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Anaïs Nin
“Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.”
Anais Nin

Vera Nazarian
“A boomerang returns back to the person who throws it.

But first, while moving in a circle, it hits its target.

So does gossip.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Jacqueline Carey
“There are patterns which emerge in one's life, circling and returning anew, an endless variation of a theme”
Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel's Chosen

“Consider a small child sitting on his mother's lap while she reads him a picture book. The picture book opens to a width that effectively places the child at the center of a closed circle - that of mother's body, arms, and the picture book... That circle, so private and intimate, is a place apart form the demands and stresses of daily life, a sanctuary in and from which the child can explore the many worlds offered in picture books. Despite all of our society's technological advances, it still just takes one child, one book, and one reader, to create this unique space, to work this everyday magic.”
Martha Parravano

George Eliot
“Every limit is a beginning as well as an ending.”
George Eliot, Middlemarch

Kate McGahan
“The more we love the more we lose. The more we lose the more we learn. The more we learn the more we love. It comes full circle. Life is the school, love is the lesson. We cannot lose.”
Kate McGahan

“In a swamp, as in meditation, you begin to glimpse how elusive, how inherently insubstantial, how fleeting our thoughts are, our identities. There is magic in this moist world, in how the mind lets go, slips into sleepy water, circles and nuzzles the banks of palmetto and wild iris, how it seeps across dreams, smears them into the upright world, rots the wood of treasure chests, welcomes the body home.”
Barbara Hurd, Stirring the Mud: On Swamps, Bogs, and Human Imagination

Israelmore Ayivor
“Two main categories of people are needed in your circle; those who give you the necessary support to accomplish your dreams and those who become beneficiaries of what you achieve.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

“After you hear and listen. First must come desire. Second must come willingness.
Third should come understanding.
Fourth should come progression and with progression will come more understanding.”
Hyrum Yeakley

Linda Joy Myers
“We are all joined in a circle of stories.”
Linda Joy Myers, Journey of Memoir: The Three Stages of Memoir Writing

Dejan Stojanovic
“He awaits himself while walking, out of the icy circle to escape.”
Dejan Stojanovic, Circling: 1978-1987

“Never settle in any circle that is not fully committed to forever walk in the direction of endless opportunities and possibilities.”
Edmond Mbiaka

“Death is nature's way of making things continually interesting. Death is the possibility of change. Every individual gets its allotted lifespan, its chance to try something new on the world. But time is called and the molecules which make up leaf and limb, heart and eye are disassembled and redistributed to other tenants.”
Peter Steinhart, The Company of Wolves

Ziad K. Abdelnour
“The same one who mistreated you will end up needing you.... It is the circle of life.”
Ziad K. Abdelnour

Toba Beta
“The truth is sealed.
Life goes on.
Till one day, history changed...
Like thief in the night,
aliens invade human.
Chaos happens prior to the new order of coexistence.
The truth is sealed.
Life goes on.
Till one day, history changed.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Richie Norton
“If you don't fit in someone's circle, it's because they're afraid you'll become the ring leader.”
Richie Norton

Izey Victoria Odiase
“As your life evolves, so should your circle.”
Izey Victoria Odiase, 99 Quotes and Affirmations For Self-Love & Personal Development

Richie Norton
“If you don’t fit in someone’s circle, it’s because they’re afraid you’ll become the ring leader. Make your own circle.”
Richie Norton

Richie Norton
“Start your own circle.⁣”
Richie Norton

Richie Norton
“Most famous people I know or work with feel alone. They can only name a handful of people they can trust. Don’t think that your circle is too small. Small circles are all we really have.”
Richie Norton

Franz Kafka
“The life of society moves in a circle. Only those burdened with a common affliction understand each other. Thanks to their affliction they constitute a circle and provide each other mutual support. They glide along the inner borders of their circle, make way for or jostle one another gently in the crowd. Each encourages the other in the hope that it will react upon himself, or –and then it is done passionately –in the immediate enjoyment of this reaction. Each has only that experience which his affliction grants him; nevertheless one hears such comrades exchanging immensely varying experiences. ‘This is how you are,’ one says to the other; ‘instead of complaining, thank God that this is how you are, for if this were not how you are, you would have this or that misfortune, this or that shame.’ How does this man know that? After all, he belongs –his statement betrays it –to the same circle as does the one to whom he spoke; he stands in the same need of comfort.”
Franz Kafka, Diaries, 1910-1923

Charles de Lint
“On a quiet day, when the wind was still, the creek could be heard all the way up to where the old beech stood. Under its branches, cats would come to dream and be dreamed. Black cats and calicos, white cats and marmalade ones, too. Sometimes they exchanged gossip or told stories about L'il Pater, the trickster cat. More often they lay in a drowsy circle around the fat trunk of the ancient beech that spread its boughs above them. Then one of them might tell a story of the old and powerful Father of Cats, and though the sun might still be high and the day warm, they would shiver and groom themselves with nervous tongues.

But they hadn't yet gathered on the day the orphan girl fell asleep among the beech's roots, nestling in the weeds and long grass like the gangly, tousle-haired girl she was.

Her name was Lillian Kindred.”
Charles de Lint, The Cats of Tanglewood Forest

Dorothea Lasky
“Endless suffering and circle”
Dorothea Lasky, Rome: Poems

Steven Magee
“Windows 10 scrolling blue circle, why are you so mean to me?”
Steven Magee

Adrienne Posey
“Follow your own circle. See where it takes you.”
Adrienne Posey

“When constantly walking around the same endless circle, you will wind up with same outcome. Leap out of this ring and onto the right path for you. Don't allow others to control your way.”
Christine E. Szymanski

Ruth Ann Oskolkoff
“For Zin, it felt like the center of space and time, in that moment. As if the whole of the universe began and ended here, and there was nothing more central. It was a hallowed moment. Undeniably sacred. There was no individual ego, but rather a united circle. The Grand Entry moved in harmony with the spheres of the heavens. An energetic, circular hoop of energy and prayer in the form of tribal dancers.”
Ruth Ann Oskolkoff, Zin

“Only one number can stake any claim to any special status, and that is zero – the origin – upon which all other numbers depend. It is the perfect balance point of all the other numbers, which is why the monad is the “container” of all other numbers, their source. There it is, slap bang in the middle of the Euler unit circle, controlling all. It’s the SOUL of the circle.”
mike hockney, The God Equation

“What Zeki suggests is that a principle function of art is to reveal the order and constancy which underpins the fast-moving events of life. It enables us to stand back from the rush of incidents to contemplate what T.S. Eliot called ‘the still point of the turning circle’.”
Peter F. Smith, The Dynamics of Delight: Architecture and Aesthetics
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Holly Ringland
“Oggi went to his mother's rose garden and gathered a collection of fallen petals and leaves. When his hands were full he carried them back to Alice and placed them on the dirt around her. Back and forth he went, between the rose garden and Alice, until his circle was complete. He jumped inside it and sat down.
'After my dad died I did this to make myself feel better.' Oggi wrapped his arms around his knees. 'I told myself, anything inside the circle is safe from sadness. I'd make the circle as big or as little as I'd like. Once when Mum wouldn't stop crying I made a circle around the whole house. Except I had to use all of the petals on her roses to do that, and she didn't react the way I thought she would.'
Yellow butterflies fluttered over the roses. As Alice watched their wings, tiny lemon flames, she remembered how they hovered over the sea in summer, basked in the casuarina trees, and tapped against her bedroom window at night.”
Holly Ringland, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

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