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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.”

Madeleine L'Engle
“Oh child, your language is so utterly simple and limited that it has the affect of extreme complication.
-Aunt Beast”
Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time

“Let us dedicate this new era to mothers around the world, and also to the mother of all mothers -- Mother Earth. It is up to us to keep building bridges to bring the world closer together, and not destroy them to divide us further apart. We can pave new roads towards peace simply by understanding other cultures. This can be achieved through traveling, learning other languages, and interacting with others from outside our borders. Only then will one truly discover how we are more alike than different. Never allow language or cultural traditions to come between brothers and sisters. The same way one brother may not like his sister's choice of fashion or hairstyle, he will never hate her for her personal style or music preference. If you judge a man, judge only his heart. And if you should do so, make sure you use the truth in your conscience when weighing one's character. Do not measure anybody strictly based on the bad you see in them and ignore all the good.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Saul Bellow
“Every other man spoke a language entirely his own, which he had figured out by private thinking; he had his own ideas and peculiar ways. If you wanted to talk about a glass of water, you had to start back with God creating the heavens and earth; the apple; Abraham; Moses and Jesus; Rome; the Middle Ages; gunpowder; the Revolution; back to Newton; up to Einstein; then war and Lenin and Hitler. After reviewing this and getting it all straight again you could proceed to talk about a glass of water. "I'm fainting, please get me a little water." You were lucky even then to make yourself understood. And this happened over and over and over with everyone you met. You had to translate and translate, explain and explain, back and forth, and it was the punishment of hell itself not to understand or be understood.”
Saul Bellow, Seize the Day

Kristen Ashley
“She stared into his eyes and announced, “A good-bye kiss.”
It was at that Raid stopped dead. “What?”
“Raiden, the gig is up,” she declared, and Raid closed his eyes.
Jesus, how could the woman be so infuriating and so fucking cute all at once?
He opened his eyes and asked, “The gig is up?”
She leaned into him and hissed, “Yes.”
Fuck, he wanted to kiss her.
He also wanted to shake her.
“Baby, it’s jig,” he corrected, and her head jerked, which made that mess of hair on her head jerk, which reminded him he wanted his hands in that hair.
Then elsewhere.
He needed to speed this shit up.
“Sorry?” she asked, sounding confused, and he looked from her hair to her eyes and saw she was, in fact, confused.
Yeah. Infuriating. And fucking cute.
“The jig is up, not the gig,” he told her.
Her eyes narrowed. “Seriously? You’re correcting my street lingo?”
“Think that street lingo was the street lingo about eight decades ago, Hanna. So now it’s just lingo.”
Kristen Ashley, Raid

“De todos los idiomas europeos el que resulta más difícil de hablar bien a mi entender es sin duda el español, tal es su riqueza de palabras, rotaciones lingüísticas y belleza expresiva. Ocurre sin embargo que tan pocas personas conocen lo que dicen, son tan escasas las que manejan por completo el inmenso vocabulario de esta excepcional lengua, tan selectas las que entienden sus innumerables giros y tiempos verbales, que parece simple y sencillo a primera vista.”
Antonio Cavanillas De Blas, El médico de Flandes

Ursula K. Le Guin
“Heaven and earth
begin in the unnamed:
name’s the mother
of the ten thousand things.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, Tao Te Ching: A Book about the Way and the Power of the Way

Munia Khan
“Facing a language you don't know is like returning to your infancy when your mother tongue used to be a foreign language to you”
Munia Khan

John Green
“Words are not static.Language shape our memories, and it is also shaped by our memories.”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

Brian K. Vaughan
“I was pretty good at picking up new languages when I was little, but it's not like I had superpowers or anything.

Kids just have an easier time with words.”
Brian K. Vaughan, Saga, Vol. 4

R. Alan Woods
“Language is not the barrier, the heart is".

~R. Alan Woods [2012]”
R. Alan Woods, The Journey Is The Destination: A Photo Journal

“Hablar bien, expresarse correctamente en español, no es conocer mil palabras y vomitarlas machaconamente; supone el conocimiento preciso de cada término, su raíz filológica, el empleo justo de cada vocablo en el momento adecuado evitando redundancias, hipérboles y prolongaciones del discurso que, de otra forma, deviene pesado y pedantesco.”
Antonio Cavanillas De Blas, El médico de Flandes

China Miéville
“If I program ’ware with an Anglo-Ubiq word and play it, you understand it,” Scile said. “If I do the same with a word in Language, and play it to an Ariekes, I understand it, but to them it means nothing, because it’s only sound, and that’s not where the meaning lives. It needs a mind behind it.”
China Miéville, Embassytown

Jenifer Mohammed
“NEVER allow the enemy to define your terms. If you want to win a war of propaganda, you must be able to manipulate language to expose the truth.”
Jenifer Mohammed, Resurrecting Cybele

Barbara Becker Holstein
“We all have struggle in our lives. We're all searching for personal freedom, whether we're in a bad place or trying to be true to ourselves.”
Barbara Becker Holstein

Neil Leckman
“They started the meeting out by saying, "Everybody please take your seats"
I was halfway back to my cubicle with mine before they stopped me...”
Neil Leckman

Ellen Sussman
“What are your drawn to?"
"Language, Words, No, not teaching. Perhaps one day I'll write something.”
Ellen Sussman, French Lessons

Elise Valmorbida
“Expressing emotion is not so easy. He has to remind himself that English is not her first language. Expressing emotion can be difficult even when the words are familiar. ”
Elise Valmorbida, The Book of Happy Endings: True Stories about Finding Love

R. Alan Woods
“Of all the languages that have existed upon the Earth, the Hebrew language is unique and extraordinary in its ability to paint vivid pictures with words that lodge within the heart conveying deep and profound Truth".

~R. Alan Woods [2012]”
R. Alan Woods, The Journey Is The Destination: A Photo Journal

Arthur Schopenhauer
“(...) a língua é, para o espírito de uma nação, o que o estilo é para o espírito de um indivíduo. Mas o domínio perfeito de uma língua só ocorre quando uma pessoa é capaz de traduzir não os livros, por exemplo, mas a si própria; desse modo, sem sofrer nenhuma perda de sua individualidade, ela consegue se comunicar imediatamente na outra língua, agradando tanto aos estrangeiros quanto aos falantes nativos.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, A Arte de Escrever

Steven Pinker
“So what's in a name? The answer, we have seen, is, a great deal. In the sense of a morphological product, a name is an intricate structure, elegantly assembled by layers of rules and lawful even at its quirkiest. And in the sense of a listeme, a name is a pure symbol, part of a cast of thousands, rapidly acquired because of a harmony between the mind of the child, the mind of the adult, and the texture of reality.”
Steven Pinker

Munia Khan
“The joy of knowing a foreign language is inexpressible. I find it really difficult to express such joy in my mother tongue.”
Munia Khan

Douglas R. Hofstadter
“If words were nuts and bolts, people could make any bolt fit into any nut: they'd just squish the one into the other, as in some surrealistic painting where everything goes soft. Language, in human hands, becomes almost like a fluid, despite the coarse grain of its components.”
Douglas Hofstadter, Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

“Yang lebih penting dari bertutur kata baik adalah bertutur kata dengan tepat.”
Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabrizkie, Di Tanah Lada

“So many people understand language, but few people understand the real meaning of language. They that understand the meaning of language understand language and life better!”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“That which is alike will be called same. That which is not same is different.”
Leonard Bloomfield

Laura Chouette
“German is for learning while English is for entertainment only.”
Laura Chouette