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Henry David Thoreau
“I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone. I never found the companion that was so companionable as solitude.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

Israelmore Ayivor
“7 things negative people will do to you. They will...
1. Demean your value;
2. Destroy your image
3. Drive you crazily!
4. Dispose your dreams!
5. Discredit your imagination!
6. Deframe your abilities and
7. Disbelieve your opinions!

Stay away from negative people!”
Israelmore Ayivor

David Levithan
“I wanted to talk to someone. But who? It’s moments like this, when you need someone the most, that your world seems smallest.”
David Levithan, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Dylan Thomas
“I know we're not saints or virgins or lunatics; we know all the lust and lavatory jokes, and most of the dirty people; we can catch buses and count our change and cross the roads and talk real sentences. But our innocence goes awfully deep, and our discreditable secret is that we don't know anything at all, and our horrid inner secret is that we don't care that we don't.”
Dylan Thomas

Israelmore Ayivor
“Yes, a deep lesson from the postage stamp. It attaches itself to a moveable material, the envelope and gets going. A good relationship keeps you going forward; a bad one keeps you static. Attach yourself to someone who is also going forward and you will also get there.”
Israelmore Ayivor

Erica Bauermeister
“We sat in silence, letting the green in the air heal what it could.”
Erica Bauermeister, The Scent Keeper

Israelmore Ayivor
“My dad once said... "Some friends are like "rubber wrappers"; they bind with you safely but get weaker when you stretch them too much". Treat your friends with care, else the elasticity of their love for you may not go lasting!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

Israelmore Ayivor
“Two main categories of people are needed in your circle; those who give you the necessary support to accomplish your dreams and those who become beneficiaries of what you achieve.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

Israelmore Ayivor
“Stay away from people who drive your emotions crazily. Find a better company!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Jeff Mach
“Punching your companions is unhelpful. Go into the forest and practice unarmed combat against a tree.”
Jeff Mach, There and NEVER, EVER BACK AGAIN: A Dark Lord's Diary:

“The King once said to me, 'Harold, you stand above all other men.' I said, 'No, Sire. I want nothing more than to stand shoulder to shoulder with my men. I am nothing without them.”
Elizabeth Alder, The King's Shadow

Israelmore Ayivor
“I suggest to you, late or not late, the moment you have discovered that the mission of someone is to pee on your dreams, keep him away or keep away from him.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Alan Brennert
“marveled at how two souls - two completely different species - could make each other so happy. If you were kind to animals, they repaid that kindness a thousandfold. People disappointed; animals never did.”
Alan Brennert, Daughter of Moloka'i

J.R.R. Tolkien
“You do not understand' said Pippin. 'You must go - and therefore we must too. Merry and I are coming with you. Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon'r throat to save you, if he did not trip over his own feet; but you will need more than one companion in your dangerous adventure.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

Israelmore Ayivor
“Some bad friends are so crafty in such a way that by the time their mission is reveal, they have already executed portions of it.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Israelmore Ayivor
“Your temperament can drive people away from you and then you live a regrettable life”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Israelmore Ayivor
“Better Associations:

If you associate yourself with a change maker,
Your life will by all means become better.
You will wink at challenges and begin to think.
In times of frustrations, you will not sink.

If you miss the way to a great destination,
Just look for those going to that direction.
Mount the shoulders of a giant believer
And you will become a great achiever.
People around you determine your speed.
They will influence the growth of your seed.

People you are around will decide your strength
And also the figure of your success’ length
I trust you want to become a better you.

It matters, what your associates plan to do.
It depends, where your companions want to go.
It relies on what your friends believe and know.

Quit friendships that build you nothing
Choose friends who bring out of you something
One iron sharpens another iron
Go along with great people and ride on.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Israelmore Ayivor
“The rise or fall, success or failure of your dreams is largely dependent on the association you build yourself around.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts

Friedrich Nietzsche
“A light has dawned for me: I need companions, living ones, not dead companions and corpses which I carry with me wherever I wish. But I need living companions who follow me because they want to follow themselves— and who want to go where I want to go.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Israelmore Ayivor
“You will never be able to go to the east if you follow people who are on the way that leads to the west.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Become a Better You

Thomas More
“ are bound to bear yourself as agreeably as you can towards those whom nature or chance or your own choice has made the companions of your life.”
Thomas More, Utopia

M.R.C. Kasasian
“Do you usually dine alone?" I asked.
"No," he said. "I always dine with a book.”
M.R.C. Kasasian, The Mangle Street Murders

Kevin Ansbro
“Good friends are like a winning lottery ticket, wonderful to have but painful to lose.”
Kevin Ansbro, In the Shadow of Time

Sally Gardner
“Una volta, il mio capitano disse che nella vita si incontrano persone che, crediamo, diventeranno nostri compagni di viaggio, ma poi le perdiamo per strada. Altre persone da cui non ci aspettiamo molto, invece, scalano montagne insieme a noi. Il mio capitano concludeva - solo quando il bere lo faceva diventare sentimentale- che è meglio non chiedere al destino che cosa ha in serbo per noi, o dove porta la nostra strada.
«Ti basti stare in viaggio per essere felice» diceva. «Tutte le strade portano a una sola destinazione.»”
Sally Gardner, Tinder

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Every one at some point felt discouraged, it was our faithful companions, who lifted our spirit to find hope again.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Suman Pokhrel
“Out here
are books and magazines-
asleep, carrying the entire world in them,
and standing there
are walls and windows, staring at me,
and leaves of letters here-- about to go melting
quite like the heart itself,
and photographs-- lost in themselves
as if-
they're thinking of someone.”
Suman Pokhrel

Delia Owens
“Without breathing, Kya stared at the floor outside her cell and within a few seconds Sunday Justice stepped into view. His markings were surprisingly stark and soft at the same time. No hesitation this time, he stepped into her cell and walked up to her. She put the plate on the floor and he ate the chicken- pulled the drumstick right onto the floor- then lapped up the gravy. Skipped the butter beans. She smiled through it all, then wiped the floor clean with tissue.
He jumped on her bed, and a sweet sleep wrapped them together.”
Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing

Dorothy Hearst
“The first time you did that,” she said, “I thought you were going to eat me.”
“You were my pack from that day,” I said. “You’re always my pack.”
Dorothy Hearst, Spirit of the Wolves

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