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Thich Nhat Hanh
“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.”
Thich Nhat Hanh, Being Peace

Nguyễn Thiên Ngân
“Có những người mình yêu
Nhưng mà không gần được.
Có những người yêu mình
Nhưng mà không ừ được.”
Nguyễn Thiên Ngân

Tim O'Brien
“It was my view then, and still is, that you don't make war without knowing why. Knowledge of course, is always imperfect, but it seemed to me that when a nation goes to war it must have reasonable confidence in the justice and imperative of its cause. You can't fix your mistakes. Once people are dead, you can't make them undead.”
Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried

Lưu Quang Vũ
“Tôi, 24 tuổi, thức dậy chỉ thấy hư vô. Không thể mất mát trong hư vô.
Không người con gái nào để thương yêu
Không có người đàn ông nào để trọng
Không có kẻ thù nào để ác
Không có tội lỗi nào để phạm
Không có cả một nỗi buồn để khóc
Cũng chẳng có chiến lũy nào để chết
Chúng ta làm gì cho hết buổi chiều nay?”
Lưu Quang Vũ

Dalton Trumbo
“If the thing they were fighting for was important enough to die for then it was also important enough for them to be thinking about it in the last minutes of their lives. That stood to reason. Life is awfully important so if you've given it away you'd ought to think with all your mind in the last moments of your life about the thing you traded it for. So did all those kids die thinking of democracy and freedom and liberty and honor and the safety of the home and the stars and stripes forever?

You're goddamn right they didn't.

They died crying in their minds like little babies. They forgot the thing they were fighting for the things they were dying for. They thought about things a man can understand. They died yearning for the face of a friend. They died whimpering for the voice of a mother a father a wife a child They died with their hearts sick for one more look at the place where they were born please god just one more look. They died moaning and sighing for life. They knew what was important They knew that life was everything and they died with screams and sobs. They died with only one thought in their minds and that was I want to live I want to live I want to live.

He ought to know. He was the nearest thing to a dead man on earth.”
Dalton Trumbo, Johnny Got His Gun

Tim O'Brien
“I'm skimming across the surface of my own history, moving fast, riding the melt beneath the blades, doing loops and spins, and when I take a high leap into the dark and come down thirty years later, I realize it is as Tim trying to save Timmy's life with a story.”
Tim O'Brien, The Things They Carried

Karl Marlantes
“He ran as he'd never run before, with neither hope nor despair. He ran because the world was divided into opposites and his side had already been chosen for him, his only choice being whether or not to play his part with heart and courage. He ran because fate had placed him in a position of responsibility and he had accepted the burden. He ran because his self-respect required it. He ran because he loved his friends and this was the only thing he could do to end the madness that was killing and maiming them.”
Karl Marlantes, Matterhorn

Trịnh Công Sơn
“Có những người yêu đã ra đi bỗng một ngày nào đó trở lại. Vì sao? Không vì sao cả. Vì một chọn lựa tưởng rằng đúng cuối cùng sai. Và đã trở lại với một người mình đã phụ bạc để muốn hàn gắn lại một vết thương. Một vết thương đã lành lặn lâu rồi bất chợt vỡ òa như một cơn tỉnh thức. Tỉnh thức trên vết thương. Trên một nỗi đau tưởng đã thuộc về quá khứ. Nhưng không, không có gì thuộc về quá khứ cả. Thời gian trôi đi và vết thương vẫn còn đó. Nó vẫn chờ được thức dậy một lúc nào đó để sống lại như chính bản thân nó là một vết thương.

Nhưng vết thương khi đã được đánh thức thì nó không còn là vết thương cũ vì giờ đây nó là một vết thương tỉnh thức. Một vết thương tỉnh thức là một vết thương biết rõ nó là một vết thương. Nó đã thức dậy và nó nhận ra rằng nó đã được khai sinh trên tâm hồn một con người và đã có một thời gian dài làm đau đớn con người đó. Vết thương tỉnh thức là con mắt sáng ngời. Nó nhìn ngược về quá khứ và ngó thẳng đến tương lai. Nó mách bảo cho chủ nhân nó rằng không có một vết thương nào vô tư mà sinh thành cả. Nó là một nỗi đớn đau như trời đất trở dạ làm thành một cơn giông bão.”
Trịnh Công Sơn

Rick Yancey
You be America, alien invaders, and we'll be Vietnam.
And the Others go, Yeah, okay, right.
Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

Alan Moore
“As I come to understand Vietnam and what it implies about the human condition, I also realize that few humans will permit themselves such an understanding.”
Alan Moore, Watchmen

José Ramos-Horta
“As a Nobel Peace laureate, I, like most people, agonize over the use of force. But when it comes to rescuing an innocent people from tyranny or genocide, I've never questioned the justification for resorting to force. That's why I supported Vietnam's 1978 invasion of Cambodia, which ended Pol Pot's regime, and Tanzania's invasion of Uganda in 1979, to oust Idi Amin. In both cases, those countries acted without U.N. or international approval—and in both cases they were right to do so.”
Jose Ramos-Horta, A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq

Nguyễn Ngọc Thuần
“Ái chà Bố bật cười. Thì ra là vậy. Bố thấy đẹp lắm Nó làm nụ cười của con khác với những đứa bạn. Ðáng lý con phải tự hào vì nó. Mỗi đứa trẻ có một điều kỳ lạ riêng. Có người có một đôi mắt rất kỳ lạ. Có người có một cái mũi kỳ lạ. Có người lại là một ngón tay. Con hãy quan sát đi rồi con sẽ thấy. Con sẽ biết rất nhiều điều bí mật về những người xung quanh mình.”
Nguyễn Ngọc Thuần, Vừa Nhắm Mắt Vừa Mở Cửa Sổ

Andrew X. Pham
“Nobody gives way to anybody. Everyone just angles, points, dives directly toward his destination, pretending it is an all-or-nothing gamble. People glare at one another and fight for maneuvering space. All parties are equally determined to get the right-of-way--insist on it. They swerve away at the last possible moment, giving scant inches to spare. The victor goes forwards, no time for a victory grin, already engaging in another contest of will. Saigon traffic is Vietnamese life, a continuous charade of posturing, bluffing, fast moves, tenacity and surrenders.”
Andrew X. Pham, Catfish and Mandala: A Two-Wheeled Voyage Through the Landscape and Memory of Vietnam

Michael Herr
“for years now there had been no country here but the war.”
Michael Herr, Dispatches

Ann E. Burg
“Maybe the Americans should have brought baseballs instead of bombs.”
Ann E. Burg, All the Broken Pieces

“This country has not seen and probably will never know the true level of sacrifice of our veterans. As a civilian I owe an unpayable debt to all our military. Going forward let’s not send our servicemen and women off to war or conflict zones unless it is overwhelmingly justifiable and on moral high ground. The men of WWII were the greatest generation, perhaps Korea the forgotten, Vietnam the trampled, Cold War unsung and Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan vets underestimated. Every generation has proved itself to be worthy to stand up to the precedent of the greatest generation. Going back to the Revolution American soldiers have been the best in the world. Let’s all take a remembrance for all veterans who served or are serving, peace time or wartime and gone or still with us. 11/11/16 May God Bless America and All Veterans.”
Thomas M Smith

Tom Bissell
“In the emergency of growing up, we all need heroes. But the father I grew up with was no hero to me, not then. He was too wounded in the head, too endlessly and terribly sad. Too funny, too explosive, too confusing. Heroes are uncomplicated. *This* makes them do *that*… But the war does not make sense. War senselessly wounds everyone right down the line. A body bag fits more than just its intended corpse. Take the 58,000 American soldiers lost in Vietnam and multiply by four, five, six—and only then does one begin to realize the damage this war has done… War when necessary, is unspeakable. When unnecessary, it is unforgivable. It is not an occasion for heroism. It is an occasion only for survival and death. To regard war in any other way only guarantees its inevitable reappearance.”
Tom Bissell, The Father of All Things: A Marine, His Son, and the Legacy of Vietnam

Lê Thi Diem Thúy
“If one morning in the Spring, a stranger came and said to me, Your mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, lover, friend, is dead. From a b-52, napalm bombing, search and destroy mission, air attack, Tet offensive, My Lai massacre, failed escape, I would not scream but make of my body a net, a tarp, stretched taut across the sky, the sea, over every village and hamlet. Prepared to catch everything from the sky, shade everything on the ground, rain water and receive you, war, with arms outstretched.”
Lê Thi Diem Thúy

Nguyễn Huy Thiệp
“Trăm năm là ngắn, một ngày dài ghê”
Nguyễn Huy Thiệp, Hạc vừa bay vừa kêu thảng thốt

Michael Herr
“We took space back quickly, expensively, with total panic and close to maximum brutality. Our machine was devastating. And versatile. It could do everything but stop.”
Michael Herr, Dispatches

Tucker Elliot
“I spent half my childhood trying to be like my dad. True for most boys, I think. It turns with adolescence. The last thing I wanted was to be like my dad. It took becoming a man to realize how lucky I’d been. It took a few hard knocks in life to make me realize the only thing my dad had ever wanted or worked for was to give me a chance at being better than him.”
Tucker Elliot, The Rainy Season

James Webb
“If they didn't want to know, they shouldn't have asked.”
James Webb, Fields of Fire

Christopher Hitchens
“So many of the professional foreign policy establishment, and so many of their hangers-on among the lumpen academics and journalists, had become worried by the frenzy and paranoia of the Nixonian Vietnam policy that consensus itself was threatened. Ordinary intra-mural and extra-mural leaking, to such duly constituted bodies as Congress, was getting out of hand. It was Kissinger who inaugurated the second front or home front of the war; illegally wiretapping the telephones even of his own staff and of his journalistic clientele. (I still love to picture the face of Henry Brandon when he found out what his hero had done to his telephone.) This war against the enemy within was the genesis of Watergate; a nexus of high crime and misdemeanour for which Kissinger himself, as Isaacson wittily points out, largely evaded blame by taking to his ‘shuttle’ and staying airborne. Incredibly, he contrived to argue in public with some success that if it were not for democratic distempers like the impeachment process his own selfless, necessary statesmanship would have been easier to carry out. This is true, but not in the way that he got newspapers like Rees-Mogg’s Times to accept.”
Christopher Hitchens

David Halberstam
“Of the things I had not known when I started out, I think the most important was the degree to which the legacy of the McCarthy period still lived. It had been almost seven years since Joe McCarthy had been censured when John Kennedy took office, and most people believed that his hold on Washington was over. ... among the top Democrats, against whom the issue of being soft on Communism might be used, and among the Republicans, who might well use the charge, it was still live ammunition. ...

McCarthyism still lingered ... The real McCarthyism went deeper in the American grain than most people wanted to admit ... The Republicans’ long, arid period out of office [twenty years, ended by the Eisenhower administration], accentuated by Truman’s 1948 defeat of Dewey, had permitted the out-party in its desperation, to accuse the leaders of the governing party of treason. The Democrats, in the wake of the relentless sustained attacks on Truman and Acheson over their policies in Asia, came to believe that they had lost the White House when they lost China. Long after McCarthy himself was gone, the fear of being accused of being soft on Communism lingered among the Democratic leaders. The Republicans had, of course, offered no alternative policy on China (the last thing they had wanted to do was suggest sending American boys to fight for China) and indeed there was no policy to offer, for China was never ours, events there were well outside our control, and our feudal proxies had been swept away by the forces of history. But in the political darkness of the time it had been easy to blame the Democrats for the ebb and flow of history.

The fear generated in those days lasted a long time, and Vietnam was to be something of an instant replay after China. The memory of the fall of China and what it did to the Democrats, was, I think, more bitter for Lyndon Johnson than it was for John Kennedy. Johnson, taking over after Kennedy was murdered and after the Kennedy patched-up advisory commitment had failed, vowed that he was not going to be the President of the United States who lost the Great Society because he lost Saigon. In the end it would take the tragedy of the Vietnam War and the election of Richard Nixon (the only political figure who could probably go to China without being Red-baited by Richard Nixon) to exorcise those demons, and to open the door to China.”
David Halberstam, The Best and the Brightest

Don DeLillo
“Too young for Korea, too old for Vietnam.”
Don DeLillo

Anthony Swofford
“Was your old man in the war?"
"He was in the air force. He built runways."
"The fucking air farce. He ever tell you about it? Did he live?"
"Yes, he lived. He spoke once about Vietnam."
"If he only spoke about it once, he wasn’t lying.”
Anthony Swofford

“Senator Kerry carries shrapnel in his thigh, as distinct from President Bush, who carries two fillings in his teeth from his service in the Alabama National Guard, which seems to be his only time that he showed up.”
John Podesta

“Trouble! Now that’s one commodity we never run short of in Vietnam.”
Michael Zboray, Teenagers War: Vietnam 1969

“When you’re in the boonies and fighting for your own life, you can’t stop and have a good cry because the best friend in your life just checked out of the war and left nothing but emptiness in his place.”
Michael Zboray, Teenagers War: Vietnam 1969

“The only thing war will ever do (and do well), is decrease the world’s population of young men.”
Michael Zboray, Teenagers War: Vietnam 1969

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