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Alex Flinn
“Anyone else feel like that? Like your life's a big act. Like you're trying to be a man when you're just a scared kid, trying to keep under control when you really want to scream, cry, maybe hit someone. Ever feel like you're breathing underwater, and you have to stop because you're gulping in too much fluid?”
Alex Flinn, Breathing Underwater

Kurt Vonnegut
“Symbols can be so beautiful, sometimes.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Breakfast of Champions

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate. ”
Alan D. Wolfelt

Vera Nazarian
“The compass rose is nothing but a star with an infinite number of rays pointing in all directions.

It is the one true and perfect symbol of the universe.

And it is the one most accurate symbol of you.

Spread your arms in an embrace, throw your head back, and prepare to receive and send coordinates of being. For, at last you know—you are the navigator, the captain, and the ship.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Rollo May
“Artistic symbols and myths speak out of the primordial, preconscious realm of the mind which is powerful and chaotic. Both symbol and myth are ways of bringing order and form into this chaos.”
Rollo May, My Quest for Beauty

Amy Leigh Mercree
“What if it becomes less about how we look and more about how much we care? What if it becomes less about how much money we earn and more about how much we share our good fortune? Imagine a world where who we are in our hearts is the ultimate status symbol.”
Amy Leigh Mercree

Criss Jami
“If it's true what is said, that only the wise discover the wise, then it must also be true that the lone wolf symbolizes either the biggest fool on the planet or the biggest Einstein on the planet.”
Criss Jami, Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

M.F. Moonzajer
“Every morning when I wake up, I kiss her forehead as symbol of gratitude and appreciation and she repays me back with a lovely smile.”
M.F. Moonzajer, A moment with God ; Poetry

Neal Stephenson
“the difference between poets and mystics . . . The mystic nails a symbol to one meaning that was true for a moment but soon becomes false. The poet, on the other hand, sees that truth while it's true but understands that symbols are always in flux and that their meanings are fleeting.”
Neal Stephenson, Anathem

Graham Greene
“The truth, he thought, has never been of any real value to any human being - it is a symbol for mathematicians and philosophers to pursue. In human relations kindness and lies are worth a thousand truths.”
Graham Greene

Ralph Ellison
“But what a feeling can come over a man just from seeing the things he believes in and hopes for symbolized in the concrete form of a man. In something that gives a focus to all the other things he knows to be real. Something that makes unseen things manifest and allows him to come to his hopes and dreams through his outer eye and through the touch and feel of his natural hand.”
Ralph Ellison, Juneteenth

Carlos Fuentes
“The logic of the symbol does not express the experiment; it is the experiment. Language is the phenomenon, and the observation of the phenomenon changes its nature.”
Carlos Fuentes, Christopher Unborn

James N. Powell
“It is within and through language that the human mind points to itself.”
James N. Powell, The Tao of Symbols
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Ralph Waldo Emerson
“the mystic must be steadily told,—All that you say is just as true without the tedious use of that symbol as with it. Let us have a little algebra, instead of this trite rhetoric,—universal signs, instead of these village symbols,—and we shall both be gainers. The history of hierarchies seems to show that all religious error consisted in making the symbol too stark and solid, and was at last nothing but an excess of the organ of language.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Naomi Wolf
“Poststructuralism. . . . is a form of literary criticism that uses elaborate wordplay to prove its central premise, that all language is internally contradictory and has no fixed meaning.”
Naomi Wolf, Fire with Fire: New Female Power and How It Will Change the Twenty-First Century
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André Aciman
“Like the subconscious, like love, like memory, like time itself, like every single one of us, the church is built on the ruins of subsequent restorations, there is no rock bottom, there is no first anything, no last anything, just layers and secret passageways and interlocking chambers, like the Christian Catacombs, and right along these, even a Jewish Catacomb.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

Freya Stark
“The symbol is greater than visible substance. . . . Unhappy the land that has no symbols, or that chooses their meaning without great care.”
Freya Stark, East Is West
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Hermann Broch
“Incapable of communicating himself to others, incapable of breaking out of his isolation, doomed to remain the mere actor of his life, the deputy of his own ego—all that any human being can know of another is a mere symbol, a symbol of an ego that remains beyond our grasp, possessing no more value than that of a symbol; and all that can be told is the symbol of a symbol, a symbol at a second, third, nth remove, asking for representation in the true double sense of the word.”
Hermann Broch, The Sleepwalkers

Hermann Broch
“when the great intolerance of faith was lost, the secular robe of office had to supplant the sacred one, and society had to separate itself into secular hierarchies with secular uniforms and invest these with the absolute authority of a creed. And because, when the secular exalts itself as the absolute, the result is always romanticism, so the real and characteristic romanticism of that age was the cult of the uniform, which implied, as it were, a superterrestrial and supertemporal idea of uniform, an idea which did not really exist and yet was so powerful that it took hold of men far more completely than any secular vocation could, a non-existent and yet so potent idea that it transformed the man in uniform into the property of his uniform, and never into a professional man in the civilian sense; and this perhaps simply because the man who wears the uniform is content to feel that he is fulfilling the most essential function of his age and therefore guaranteeing the security of his own life.”
Hermann Broch, The Sleepwalkers

George Steiner
“No phonetic sign, except at a rudimentary, strictly speaking pre-linguistic level of vocal imitation, has any substantive relation or contiguity to that which it is conventionally and temporally held to designate.”
George Steiner, Real Presences

Kyle Labe
“The morning Mom tells me my skirt is too short, I find the lawn full of dead fledglings.”
Kyle Labe, Butterflies Behind Glass & Other Stories

“Even after human beings have reached adulthood and developmental maturity, there remain hindrances in human nature that make it difficult for them to act from moral principle. One of most fundamental challenges is the fact that the developmentally mature human mind is still a finite intelligence rather than an infinite intelligence. The adult human mind is equipped only with ‘a discursive, image-dependent understanding’ (CU V 408): in order to think abstractly, we need images. The finitude of the human condition thus poses a permanent challenge to the task of grasping ideas of pure reason such as a priori moral norms or the concept of a morally perfect will.

Kant’s basic response to this challenge of human finitude is to articulate various strategies for representing moral concepts analogically and symbolically through images. As he remarks in Religion Within the Boundaries of Mere Reason, ‘for the human being the invisible needs to be represented through something visible (sensible)’ (Religion VI 192).”
Robert B. Louden

“The letter is susceptible of operations which enables one to transform literal expressions and thus to paraphrase any statement into a number of equivalent forms. It is this power of transformation that lifts algebra above the level of a convenient shorthand.”
Tobias Dantzig, Number: The Language of Science

Elise Kova
“You are a symbol, Vhalla. And, despite what some may have you believe, you have more control over what you symbolize than anyone else.”
“I am no one,” she muttered, hearing Aldrik mounting his War-strider.
“Even something very small can cast a large shadow when it is close to the sun.”
Elise Kova, Fire Falling

“The symbol is not a mere formality; it is the very essence of algebra. Without the symbol the object is a human perception and reflects all the phases under which the human senses grasp it; replaced by a symbol the object becomes a complete abstraction, a mere operand subject to certain indicated operations.”
Tobias Dantzig, Number: The Language of Science

Talismanist Giebra
“Some symbols reach to your primordial archives.”
Talismanist Giebra, Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Philosophy of Fragmentism Series.

Talismanist Giebra
“Some symbols let you express yourself infinitely in their force.”
Talismanist Giebra, Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Philosophy of Fragmentism Series.

Tom Wolfe
“That flag is a symbol we attach our emotions to, but it isn't the emotion itself and it isn't the thing we really care about. Sometimes we don't even realize what we really care about, because we get so distracted by the symbols.”
Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

“Snow White was a beautiful young innocent.
A white Christmas is many a child's dream.
A white wall always looks nice and clean.
A white wedding dress is a symbol of purity.
A white lie is saying something to make someone feel good.
A white T-Shirt looks so crisp.
A star will always shine with a white light.
White is a symbol of goodness, and black is a symbol of darkness.
So, what color now is the white house?”
Anthony T. Hincks.

Ehsan Sehgal
“Adding an extra T, into the But, becomes the stormily effectual feature of the sex symbol. No one ignores that.”
Ehsan Sehgal
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