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Chelsea M. Cameron
“I had to leave my debit card at home when I went into a bookstore or else I would drain my account.”
Chelsea M. Cameron, My Favorite Mistake

Enkelejd Lamaj
“‎"Based on a true story"? No, thanks. I prefer "based on a true imagination".”
Enkelejd Lamaj

Kris Courtney
“The morning opens, a mist of innocence appears across the countryside that tells each one of us the day is new. That feeling of hope, love and the humble awareness of our duty becomes clear if even for a moment. It is that experience of inspiration that follows us into a small town woken by a cool frost on this Sunday morning and the laughter of children playing.”
Kris Courtney, Norma Jean's Sun

Gregory David Roberts
“It's such a huge arrogance to love someone, and there's too much of it around. There's too much love in this world. Sometimes I think that's what heavens is-- a place where everybody's happy because nobody loves anybody else, ever.”
Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

Kiersten White
“Mmm. Cupcakes.”
Kiersten White, Supernaturally

Toba Beta
“You can't truly understand a fact
by watching its' true story version.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Assaph Mehr
“Never practice magic when you're drunk.”
Assaph Mehr, Murder In-Absentia

Tom Robbins
“[R]ed hair is slow to lay back once it's got its dandruff up, and her bitchy mood required further opportunity to express itself.”
Tom Robbins, Still Life with Woodpecker

Erin Watt
“Then he launches himself at me with a roar, and I let him take his shot. It’s weak, like he is. Like all bullies really are. That’s why they’re bullies. Because they’re insecure idiots who try to make themselves feel better.”
Erin Watt, Broken Prince

Rene Denfeld
“People try to make names for things they don't understand”
Rene Denfeld, The Enchanted

“I know who I am, and I know who you are, and nothing else matters. it's how we live our life.”
Tal McThenia, A Case for Solomon: Bobby Dunbar and the Kidnapping That Haunted a Nation

Alfred Nestor
“Many Germans nowadays say they were not Nazi, and many were not, but they were nearly ALL Party members. It was safer ... and if you were not, you could end up in a ‘camp’ for retraining ... so they mostly all paid ‘lip service’ to the Nazi Party.”
Alfred Nestor, Uncle Hitler: A Child's Traumatic Journey Through Nazi Hell to the Safety of Britain

Margi Preus
“Different versions of a true story”
Margi Preus

Delilah S. Dawson
“The last nice young man I’d met had nearly broken me. I wasn’t ready to be tied down again. And I wasn’t ready to share what was left of myself yet, either.”
Delilah S. Dawson

“By today’s standards, if you go by the early morning TV misery shows, my broken home family of mixed parentage siblings was quite normal.”
Hailey Giblin, Hailey's Story

Katarina Jovic
“If I had two breaths left inme, one first one I would use to tell you I miss you, and the second that I love you.”
Katarina Jovic, Howling at the Stars

“Nobody but you have to believe in your dreams to make them a reality.”
Germany Kent
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Todd Strasser
“It condemned The Wave as a dangerous and mindless movement that suppressed freedom of speech and thought and ran against everything the country was founded on.”
Todd Strasser

Todd Strasser
“Was it the weakness of a man that made him want to ignore the darker side of his fellow human beings?”
Todd Strasser

“My Life story:Pleasure Pain and Prison Part-1 and 2 was mostly written during my years of incarceration. Writing my life story in it's realist form, helped heal, and strengthen me to endure the pain that I needed to overcome. Some people may relate, and some may not; but this was my life. I am a proud survivor, baby. Hope you enjoy. Read Free for 3 days on kindle. 2-14-2017 thru 2-17-2017”
Wanda Lynn McRoyal, Pleasure Pain and Prison: My Life

Kris Courtney
“I recount as this journey begins where I rest to gather the tale from this
same old house resting on the hill, leaving me a view of a carnival once seen from just across the tracks. My pallet is dry now. The colors I see no more. The rain has washed away many of the signs that once stood for a prosper
home and family. My grave is waiting. The dreams once filled my head with
images of world unison, hope and companionship for all. The saga spoken
through my canvas drew darker as the years went on to the bitter cold nights.
All that comes to me now are glimpses of faces that graced my soul.”
Kris Courtney, Norma Jean's Sun

Chuck Palahniuk
“La felicità non ci lascia cicatrici da mostrare. Dalla quiete impariamo così poco.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

Moonshine Noire
“The worst stories usually make you think: 'but nobody had to die'.
These are called true stories.”
Moonshine Noire

Madeleine Black
“We are not defined by what knocks us down - we are defined by how we get back up”
Madeleine Black, Unbroken: One Woman's Journey to Rebuild a Life Shattered by Violence. A True Story of Survival and Hope

Apoorva Mittal
“A garden with a variety of flowers beats a garden with one hundred flowers of the same type. Differences in society present an opportunity to learn and grow. How boring would it be if everyone believed and did the same thing?”
Apoorva Mittal, Refugee Changemakers : From displaced to indispensable

Jeanhee Kang
“He knew yours and my name before we were ever born.”
Jeanhee Kang

Julie Coons
“Take life as it happens, but make it happen the way you want to take it.”
Julie Coons, This Does Not Leave This House

Louisa Deasey
“Like a book on a shelf I'd waited years to open, Paris had always been waiting for me...”
Louisa Deasey, A Letter from Paris: a true story of hidden art, lost romance, and family reclaimed

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“„Nu merge pe drumul bătătorit. În schimb, mergi pe acolo pe unde nu s-a mai călcat și lasă o urmă.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Madeleine Black
“We are not defined by what knocks us down - we are defined by how e get back up”
Madeleine Black, Unbroken: One Woman's Journey to Rebuild a Life Shattered by Violence. A True Story of Survival and Hope

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