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David Sedaris
“I'd hoped the language might come on its own, the way it comes to babies, but people don't talk to foreigners the way they talk to babies. They don't hypnotize you with bright objects and repeat the same words over and over, handing out little treats when you finally say "potty" or "wawa." It got to the point where I'd see a baby in the bakery or grocery store and instinctively ball up my fists, jealous over how easy he had it. I wanted to lie in a French crib and start from scratch, learning the language from the ground floor up. I wanted to be a baby, but instead, I was an adult who talked like one, a spooky man-child demanding more than his fair share of attention.

Rather than admit defeat, I decided to change my goals. I told myself that I'd never really cared about learning the language. My main priority was to get the house in shape. The verbs would come in due time, but until then I needed a comfortable place to hide. ”
David Sedaris

Madeleine L'Engle
“Oh child, your language is so utterly simple and limited that it has the affect of extreme complication.
-Aunt Beast”
Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

Ariel Sabar
“Each time a language dies, another flame goes out, another sound goes silent.”
Ariel Sabar, My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq

Frans G. Bengtsson
“...Orm always afterwards used to say that, after good luck, strength, and skill at arms, nothing was so useful to a man who found himself among foreigners as the ability to learn a language.”
Frans G. Bengtsson, The Long Ships

Henri Charrière
“He agreed that I should buy another dictionary or, better yet, a phrase book with standard Spanish expressions. He also suggested that it would be a good idea if I learned to stammer, because people would get bored listening to me and would finish the sentence for me; this way my accent wouldn't be noticed.”
Henri Charrière, Papillon

Stewart Stafford
“Going to a country where you don't speak the language is like wading into the sea when you can't swim - it's intimidating at first, not impossible, and ultimately manageable.”
Stewart Stafford

“You want the 3 golden rules to learn any language? Use it or lose it. Love it or leave it. Feel it or fail it.”
Safir Kassim Boudjelal

Thanhha Lai
“Should 'sleep' be plural? No, sleep is an idea, like love, no s. So many decisions in a single simple sentence. Exhausting, this elaborate dance of words.”
Thanhha Lai, Butterfly Yellow

Johann Gottfried Herder
“As long as we keep our native language on our tongue, we will penetrate so much more deeply the distinctiveness of each language. Here we will find gaps, there superfluity; here riches, there a desert, and we will be able to enrich the poverty of the one with the treasures of the other. For, in what precise relationship do language and mentality stand? Whoever masters the entire scope of one language surveys a field full of thoughts, and whoever learns to express himself precisely in it thereby gathers for himself a treasure of clear concepts. The first words we stammer are the foundation stones of our knowing, and our nurse-maids are our first teachers of logic.”
Johann Gottfried Herder

“Good writers are good readers and listeners.”
Safir Kassim Boudjelal

Ian Brown
“I understand how insubstantial this seems, how minor: man buys a coffee in French! But it was Gégé and Jean-Claude, and my own Walker, who reminded me how to do that simpest thing. They reminded me not to be ashamed. That is never a small accomplishment.”
Ian Brown, The Boy in the Moon: A Father's Journey to Understand His Extraordinary Son

Jeanine Cummins
“Lydia's English is a help, but there are many different languages in el norte. There are codes Lydia hasn't yet learned to decipher, subtle differences between words that mean almost, but not quite the same thing: migrant, immigrant, illegal alien. She learns that there are flags that people use here, and those flags may be a warning or a welcome. She is learning.”
Jeanine Cummins, American Dirt

“Learning another language is not only learning how to do things with different words, but also learning how to do things in different world.”
Wahyu Razak

“It is a curse not speaking languages and in a broken world more important than ever before.”
Clifford Thurlow, Operation Jihadi Bride: My Covert Mission to Rescue Young Women from ISIS - The Incredible True Story

Remy Lai
“I stop at hi. Because what if he asks other questions? I won't have the replies ready, and I'll be staring at him like a frozen booger. I can't possibly prepare all the questions and all the answers. The number of questions he could ask is infinite. My English is very, very finite.”
Remy Lai, Pie in the Sky

“If any language scratches your mind, that language is going to disappear as soon as you reach the threshold of the school door. But if that language scars your mind, it will last forever.”
Safir Kassim Boudjelal

“It's not sufficient to love a language. That language should love you too.”
Safir Kassim Boudjelal

Thanhha Lai
“Y'all have a song?'

H nods. 'Bất-tơ-phơ-lai de-lồ.'

'Butterfly yellow? You mean yellow butterfly.'

H starts to explain but pulls out her notebook. The most prepared notetaker on earth.

Bướm = butterfly, vàng = yellow.”
Thanhha Lai, Butterfly Yellow

David Bellos
“There are many different ways of teaching languages. The Ottomans rounded up youngsters in conquered lands and brought them back as slaves to be trained as dil oglan, or “language boys,” in Istanbul. Modern direct methods are gentler but rely on the same understanding of how languages are best learned—through total immersion in a bain linguistique, a kind of baptism of the brain.”
David Bellos, Is That a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything

Ruthangela Bernadette
“There were no back doors with Rosemary, no ulterior motives, manipulation, or mind games. She may not notice race, creed or disability differences in other kids, but she noticed every nuance, every look, every inflection in their voices. Her emotions ran deep, an empath if ever there was. She was, and still is, a sensitive soul. I have a lot to thank autism for.”
Bernadette Ruthangela, Special Kid to Super Kid: Overcoming Learning Disability, Language Delay, and Autism

Terrence W. Deacon
“Children's minds need not innately embody language structures, if languages embody the predispositions of children's minds!”
Terrence W. Deacon, The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of Language and the Brain

Louis Yako
“How and why many of us blindly repeat words, idioms, and phrases passed down to us like shabby clothes from our parents or ancestors, without even pondering the exact meaning of what we say.”
Louis Yako

“The truth is that bilingual babies are like machines.”
Albert Costa, The Bilingual Brain: And What It Tells Us about the Science of Language

“We know that babies of around nine months old have had sufficient experience with language(s) to show a certain amount of sensitivity to phonotactic rules. We believe this to be true because babies demonstrate a preference for hearing words that contain highly frequent sound sequences in their language rather than less frequent sequences.”
Albert Costa

“One of the primary jobs for a baby during the first months of learning is to build what we call a sound inventory of the language to which he or she is exposed.”
Albert Costa, The Bilingual Brain: And What It Tells Us about the Science of Language

Майк Йогансен
“Еспанська мова хоч і легша від інших, але теж хоче, щоб її попереду вивчено.”
Майк Йогансен, Подорожі філософа під кепом

“...they had just used the word hidoi, a Japanese adjective most often used to describe civil wars, natural disasters, or serial killers, and applied it to my shoes. The dress shoes I wore weren’t high-end or anything, but I’d like to think that hidoi was an exaggeration.”
Lea Jacobson, Bar Flower: My Decadently Destructive Days and Nights as a Tokyo Nightclub Hostess

Louis Yako
“Language is the beginning and the end of what makes us human. The language we do remains alive way after we depart this world. Language is in our mothers’ first lullaby, the first time we tell someone ‘I love you’, and we often talk about the significance of someone’s last words before they died.”
Louis Yako

Karl Kristian Flores
“The fastest way to learn a language is to tell the truth.”
Karl Kristian Flores, The Goodbye Song

Purushottam Muley
“Grammar is the Heart of Learning Language”
Purushottam Muley, Bhasha Sugandh EG English Grammar

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