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Alex   Sanchez
“What's unnatural is homophobia. Homo sapiens is the only species in all of nature that responds with hate to homosexuality.”
Alex Sanchez, The God Box

There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And
“There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And no fear either. Because each one exists to make the others’ love more beautiful.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

“In the days when hyenas of hate suckle the babes of men, and jackals of hypocrisy pimp their mothers’ broken hearts, may children not look to demons of ignorance for hope.”
Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

Eastward and westward storms are breaking,--great, ugly whirlwinds of hatred and blood and cruelty. I
“Eastward and westward storms are breaking,--great, ugly whirlwinds of hatred and blood and cruelty. I will not believe them inevitable.”
W.E.B. Du Bois, The Wisdom of W.E.B. Du Bois

There is nothing sane, merciful, heroic, devout, redemptive, wise, holy, loving, peaceful, joyous, righteous, gracious,
“There is nothing sane, merciful, heroic, devout, redemptive, wise, holy, loving, peaceful, joyous, righteous, gracious, remotely spiritual, or worthy of praise where mass murder is concerned. We have been in this world long enough to know that by now and to understand that nonviolent conflict resolution informed by mutual compassion is the far better option.”
Aberjhani, Splendid Literarium: A Treasury of Stories, Aphorisms, Poems, and Essays

Michael Ben Zehabe
“We live in a time when we have a communal duty to receive and broadcast love. We must set aside our repeating arguments and get a handle on our destructive depressions.
pg vi”
Michael Ben Zehabe, Song of Songs The Book for Daughters

“Remember what I told you. If they hated me, they will hate you.”
Sinead O'Conner

Richard Puz
“Why, God? You made man in your own image. Why then do so many lack good sense? And why is that we are so easily drawn to hate and kill each other? Why, God?”
Richard Puz, The Carolinian

“Sentencing enhancements won't get police to investigate crimes they don't take seriously to begin with. They won't stop police from harassing trans women on the street because they assume all trans women are sex workers. They won't have any effect against police officers who believe they won't be held accountable. They won't sway the minds of jurors who think 'I killed her because she was trans' is an adequate excuse. Sentencing enhancements will allow them to dole out harsher punishments against the people they think are more deserving. And we already know that the legal system sees people of color, women, sex workers, immigrants, and the homeless as more deserving of punishment. (Tobi Hill-Meyer of COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere), "Disposable People," November 11, 2008, http://nodesignation.com)”
Kay Whitlock, Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States

Orson Scott Card
“I don't think it has anything to do with truth, Olhado. It's just cause and effect. We never can sort them out. Science refuses to admit any cause except first cause-knock down one domino, the one next to it also falls. But when it comes to human beings, the only type of cause that matters is final cause, the purpose. What a person had in mind. Once you understand what people really want, you can't hate them anymore. You can fear them, but you can't hate them, because you can always find the same desires in your own heart.”
Orson Scott Card, Speaker for the Dead

Andrena Sawyer
“I can't bring myself to watch yet another video, not because I don't care, but because we're all just a few videos away from becoming completely desensitized. The public execution of Black folks will never be normal.”
Andrena Sawyer

Nenia Campbell
“I was cyber-bullied before all those Myspace-related suicides, so my school principal wasn't really impressed when my mom complained about what was happening to me on my Xanga blog and on AIM chat.

“Get your life sorted out, you fucking scitzo [sic] dyke tranny bitch,” one comment might say.

Another comment would say something like, “I know she's reading this, she's so pathetic.”

And, perhaps most frightening of all: “I'm going to fuck you up until your mother bleeds.”
Nenia Campbell, Freaky Freshman

Rashad Harrison
“The sight of a cross on fire should be unsettling to any true Christian. To a Negro it is worse. A unique kind of fear enters your mind, one perfected by the South: that you could die for the most harmless of offenses. You could die just for the crime of living.”
Rashad Harrison, Our Man in the Dark: A Novel

Quentin R. Bufogle
“The Catholic Church standing in "solidarity" with members of the LGBT community while condemning their behavior as "sinful" is a little like attempting to stand with two feet in one shoe. "Love the sinner, hate the sin" sounds really high-minded until you realize the only sin committed was being born different.”
Quentin R. Bufogle

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“They hate you not because of what you have done but because of who you are; you are different from who they are, and you are occupying the ground they want for themselves.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

Jaime Allison Parker
“He had not joined in on the laughter or even on the beating. Violence of any sort horrified him. Nevertheless, he stood by while Mike, their leader, drove a boot down on Joe’s hand. The hideous cracking sound of breaking bones came into his mind and a helpless shudder ran through him. Joe, whose high piercing scream against the autumn skies of indifference, replayed in his memory with shrill agony. Several times, he had shouted: “He’s had enough! Let up on him!” Which earned him looks of contempt from the others. They had left the kid there, screaming in that back alley. He remembered trying to drown those screams out of his mind.”
Jaime Allison Parker, The Delta Highway

DaShanne Stokes
“When we allow violence against some, we enable violence against all.”
DaShanne Stokes

L.M. Browning
“We pass hatred and prejudice on to our children, as though they were heirlooms of humanity. We cling to traditions that keep us bound to a way of life that no longer works and arguably never has.
Those who can glean the wisdom of the old traditions, but put away the ignorance and prejudices interwoven into them by the generations to come before, have always played a vital role in our global community; though their actions are usually met with resistance. We—all of us—must be assured that change can come without loss of identity. There are certain things we can leave along the roadside without becoming less than we are—certain heirlooms that, when let go, free us to move forward into a healthier future.”
L.M. Browning, Seasons of Contemplation: A Book of Midnight Meditations

“FBI statistics showed that Jews were significantly more likely to be targets of hate crimes than Muslims.”
Pamela Geller, FATWA: Hunted in America

Kailin Gow
“Well, bingo, his name popped up in the database on this crime ring’s computer as one of their own. Sloane, Wilma, KazuKen, Celi-hag, BunnyMuff, were all part of the illegal and criminal cyber-bullying ring that used blackmail to extort celebrities and famous authors, musicians, schools like Aunt Sookie Acting Academy for money or they will post lies, false rumors, photo shopped fake photos, and accusations of fake awards, fake credentials on the internet. They did that to Summer and tried to do that with Aunt Sookie, apparently. But as seemingly innocent as they seem, using young girls’ photos as their supposed fake identities, they really were part of a larger crime ring.”, Loving Summer by Kailin Gow”
Kailin Gow, Loving Summer