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bell hooks
“Getting in touch with the lovelessness within and letting that lovelessness speak its pain is one way to begin again on love's journey. In relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual, the partner who is hurting often finds that their mate is unwilling to 'hear' the pain. Women often tell me that they feel emotionally beaten down when their partners refuse to listen or talk. When women communicate from a place of pain, it is often characterized as 'nagging.' Sometimes women hear repeatedly that their partners are 'sick of listening to this shit.' Both cases undermine self-esteem. Those of us who were wounded in childhood often were shamed and humiliated when we expressed hurt. It is emotionally devastating when the partners we have chosen will not listen. Usually, partners who are unable to respond compassionately when hearing us speak our pain, whether they understand it or not, are unable to listen because that expressed hurt triggers their own feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Many men never want to feel helpless or vulnerable. They will, at times, choose to silence a partner with violence rather than witness emotional vulnerability. When a couple can identify this dynamic, they can work on the issue of caring, listening to each other's pain by engaging in short conversations at appropriate times (i.e., it's useless to try and speak your pain to someone who is bone weary, irritable, reoccupied, etc.). Setting a time when both individuals come together to engage in compassionate listening enhances communication and connection. When we are committed to doing the work of love we listen even when it hurts.”
bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions

Toni Bernhard
“People can be at their most vulnerable, but still tenacious at the same time.”
Toni Bernhard

Dave Rudbarg
“The journey of reinvention is one of raw emotions
Emerging from dormancy
Surprising as a paper cut
Overwhelming as a hailstorm
One part vulnerability
One part rage
One part surrender
And finding a new Self
Dave Rudbarg

John Mark Green
“Opening to love will always involve risk,but a heart safe from pain is one also locked to joy.”
John Mark Green

Jacent Mary Mpalyenkana
“Even when we feel weak and vulnerable, we have to remember that pure vulnerability eventually manifests into authenticity”
Jacent Mary Mpalyenkana

Kristin Michelle Elizabeth
“Vulnerability isn’t weakness. It's strength. Love that kooky, growing person you are and accept him/her.”
Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

“Over the years, I’ve come to realize that vulnerability can be a great asset.”
Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life

“An artist is vulnerable and their craft truthful when he/she resists the desire to meddle with the wholesome expression of the soul”
Val Uchendu

“Great moments are full of naked vulnerability, words merely reflect a primal or instinctual footprints that leaves trails of dust for those brave enough to follow”
Val Uchendu

“Exposing your vulnerable soul is not weakness.
The strong expresses their weakness and shows their need and actions to gain strength.”
Eveth Colley

Gina Greenlee
“Often, the key to getting what we need is simply to let it in.”
Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

Natalie Brenner
“Wholeness is birthed through vulnerability and sensitivity, which is often conceived in brokenness. Jesus taught me this.”
Natalie Brenner, This Undeserved Life: Uncovering The Gifts of Grief and The Fullness of Life

Gina Greenlee
“People across the earth are aching to serve as your ambassadors in one form or another. Let them.”
Gina Greenlee

Drishti Bablani
“Sometimes seemingly small things may affect someone in a big way !
We all are different - our journeys, our vulnerabilities are unique.
Be gentle while walking in other's life.”
Drishti Bablani

Julieanne O'Connor
“Some say, "Be Strong." I say, "Surrender to your vulnerability and therein lies your strength.”
Julieanne O'Connor

“The strength you seek to survive grief’s demands is not found in resistance but within the tenderness of your loving heart.”
Lisa Irish, Grieving---The Sacred Art: Hope in the Land of Loss

“Each time we say yes to our fears and vulnerabilities, we move closer to our hopes and strengths.”
Lisa Irish, Grieving---The Sacred Art: Hope in the Land of Loss

“The craft of acting dismantles the realms of private personal space and shows human nature for what it truly is; simple and fragile”
Val Uchendu