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Michael Bassey Johnson
“Fear the soldier who stammers, for he is very fast at pulling the triger.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

David Shields
“Why would someone for whom talking was torture want to talk all the time before thousands of Athenians? Because otherwise he’d have drown himself at high tide. My sister- so shy, so sincere- once wanted to be an actress. The best jazz drummer I’ve ever heard had only one arm. We all choose a calling that’s the most radical contradiction of ourselves.”
David Shields, Dead Languages

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Words cannot only be made... But made to have a meaning, free the tongue and continue your speech.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“I may be deprived of eloquence, but my mind can never be a dumb.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Stage fright is very common and could be overcomed through step by step processes, but stuttering is a fright that takes time to conquer.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When you see a stranger, your mouth start dancing like convulsion.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Sherrilyn Kenyon
“Ren...Did you know that Winston Churchill, the greatest orator of all time and one of the greatest leaders in the world, had a speech impediment? All of us botch our words from time to time. And honestly I'd much rather stammer than put my foot in my mouth, and I've done more than my fair share of that. You have no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed for a biological misfire you can't help. It's not an indictment on your intelligence, but it is on the the humanity and decency of anyone cruel enough to mock you for it.”
Sherrilyn Kenyon, Time Untime

Peadar Ó Guilín
“His stutter didn't like the idea of wooing and silenced any attempts to broach the subject.”
Peadar Ó Guilín, The Inferior

Alexis  Hall
“Thank you," I said bravely, dropping the syllables cleanly, like marbles, and secretly full of the most pathetic pride imaginable. I had spoken to strangers.”
Alexis Hall, Waiting for the Flood

Simone Elkeles
“What I can't figure out is if you know you're a tease and are fuckin' with me or whether you really are innocent."
"I'm not a tease."
I cock an eyebrow, then look down at my upper thigh where she's parked her hand. She snatches it away. "Okay, I didn't mean to put my hand there. Well, I mean, not really. It just kinda . . . wh . . . what I mean to say is--"
"I like it when you stutter," I say as I pull her down next to me and show her my own version of a Swedish massage until we're interrupted by Sierra and Doug.”
Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Rebecca Rasmussen
“As much as Milly loved seeing Asa on that tractor, a part of her dreaded the days he came to mow, not only because her father made her go out to him with cookies and lemonade and watched her closely the entire time, but also because on those nights, Bett and Twiss would trick her into talking about Asa, and Milly would fall for their tricks. Milly understood Twiss's reasons for teasing her- Twiss didn't want to lose her- but she never understood Bett's.
Bett would start innocently enough. "I heard Milly was talking to someone in the meadow the other day. I heard she baked him a red velvet cake shaped like a heart."
"I heard she did more than that," Twiss would say.
"With Mr. Peterson."
"She likes them old, yep, she does."
"Wrinkly," Bett would say.
When Milly could no longer stand the teasing, she'd pull her blanket over her head and say, "It wasn't Mr. Peterson I was talking to, it was Asa! And it wasn't red velvet cake, it was butter cookies! They weren't shaped like hearts, either!"
And then the laughter would come, and Milly would know she'd been fooled into giving up another part of herself that she preferred to keep secret. The night she first told them about how much she admired Asa's work ethic (when she really just meant him), Bett and Twiss had made fun of her, and of Asa's slight stutter.
"M-M-May I eat one of your cookies?"
"Y-Y-Yes, you may."
"M-M-May I love you like coconut flakes?"
"L-L-Love me like coconut flakes, you may."
They laughed when they said the word "love," but that was the word Milly had begun to think about- the possibility of it- whenever she was with Asa and, even more often, when she was without him. The word was with her when she pinned clothes to the line, or scrubbed the linoleum, or baked a pie. Sometimes, when no one was looking, she'd trace an A into a well of flour or hold a mop as though she were holding Asa's hand.”
Rebecca Rasmussen, The Bird Sisters

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“People who stutter are less diffident or more confident in winter.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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