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Abigail Roux
“My wife has made up Ty’s old bedroom for you,” he told him in a low voice as Ty and Mara argued over the merits of the couch cushions versus the rocks out back.
“Oh Christ.” Zane laughed, falling back in his chair. “He won’t let me forget this. Losing his bed to me.”
“Well,” Earl said with a sigh, “it’s either that or fight his mama over it.” He sat and watched Ty and Mara for a moment, sipping at his coffee contentedly. “Ain’t none of us ever won that fight,” he told Zane flatly.
“Me and Zane’ll just bunk together,” Ty was arguing.
Mara laughed at him. “You two boys won’t fit in a double bed any more than I’ll still fit in my wedding dress,” she scoffed.


“Good morning, Zane dear, how did you sleep?” Mara asked as she came up to him and pressed a glass of orange juice into his hands.
“Ah, okay,” Zane hedged, taking the glass out of self-defense. “I don’t do too well sleeping in strange places lately, but….”
“Well, Ty’s bed is about as strange a place as you can get,” Deuce offered under his breath. He followed it with a muffled grunt as Ty kicked him under the table.”
Abigail Roux, Sticks & Stones

Thomas More
“Let them speak as lewdly as they list of long as they do not hit me, what am I the worse?”
Thomas More

“Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you…unless you believe them. Then, they can destroy you.”
Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

Anthony Liccione
“I'd rather have names to hurt me, than my bones broken with sticks and stones.”
Anthony Liccione

“Sticks and stones build strong houses”
Melody Carstairs

Steve Bivans
“The power of words to deceive is a danger far exceeding any we might encounter from physical weapons. Sticks and stones can break bones! But words can lead worlds into ruin!”
Steve Bivans, Be a Hobbit, Save the Earth: the Guide to Sustainable Shire Living

Mia Sheridan
“Sticks and stones can break your bones but names can never hurt you," and how it's all backwards. Sticks and stones and fists CAN break your bones, but it's the words that break your heart”
Mia Sheridan, Leo

“I don't need a trumpet for you to know I'm coming. I simply arrive.”
Z.E. Frey, Sticks and Stones: Conquering Haters...with Poetry

“Love me for me”
Cher Lloyd

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words were always the hardest.”
Dominic Riccitello

Kate Lattey
“Because that saying about sticks and stones is a pack of lies. Unkind words hurt more than anything else. You end up carrying them around in your head, wondering if they’re true. Bruises fade, but self-doubt follows you forever.”
Kate Lattey, Triple Bar