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Vera Nazarian
“Once upon a time there were two countries, at war with each other. In order to make peace after many years of conflict, they decided to build a bridge across the ocean.

But because they never learned each other’s language properly, they could never agree on the details, so the two halves of the bridge they started to build never met.

To this day the bridge extends far into the ocean from both sides, and simply ends half way, miles in the wrong direction from the meeting point.

And the two countries are still at war.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Sidney Sheldon
“Just remember, when someone has an accent, it means that he knows one more language than you do.”
Sidney Sheldon, Windmills of the Gods

Mark Tufo
“I see a tongue! Some asshole is licking my peephole.”
Mark Tufo, Zombie Fallout

Josh Billings
“The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust.”
Josh Billings

“The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind.”
Mike Bell

Jay Wickre
“A bitter man needs to place his troubles on the front of his tongue so that they taste sweeter.”
Jay Wickre, Dubious Musings of a Peculiar Man

Kamand Kojouri
“For me,
you are fresh water
that falls from trees
when it has stopped raining. For me,
you are cinnamon that lingers
on the tongue and gives
bitter words
For me, you are the scent of
violins and vision
of valleys
And still,
for me, your loveliness never ends.
It traverses
the world
and finds its
way back to me.
Kamand Kojouri

Jeff Lindsay
“I had killed our careful relationship by driving my tongue through its heart and pushing it off a cliff.”
Jeff Lindsay, Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Toba Beta
“There are many things which can not be expressed by words.
There are many words which can not be spelled by human tongue.
There are many tongues which utter one single truth.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Vera Nazarian
“Each letter of the alphabet is a steadfast loyal soldier in a great army of words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories. One letter falls, and the entire language falters.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Paulo Coelho
“It's now what enters men's mouths that's evil. It's what comes out of their mouths that is.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Israelmore Ayivor
“Words can be medicines; they can also be poisons. Words can heal; they can also kill... It all depends on how, when and where they are use and against whom! Let us not abuse our words. It's a misuse of the tongue!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Sonia Rumzi
“I go silent so I can write. When my tongue is wagging my fingers are silent.”
Sonia Rumzi, Simple Conversation

Stefne Miller
“If there's one area of me that the devil's got a hold of, it's my tongue.”
Stefne Miller, Collision

Ilona Andrews
“Breaking into the house in the middle of the night just wasn't his style. He did his best work in plain view, and, usually, his tongue was doing most of it.
Now that was an interesting thought. Heh.
Ilona Andrews, Fate's Edge

“Pick your words carefully as it has the power to make the sentence beautiful or ugly.....”
Adil Adam Memon
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Thomas   Harris
“Show Dr. Princi your teeth. That's right, let's see 'em all. Christ, Sparks, is that your tongue or are you swallowing a squirrel? Keep moving -”
Thomas Harris, Red Dragon

Enock Maregesi
“Mungu alitupa masikio mawili na ulimi mmoja. Tunatakiwa kusikiliza zaidi kuliko kuongea.”
Enock Maregesi

Anne Rice
“I think we are wise, we English speakers, to savor accents. They teach us things about our own tongue.”
Anne Rice, Merrick

Peter David
“I resisted the temptation to turn around and stick out my tongue in derision at Beliquose. After all, there was no telling when or if we should meet again, and I certainly did not need him saying, 'Ah yes, Poe, the fellow whose trespasses i could have forgiven in their entirety... except for the tongue thing. Yes, for that, you must surely die.”
Peter David, The Woad to Wuin

Amit Kalantri
“A tongue doesn't get things done.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“Remember that it is quicker to destroy than build, so be careful of what you do even with your own tongue.”
Gift Gugu Mona

Brandon Sanderson
“She stuck her tongue out at him. A totally rational and reasonable way to fight a demigod.”
Brandon Sanderson, Edgedancer

Fahad Basheer
“A man who has mastered his heart has mastered his tongue!”
Fahad Basheer

Cristiane Serruya
“A low humming noise coming from her drove him wild. As if with his tongue, he could spell out her desires, as if with his fingers he could draw her pleasure.”
Cristiane Serruya, Royal Affair

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Junk food is television for tongues.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Mehmet Murat ildan
“No tongue can speak more sentimental than the eyes screaming for love!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“It's when the words are on the tip of my tongue that my mind is elsewhere.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“Many believers use truth as a license to righteously diminish others’ reputations.”
R. Kent Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man

“Probability of helping someone with your tongue is low”
Fathima Fabeela

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