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Osamu Dazai
“For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces.”
Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

Benjamin Alire Sáenz
„Do we all have monsters?”
„Why does God give us so many monsters?”
„You want to know my theory?”
„I think it’s other people who give us monsters. Maybe God doesn’t have anything to do with it.”
Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Last Night I Sang to the Monster

Martin Amis
“My theory is - we don't really go that far into other people, even when we think we do. We hardly ever go in and bring them out. We just stand at the jaws of the cave, and strike a match, and quickly as if anybody's there.”
Martin Amis, Money

“Those who are nurtured best, survive best.”
Louis Cozolino, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment And the Developing Social Brain

Graham Greene
“The truth, he thought, has never been of any real value to any human being - it is a symbol for mathematicians and philosophers to pursue. In human relations kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths.”
Graham Greene

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“There is no human relationship that is not based on self-interest”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Leo Tolstoy
“Yes, there is something in me hateful, repulsive," thought Ljewin, as he came away from the Schtscherbazkijs', and walked in the direction of his brother's lodgings. "And I don't get on with other people. Pride, they say. No, I have no pride. If I had any pride, I should not have put myself in such a position".”
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Wataru Watari
“Trying to not hurt others is something you can't do. People are creatures who hurt others just by existing even if they're not aware of it. Whether you're living or dying. you'll always be hurting someone. Once you're involved, you'll hurt someone, and even by not being involved, you might be hurting someone else as well...”
Wataru Watari, やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている 9

Wataru Watari
“To cherish someone means to have the resolve to hurt then”
Wataru Watari, やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている 9

Amit Ray
“Compassionate leaders honor the complexity of human relationships, nurture authenticity and create common grounds for blooming great ideas of individuals.”
Amit Ray, Mindfulness Meditation for Corporate Leadership and Management

Laurence J. Peter
“Humility is the embarrassment you feel when you tell people how wonderful you are.”
Laurence J. Peter

Max Frisch
“Cause and effect are never divided between two people.”
Max Frisch, I'm Not Stiller

Virginia Woolf
“She had done the usual trick - been nice. She would never know him. He would never know her. Human relations were all like that, she thought, and the worst were between men and women. Inevitably these were extremely insincere.”
Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

Dale Carnegie
“the expression one wears on one’s face is far more important than the clothes one wears on one’s back”
Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Chuck Palahniuk
“this isn't so much romance as it is opportunity [victor mancini]”
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

“If you think you are easily irritated by people, guess what? You irritate other people easily too!”
Olumide Lawrence

Garth Greenwell
“But then there’s something theatrical in all our embraces, I think, as we weigh our responses against those we perceive or project; always we desire too much or not enough, and compensate accordingly.”
Garth Greenwell, What Belongs to You

“Understanding RELATIONSHIPS –
If I have something to share, however, I didn’t share it with you because you didn’t ask me. It means I DON’T TRUST YOU.
Even if you didn’t ask me, I still shared it with you, giving my trust to you. However, you shared it with the entire world. It means YOU ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY.
I know what you know, however, when I asked you, you lied to me. It means YOU ARE DISHONEST.
LOVE and AFFECTION are two essential elements of HUMAN RELATIONSHIP. However, whether you deserve my LOVE and AFFECTION or not is based on your TRUSTWORTHINESS and HONESTY.”
Sanjeev Himachali

Gian Andrea
“if I can't change the world," he told her, "I will change the way people look at it.”
Gian Andrea, Agida: Upon dirty art

“An email cannot be ignored. You may wish an email was not sent to you, because you learned what you did not want to know, but it must be acted upon because there is now a permanent record linking you to that information.”
Kent Alan Robinson

“In so far as we interact with people each day from dawn to dusk, we shall surely be offended by people and we shall surely offend people”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, Religion, Philosophy and life

“You can never say "no, that's impossible" when it comes to human behavior or human relationships.”
Marty Rubin

“Electronic communication has transmuted conversations into durable and accessible records. Revisionist history has gone the way of the phone booth.”
Kent Alan Robinson, UnSend: Email, text, and social media disasters...and how to avoid them

“..I marvelled at the intense beauty of this human relationship that was born out of so much love and was destined, perhaps inevitably, to end in a tragedy of such terrible proportions.”
Arun Joshi, Strange Case of Billy Biswas

“EWI: Emailing While Intoxicated”
Kent Alan Robinson, UnSend: Email, text, and social media disasters...and how to avoid them

Max Blecher
“Ce qui m’a le plus étonné (absurdement, bien sûr) à Paris, c’est de n’avoir aperçu aucun carrosse avec un malade à l’intérieur. J’ai découvert un jour au coin d’une rue un invalide dans un chariot mécanique et j’ai voulu lui foncer dedans, l’embrasser et le serrer dans mes bras comme si ç’avait été un frère. Mais tu ne sais que trop bien que, dans la vie, précisément les gestes les plus sensés sont interdits.”
Max Blecher, Scarred Hearts

Herman L Glaess
“To the degree that one relates sensitively, appropriately, and even charmingly, to the people and events faced in business and personal life, success will follow.”
Herman L Glaess, Potentiality Enhancement Programs

Arkady Strugatsky
“Twenty times better to err on the person than suspicious of everyone.”
Arkady Strugatsky

Virginia Woolf
“She had done the usual trick-been nice. She would never know him. He would never know her. Human relations were all like that, she thought, and the worst were between men and women. Inevitably these were extremely insincere.”
Virginia Woolf

Andrew James Pritchard
“Call it dating if you like, but I didn’t want her to be under the impression that it was anything serious. Not at that point in any case, it was more to be an experiment in human social relationships, one which might or might not lead to sex and or marriage.”
Andrew James Pritchard, Sukiyaki

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