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Shannon L. Alder
“There will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all must face. However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless and never feel alone.”
Shannon L. Alder

Cassandra Clare
“What I actually want to call you is a hell of a lot more unprintable than your name”
Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

J.K. Rowling
“Well you seemed too busy to call him a prat and I thought someone should.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Rick Riordan
“So you've got no name?" I asked. "They couldn't think of one ugly enough?"
The creature snarled, stepping over the unconscious policeman.
"Set animal is too hard to say," I decided. "I'll call you Leroy."
Apparently, Leroy didn't like his name. He lunged.”
Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

James Patterson
“They call me, The Sharkalator”
James Patterson

Shannon L. Alder
“I don't understand women that call themselves a "bitch". It doesn't empower a woman. Rather, it reveals to everyone that you were deeply hurt at one time. Because of the pain your still carrying, you will continue to hurt anyone that reminds you of those moments when you let your guard down and were fooled. Sadly, it sends a clear message to the observant that you are still hurt. If only women would realize that "we all" have moments of stupidity then they would stop comparing themselves to the masses.”
Shannon L. Alder

Fannie Flagg
“What was this power, this insidious threat, this invisible gun to her head that controlled her life . . . this terror of being called names?
She had stayed a virgin so she wouldn't be called a tramp or a slut; had married so she wouldn't be called an old maid; faked orgasms so she wouldn't be called frigid; had children so she wouldn't be called barren; had not been a feminist because she didn't want to be called queer and a man hater; never nagged or raised her voice so she wouldn't be called a bitch . . .
She had done all that and yet, still, this stranger had dragged her into the gutter with the names that men call women when they are angry.”
Fannie Flagg, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

J.K. Rowling
“Be good now, Potty...Weasel King...”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Neesha Meminger
“But the coconut is also a symbol of resilience, Samar. Even in the conditions where there's very little nourishment and even less nurturance, it flourishes, growing taller than most of the plants around it.”
Neesha Meminger, Shine, Coconut Moon

Nikki Sex
“Strange how mean words can return to ones thoughts, years after they’ve been callously thrown at you. They replay in your mind, spiking a sense of remembered pain. Nasty name calling can be an ugly memory that stabs unexpectedly—not unlike a nightmare where you wake up crying.
Sticks and stones, may break your bones—yet, cruel names can hurt you.”
Nikki Sex, Abuse

Jason Versey
“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” This is a lie. What we say matters. The unkind things we communicate can soil the best of relationships; even with the deepest of regrets…what lingers is a stain of hurt that may fade but will never truly go away. The wounding words we say are like feathers released in a harsh wind, once said; we will never get them back. ~Jason Versey”
Jason Versey, A Walk with Prudence

Julie James
“Sidekick? Fuck you, porky.”
Julie James, Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Stephen King
“Why does she have to be such a...such a..."

"Go on," I said. "The truth is never cussing, Son."

"Such a bitch!”
Stephen King, Full Dark, No Stars

Julie Anne Long
“He leaned in for a sniff. 'Smells like a horse's arse! I've got Ian!' -'No sniffing allowed! We never discussed sniffing! I cry foul!' Ian was outraged. 'I'm not giving you a shilling!' -'Give him a shilling! It's not his fault you smell like a horse's arse!”
Julie Anne Long, What I Did For a Duke

Robert M. Pirsig
“This condemnation of technology is ingratitude, that's what it is. Blind alley, though. If someone's ungrateful and you tell him he's ungrateful, okay, you've called him a name. You haven't solved anything.”
Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
“Mỗi người sinh ra đều có một cái tên.
Cái tên là dấu hiệu để phân biệt người này với người khác. Không có tên, người ta gọi là vô danh. Vô danh thì không đọng lại được trong tâm trí bất kỳ ai, không phân biệt được với ai. Nó không có hình thù. Nó chỉ là một khối nhờ nhờ.
Bạn cũng biết rồi đó, cái tên khi được cha mẹ đặt cho một cách ngẫu nhiên, nhưng chính cách sống của bạn đã không ngừng chưng cất cái tên của mình qua năm tháng, giúp cho nó tỏa hương.
Lão Hiếng chắc cũng từng có một cái tên như những người khác. Nhưng tính cách của lão đã lấn át và nhuộm đen cái tên cha mẹ đặt cho lão và bằng cách đó lão đã tẩy xóa cả lão lẫn cái tên của lão khỏi ký ức mọi người.
Chúng tôi gọi lão Hiếng như gọi một thế lực, một hiểm họa hay một bệnh dịch chứ không như gọi một con người.”
Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, Tôi Là Bêtô

Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
“Tôi là Bêtô.
Tôi chưa bao giờ tự gọi tên tôi. Hôm nay là lần đầu và tôi ngạc nhiên nhận ra mình tự gọi tên mình rồi lim dim mắt lắng nghe cái âm thanh vừa thân thiết vừa bổng nhiên lạ lẫm đó ngân nga trong tai là một điều vô cùng thú vị.
Nếu không tin bạn hãy thử gọi tên bạn một lần đi, bạn sẽ thấy lòng bạn nẩy mầm một cảm xúc gì đó như là sự trìu mến, nỗi hân hoan và niềm kiêu hãnh – cùng một lúc.
Đó cũng là một trong vô vàn những điều thú vị mà cuộc sống cố tình giấu kín ở ngóc ngách nào đó trong tâm hồn của mỗi chúng ta theo cái cách các bậc cha mẹ vẫn giấu quà tặng con cái ở những nơi bất ngờ nhất trong nhà.
Khám phá những điều thú vị đó, hay tìm thấy những món quà đó, chính là làm giàu thêm ý nghĩa của cuộc sống và bổ sung thêm lý do để cuộc sống trở nên đáng sống.”
Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, Tôi Là Bêtô

Kody Keplinger
“The people who call you names are just trying to make themselves feel better. They've fucked up too. You're not the only one.”
Kody Keplinger, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Majority of people prefer a good name to a bad name, but to me, anyone can call me anything, as long as it is not written on my face.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Cassandra Clare
“Christina flashed a smile. "I shall ask a million questions of your purply-eyed so that Diana doesn't think about you and Julian or whether you might be at Mr. Rook's."

I'm not sure he's a mister," Emma said, stifling a yawn. "I've never heard anyone call him anything but 'hey, Rook' or sometimes 'that bastard.”
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Jim Goad
“Beware of anyone who calls you bad names merely for asking honest questions.”
Jim Goad

Anthony Liccione
“And she looked upon the mirror that was given as a gift. She hated everything about it, from the circular size of it, to the color, and the wooden frame that held it in place. But mostly, she hated looking at herself. Especially into this one that had a scratch on its glass surface, which would reflect back to her face. And as she looked, it would cut her as the words her father would often say, in telling her she was ugly.”
Anthony Liccione

“To liberals, shaming and labeling their opponents is necessary, they believe their opponents to be less of a person than they are.”
Chris Sardegna

Kingsley Amis
“You bloody old towser-faced boot-faced totem-pole on a crap reservation.”
Kingsley Amis

“Non-professionals can also misrepresent the personal characteristics, religious beliefs, and appearance, of these therapists, can name-call and otherwise mock them, and can attribute false agendas to them, such as assigning religious motives to secular therapists working with ritual abuse or mind control survivors.

For example, there is little to prevent someone from claiming on his or her own website that a psychotherapist is a fundamentalist Christian zealot at war with Satan, when that therapist might be an atheist, Jew, Buddhist, etc., who places no stock in the existence of Satan. But such a claim, when spoken as if it is fact, accomplishes its intended purpose of maligning that therapist."
- Common Forms of Misinformation and Tactics of Disinformation about Psychotherapy for Trauma Originating in Ritual Abuse and Mind Control (2012)”
Ellen P. Lacter

“Someone else out there?” Luke squints in Hallelujah’s direction. He stands. He steps over his log bench and pushes past Rachel. Hallelujah can’t move, can’t breathe, and in four more steps, Luke has her by the arm. He’s marching her into the light.
When he sees who it is, he drops her arm quickly, looking disgusted. “Hallie. You’ve gotta be kidding me.”
Behind him, Brad’s on his feet. “Well, glory, Hallelujah!” he whoops. The girl next to him shushes him, and he lowers his voice. But he keeps talking, giving his words a preacher-at-a-revival ebb and flow. “I never thought, Hallelujah, I’d see the day, Hallelujah, where you’d have the guts to show up here, Hallelujah,praise Jesus—”
“Give it a rest,” Luke says.
“What, it’s only funny when you do it?”
“Nah, she’s always funny,” Luke says, looking back at Hallelujah, dismissing her with a roll of his eyes. “You just aren’t. You never do that joke right.” He walks back to his seat. He glances at Rachel. “Turns out, there’s a seat for you right here, next to me.” He pats the unclaimed bit of log to his right.”
Kathryn Holmes

Simone Elkeles
“Why can't you call me Alex?" I ask, my head down while I stare at the food in front of me.
"If I wanted to call you Alex, I wouldn't have bothered to name you Alejandro. Don't you like your given name?"
My muscles tense. I was named after a father who is no longer alive, leaving me the responsibility of being the designated man of the house. Alejandro, Alejandro Jr., Junior . . . it's all the same to me.
"Would it matter?" I mumble as I pick up a tortilla. I look up, trying to gauge her reaction.
Her back is to me as she cleans dishes in the sink. "No."
"Alex wants to pretend he's white," Carlos chimes in. "You can change your name, bro, but nobody'd mistake you for anythin' other than Mexicano."
"Carlos, collate la boca," I warn. I don't want to be white. I just don't want to be associated with my father.
"Por favor, you two," our mother pleads. "Enough fighting for one day."
"Mojado," Carlos sings, egging me on by calling me a wetback.
I've had enough of Carlos's mouth; he's gone too far. I stand, my chair scraping the floor. Carlos follows and steps in front of me, closing the space between us. He knows I could kick his ass. His overblown ego is gonna get him in trouble with the wrong person one of these days.
"Carlos, sit down," mi'ama orders.
"Dirty beaner," Carlos drawls at me in a fake deep accent. "Better yet, es un Ganguero."
"Carlos!" mi'ama reprimands sharply as she comes forward, but I get in between them and grab my brother's collar.
"Yeah, that's all anyone will ever think of me," I tell him. "But you keep talkin' trash and they'll think that of you, too."
"Brother, they'll think that of me anyway. Whether I want them to or not."
I release him. "You're wrong, Carlos. You can do better, be better."
"Than you?"
"Yeah, better than me and you know it," I say. "Now apologize to mi'ama for talkin' smack in front of her."
One look in my eyes and Carlos knows I'm not kidding around. "Sorry, Ma," he says, then sits back down. I don't miss his glare, though, as his ego got knocked down a peg.”
Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

Sara Massa
“Yeah. I talked to their chief and she told me something pretty scary.”
“What?” he asked. I took a deep breath, and tried not to stutter.
“She told me that a storm is coming-”
“It does look like it might rain.” Dean noted, cutting me off.
I rolled my eyes, “Not a literal storm, dumbass,”
Sara Massa, The Shifting Moon

Sharon Creech
“It is not a good idea to call yourself a sardine in a family like Leo's, who will not let you forget it.”
Sharon Creech, Replay

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