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Patricia Highsmith
“My imagination functions much better when I don't have to speak to people.”
Patricia Highsmith

Jane Austen
“I certainly have not the talent which some people possess," said Darcy, "of conversing easily with those I have never seen before. I cannot catch their tone of conversation, or appear interested in their concerns, as I often see done.”
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Charles Baudelaire
“My heart is lost; the beasts have eaten it.”
Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du Mal

John Green
“I hated talking, and I hated listening to everyone else stumble on their words and try to phrase things in the vaguest possible way so they wouldn’t sound dumb.”
John Green, Looking for Alaska

Brandon Sanderson
“Wayne's a little attached to that hat," Waxillium said. "He thinks it's lucky."
Wayne: "It is lucky. I ain't never died while wearing that hat."
Marasi frowned. "I ... I'm not sure I know how to respond."
Wax: "That's a common reaction to Wayne.”
Brandon Sanderson, The Alloy of Law

Jim Butcher
“I read an article once that said that when women have a conversation, they're communicating on five levels. They follow the conversation that they're actually having, the conversation that is specifically being avoided, the tone being applied to the overt conversation, the buried conversation that is being covered only in subtext, and finally the other person's body language.
That is, on many levels, astounding to me. I mean, that's like having a freaking superpower. When I, and most other people with a Y chromosome, have a conversation, we're having a conversation. Singular. We're paying attention to what is being said, considering that, and replying to it. All these other conversations that have apparently been booing on for the last several thousand years? I didn't even know that they existed until I read that stupid article, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
So, ladies, if you ever have some conversation with your boyfriend or husband or brother or male friend, and you are telling him something perfectly obvious, and he comes away from it utterly clueless? I know it's tempting to thing to yourself, 'The man can't possibly be that stupid!'
But yes. Yes, he can.
Our innate strengths just aren't the same. We are the mighty hunters, who are good at focusing on one thing at a time. For crying out loud, we have to turn down the radio in the car if we suspect we're lost and need to figure out how to get where we're going. That's how impaired we are. I'm telling you, we have only the one conversation. Maybe some kind of relationship veteran like Michael Carpenter can do two, but that's pushing the envelope. Five simultaneous conversations? Five?
Shah. That just isn't going to happen. At least, not for me.”
Jim Butcher, Cold Days

Simon Van Booy
“The most significant conversations of our lives occur in silence.”
Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories

Erik Pevernagie
“We may sometimes witness conversations at cross purposes and see how people hold muted dialogues of the deaf. They keep talking without really recognizing what the other is trying to bring home. Why should we not more engage in discussions with animals, promising much better results? Animals often appear to be much wiser, reasonable observers, and excellent listeners. (Let us say more and speak less)-Erik Pevernagie”
Erik Pevernagie

C. JoyBell C.
“Where are you?" he asked. "I'm right here" she said. "I know, but it feels like one percent of you is somewhere else, where is that one percent?" he said. "I don't know....I think I'm always like that..." she answered. "I like that." "You do?" "Yes, because that way, I have to always look for the one percent to find it.”
C. JoyBell C.

Gilbert Adair
“- ძვირფასო მეთიუ, - უთხრა იზაბელმა, - თუ საუბრისას ორი ადამიანი ერთმანეთს მუდამ ეთანხმება, მაშინ ერთ-ერთი ზედმეტია.”
Gilbert Adair, The Dreamers

Dejan Stojanovic
“Everybody talks, but there is no conversation.”
Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun

Jonah Lehrer
“The fatal misconception behind brainstorming is that there is a particular script we should all follow in group interactions.... [W]hen the composition of the group is right—enough people with different perspectives running into one another in unpredictable ways—the group dynamic will take care of itself. All these errant discussions add up. In fact, they may even be the most essential part of the creative process. Although such conversations will occasionally be unpleasant—not everyone is always in the mood for small talk or criticism—that doesn’t mean that they can be avoided. The most creative spaces are those which hurl us together. It is the human friction that makes the sparks.”
Jonah Lehrer

Kamila Shamsie
“We never actually have serious conversations about anything for more than 20 seconds. So there’s a beautiful superficiality to our relationship which sometimes gets covered up by all the genuine affection flowing back and forth.”
Kamila Shamsie, Kartography

Markus Zusak
“They're brainless girls, otherwise they wouldn't be seen dead here. They're pretty, with ugly, appealing smiles and conversations we can't hear. They breathe smoke and blow it out, and words drop from their mouths and get crushed to the floor. Or they get discarded, just to glow with warmth for a moment, for someone else to tread on later.”
Markus Zusak, Fighting Ruben Wolfe

Donna Goddard
“We may talk lightly but never carelessly. We keep at bay the flow of common, ignorant thought which runs its damaging course through the pathways of ordinary human conversation.”
Donna Goddard, The Love of Devotion

Dick Francis
“Mrs Palis­sey and I tend­ed to have the same con­ver­sa­tions over and over and slight­ly too of­ten.

Dick Francis, Proof

Avijeet Das
“We have conversations with each other most nights - Sylvia Plath and me!”
Avijeet Das

Karl Kristian Flores
“These are icebreakers. You’re not supposed to break the ice, you’re just supposed to coat your voice with as many layers of confidence as possible so that they don’t hear your voice shake when it’s your turn to speak. Idiot.”
Karl Kristian Flores, The Goodbye Song

Elif Shafak
“Većinu onoga što smo kroz godine shvatili u životu naučili smo interakcijom s različitim i često provokativnim mišljenjima, susretom s dotad nam nepoznatim informacijama, kritičkim primjedbama i znanjem, koje smo zatim interno obradili uzgajajući sjemenke razgovora, čitanja i promatranja u spoznaju.”
Elif Shafak, How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division

Kevin Brockmeier
“The only man alive to see it, though, was a wealthy recluse and neurotic, so beset by the embarrassments of society that he had withdrawn from it entirely. For him, every conversation, every transaction, down to the briefest and most businesslike, had become yet another occasion for injury. Those countless social encounters, with their countless tiny cuts--cuts inflicted, cuts received, and the one just as painful to remember as the other. Those smiles preceded by telltale pauses. Those favors both sexual and financial. Those what-do-you-thinks and let-me-borrow-you-for-a-seconds. It had all been too much for him, too freighted with need and misunderstanding....”
Kevin Brockmeier, The Ghost Variations: One Hundred Stories

Avijeet Das
“She: I am heartbroken. I don't believe in love.

He: Sensitive people get heartbroken. But they should never stop believing in love.

She: Are you sure.

He: Yes of course. Just as a flower takes time to bloom, one day love will bloom and make your life fragrant again”
Avijeet Das

Darcy Luoma
“When you’re working to find Balance in a relationship, chances are you’ll have to confront any conflict head-on. These conversations have all kinds of names, but whether you call them crucial, fierce, or difficult, they’re necessary for relationships to grow in a positive and productive way.”
Darcy Luoma, Thoughtfully Fit: Your Training Plan for Life and Business Success

Dash Shaw
“Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you secretly promised yourself you'd keep it completely about the other person, never about yourself?”
Dash Shaw, Doctors

“At the time, I was enjoying watching her doing the preparation and the cooking and the sort of conversation you have when one of you is occupied and the other is idle.”
Youngson, Anne

Jeanette Winterson
“I know how it is. Saying too much. Saying too little. Who says enough? Just enough?

My closest conversations are bad translations.

That's not what I meant--not what I meant at all.
Jeanette Winterson, Frankissstein: A Love Story

Lexie Elliott
“I'm grateful, too, for the single-minded focus of young children when food is mentioned---all difficult topics of conversation have been instantly cast aside in favor of intense deliberating over exactly which biscuits to choose”
Lexie Elliott, The Missing Years

Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™
“Become a 'game rearranger.' Cut the BS and WALK sharply in the TRUTH you can see...especially in calculated conversations which could be dangerous in their motive-operandi. Look and listen deeper into the spirit of your dialogues.”
Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Steven Magee
“By the end of 2015 I was now falling asleep during conversations with people and I would have to excuse myself and go to bed. Going to bed at various times of the day because I could not stay awake was normal.”
Steven Magee, Magee’s Disease

Avijeet Das
“Conversations happen quite often in life. As a writer and a poet, I like listening rather than talking. Somehow the conversations come out quite interesting. As a writer, I don't judge anyone. Because we are all humans and nobody can be totally perfect. In fact, perfect people do not make interesting characters in stories. And invariably I like to listen to the life stories and instances of the people whom I meet in life. Most people trust me and tell me their life stories. And the people I meet shape the characters and the stories that I write.”
Avijeet Das

Sophie Cousens
“People don’t want to be bitten into like an apple, …to show you their core in one conversation. Sometimes you have to peel the skin away slowly.”
Sophie Cousens

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