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Juansen Dizon
“Your mental health is more important than everything.”
Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

Nicole  Lyons
“I have never seen battles quite as terrifyingly beautiful as the ones I fight when my mind splinters and races, to swallow me into my own madness, again.”
Nicole Lyons, Hush

Frank X. Barron
“On the ward there was hurt and pain so big and so deep that speech could not express it. I had been interested in philosophy, and suddenly philosophy came alive for me, for here the basic questions of human existence were not abstractions: they were embodied in human suffering”
Frank X. Barron, Unusual Associates: A Festschrift for Frank Barron

Kara Petrovic
“I have a mind like a sieve,
where sadness sits
and happiness slips”
Kara Petrovic

“When it comes to mental illness most of the diagnoses are similar or the same yet they can never display how we individually go through our pain.”
Stanley Victor Paskavich

Jennifer Givhan
“The balding headstones
of the others—quarantined

from their own mothers & sisters & daughters—
I wondered if they, like us, were strange

alloys of sadness & forgetting
the words to the songs.”
Jennifer Givhan, Landscape with Headless Mama: Poems

Brittany Burgunder
“Recovery doesn't mean putting your life on hold. Recovery means holding on so you can live your best life.”
Brittany Burgunder

“Interestingly, the patients who presented to me self-diagnosed [with Dissociative Identity Disorder had tried to tell previous therapists of their plight, but had been disbelieved. These therapists had used fallacious "capricious criteria" (KIuft, 1988) to discredit the diagnosis; e.g., that the patient could not possibly have MPD because she was aware of the other alters [sic!].”
Richard P. Kluft