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Mahatma Gandhi
“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice which does not live by secrecy.”
Joseph Pulitzer

Shannon L. Alder
“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”
Shannon L. Alder

Vera Nazarian
“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

“Courage is being the only only one who knows how terrified you are.”
Tom Clancy, Red Rabbit

“No hemming or hawing, no hinting or manipulation, no sledgehammer–subtlety may hold us back from claiming a climate of transparency and capturing an untainted and luminescent skyline, when the boldness of the truth is coming defiantly to the fore. ("Did not expect it would ever happen there" )”
Erik Pevernagie

William O. Douglas
“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”
William O Douglas

Rhachelle Nicol'
“I show my scars so that others know they can heal.”
Rhachelle Nicol', Sunday Mourning

Kamand Kojouri
“You have to be transparent
so you no longer cast a shadow
but instead let the light pass through you.”
Kamand Kojouri

David Kinnaman
“The motivation of transparency is important. The culture teaches people to be candid and blunt, but this usually revolves around self-centeredness – you have a right to express your true feelings and your rage. This is an entitlement. Instead, the Christian way to approach transparency is to realize out candidness should be motivated by a desire to have a pure heart before God and others.”
David Kinnaman, unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity... and Why It Matters

Holly Schindler
“When he looks back at me, his eyes travel around my face the way fingers dart through the bottom of a drawer, searching for batteries in a blackout.”
Holly Schindler, Playing Hurt

“There’s no going back, and there’s no hiding the information. So let everyone have it.”
Andrew Kantor

Toba Beta
“Total transparency risks country's stability.”
Toba Beta, Betelgeuse Incident: Insiden Bait Al-Jauza

Munia Khan
“Despite its dark veins, the transparency of dragonfly’s wings assures me of a pure, innocent world”
Munia Khan

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“To be found is to be exposed. No wonder so many of us are still lost.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“If you remove Al Sharpton’s blackness, he disappears. He’s transparent. There’s nothing there because he bases his whole life on his blackness. Me, I’m a black man; but my blackness has submission to my Christianity.”
Ken Hutcherson

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“Give it air & let the scar on your soul reveal itself, because, like the body, it too was made to heal itself.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Delora Argiro O'Brien
“It is in the deconstruction of ourselves that we begin to build our lives.”
Delora Argiro OBrien

Penney Peirce
“We live in a culture of secrecy, where hiding and lying are accepted as natural, even though we don’t like it. We want honesty, transparency, and authenticity in our loved ones, our groups and organizations, and in our own self so we can reach the heights of our capacity. By clinging to the opaque reality we stall our evolution.”
Penney Peirce, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

“Telling the difference between transparent and invisible is an acquired skill. Until you've practiced, you can't make the choice between looking through and looking at.”
David Whiteland, Book of Pages

“There are some who do not have the ability to hide. For our hearts will not fit under a rock.”
Tom Althouse

Louis Yako
“I had become irritated about my first language, my second language, my third language, and all the languages I speak. Words increasingly don’t mean what they are supposed to mean in all these languages. Languages are increasingly becoming tools for disguising ideas and reality rather than disclosing them. It suddenly crossed my mind that perhaps one day I will be forced to put every single word I write inside quotation marks. Nothing means what it’s supposed to mean. I dreamt of a world in which everyone means what they say and say what they mean.”
Louis Yako, Bullets in Envelopes: Iraqi Academics in Exile

“Nakedness, ultimate transparency, is also the best disguise.”
Marty Rubin

Aisha Tritle
“Don't mistake my lack of transparency for lack of trust.”
Aisha Tritle, Life2

Curtis Tyrone Jones
“As you get comfortable revealing who you are, you help others stop fearing and concealing the magical feelings of who they are.”
Curtis Tyrone Jones

Dan Kovalik
“As the Washington Post reported in March of 2016, US elections ranked dead last among Western democracies. And, this is not because of Russia or Vladimir Putin. Rather, as the piece explained, it is because of the faulty, non-standardized election processes across the country...”
Dan Kovalik, The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Putin

Loren Weisman
“Consider standing out by being transparent, authentic and professional with a clear message of what you expect from your clients and customers when it comes to the services that require work from them.”
Loren Weisman

“The modernists tried to occupy multiple places within a single, indivisible moment, making it possible to take multiple positions simultaneously, so that reality took on greater transparency.”
Christoph Grafe, Oase 70: Architecture and Literature

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