Life goes on.
Till one day, history changed...
Like thief in the night,
aliens invade human.
Chaos happens prior to the new order of coexistence.
The truth is sealed.
Life goes on.
Till one day, history changed.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Lailah Gifty Akita
“No human being should be maltreated under any circumstances. We are all wonderful creation of God. May we affectionately love one another.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

“Each new year is another chance to get love right.”
Aberjhani, Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

Tamuna Tsertsvadze
“This world is not what you believed it was – you, humans, are not the ultimate beings who govern over the universe. The world is not only one universe, to begin with. There are seven universes, all filled with hundreds and thousands of galaxies, countless stars, more planets and asteroids… A lot of them, unlike how you humans believed, are populated. There are numerous species both similar and different from you, all with their own views, values, beliefs, joys, and sorrows. So dare not think what you believe in is the ultimate truth of this world, or what you value matters the most. We are different and you should get over with it – there will be people whom you can never agree with. That does not mean, however, that you cannot accept them for who they are, cannot live side by side with them, share their pain and joy, earn their trust and benevolence, and ultimately, lean on their shoulders for support and believe they shall be there whenever you are in need. Remember, my dearest friend – the only truth we all can mutually agree on, and the only force which can unite all of us is the power of the heart, for we, all living beings, have that one thing in common: the power to feel, to care, and to love. As for other things – mindset, views, principles, beliefs, opinions – they are never absolute, so what you think is immoral, might not look so in another person’s eyes. I am sorry, but this is how this world runs.”
Tamuna Tsertsvadze, Galaxy Pirates

L.A. Banks
“Respect for the environment, and respect for what was naturally occurring in nature: that was the bedrock of all original peoples. Harmony, coexistence, not conquest and conquer.”
L.A. Banks, Bad Blood

Tariq Ramadan
“The message of Islam is by no means a closed value system at variance or conflict with other value systems. From the very start, the Prophet did not conceive the content of his message as the expression of pure otherness versus what the Arabs or the other societies of his time were producing. Islam does not establish a closed universe of reference but rather relies on a set of universal principles that can coincide with the fundamentals and values of other beliefs and religious traditions (even those produced by a polytheistic society such as that of Mecca at the time). Islam is a message of justice that entails resisting oppression and protecting the dignity of the oppressed and the poor, and Muslims must recognize the moral value of a law or contract stipulating this requirement, whoever its authors and whatever the society, Muslim or not. Far from building an allegiance to Islam in which recognition and loyalty are exclusive to the community of faith, the Prophet strove to develop the believer's conscience through adherence to principles transcending closed allegiances in the name of a primary loyalty to universal principles themselves. The last message brings nothing new to the affirmation of the principles of human dignity, justice, and equality: it merely recalls and confirms them. As regards moral values, the same intuition is present when the Prophet speaks of the equalities of individuals before and in Islam: 'The best among you [as to their human and moral qualities] during the era before Islam [al-jahiliyyah] are the best in Islam, provided they understand it [Islam].' The moral value of a human being reaches far beyond belonging to a particular universe of reference; within Islam, it requires added knowledge and understanding in order to grasp properly what Islam confirms (the principle of justice) and what it demands should be reformed (all forms of idol worship).”
Tariq Ramadan, In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad

Oriana Fallaci
“Whoever believes in the myth of ‘peaceful coexistence that marked the relationships between the conquered and the conquerors’ should reread the stories of the burned convents and monasteries, of the profaned churches, of the raped nuns, of the Christian or Jewish women abducted to be locked away in their harems. He should ponder on the crucifixions of Cordoba, the hangings of Granada, the beheadings of Toledo and Barcelona, of Seville and Zamora. (The beheadings of Seville, ordered by Mutamid: the king who used those severed heads, heads of Jews and Christians, to adorn his palace). Invoking the name of Jesus meant instant execution. Crucifixion, of course, or decapitation or hanging or impalement. Ringing a bell, the same. Wearing green, the colour of Islam, also. And when a Muslim passed by, every Jew and Christian was obliged to step aside. To bow. And mind to the Jew or the Christian who dared react to the insults of a Muslim. As for the much-flaunted detail that the infidel-dogs were not obliged to convert to Islam, not even encouraged to do so, do you know why they were not? Because those who converted to Islam did not pay taxes. Those who refused, on the contrary, did.”
Oriana Fallaci, The Force of Reason

Arianna Dagnino
“We can accept each other and be together without giving up our differences. It’s useless – even foolish – to reduce us to a common denominator.”
Arianna Dagnino, The Afrikaner

Hiroya Oku
“this ones who think of others and those who think of themselves, the unmistakable truth that these two cannot coexist!”
Hiroya Oku, Gantz /15

Ora Nadrich
“I am present
I am light
I am love
I am tolerant
I am accepting
I am whole
I coexist”
Ora Nadrich, Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity

“Interaction with self, with other human beings, and with Nature, all should lead to harmony and peace. That is the purpose of life.”
Anand Damani

Debasish Mridha
“Meditation is the best form of exercise for the mind; it creates a wonderful and harmonious coexistence between the body, mind and nature.”
Debasish Mridha

Edward W. Said
“None of us has ever felt the slightest discrimination against us by the majority. I think that the last point to be made about it is the whole concept of the relationship between a minority and a majority in the Arab world is not easily perceived by a European or a Westerner, who always thinks in the categories of Western racism and Western discrimination against oppressed minorities.”
Edward W. Said

Helen Macdonald
“Being sworn at by woodland creatures is disquieting, but comforting too...these alarm calls remind me that we have consequential presence, that the animals we like to watch are creatures with their own needs, desires, emotions, lives.”
Helen Macdonald, Vesper Flights

“Man has failed to know himself or understand his relationship with existential elements including other humans.”
Anand Damani

Louis Yako
“The whole concept of “competition” needs to be revisited. In my view, competition and wisdom are two different paths that will never intersect ... we need to seek wisdom rather than playing games and politics against our peers to get status and power.”
Louis Yako

Amit Abraham
“I truly exist only when I can help my fellow beings exist alongside with me.”
Amit Abraham

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