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John Mark Green
“Strangely incurious, her lovers from before. She has worlds within I'm longing to explore.”
John Mark Green

“I was starting to fall for him,
He didn't say it but the way
He looked at me,
Told me he felt the same.”
Nikki Rowe

Maureen  Brady
“Denial protected us, screening out certain experiences & feelings until we grew strong enough to relate to them...Yet it also dropped a curtain over our experience, obscuring it, leaving us with a sense of missing pieces. For instance, when we achieved something, we felt like an imposter. Or, though we had a relationship with a significant other, we often felt alone and unrelated to anyone.”
Maureen Brady, Beyond Survival: A Writing Journey for Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

Tracie Sage
“Each bump or challenge in our intimate connections offers us a perfect opportunity to deepen our level of intimacy, while allowing us to grow and evolve both individually and together.”
Tracie Sage, The Missing Manual to Love, Marriage and Intimacy: A Proactive Path to Happily Ever After

Sheila Wray Gregoire
“Intimacy is about sharing something with your spouse that you don’t share with anybody else. It’s letting him in. It’s laughing together. And it’s also feeling that deep hunger for each other!”
Sheila Wray Gregoire, Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage: Because a Great Relationship Doesn't Happen by Accident

Gina Greenlee
“Sharing our story is one way we create intimacy. And like a good novel, it’s more engaging – and lasting – when we allow it to gradually unfold.”
Gina Greenlee, Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

“So many people are tired of a shallow life and mediocre relationships. They want to know if there is more. They're asking: is this all there is to life... and love? No way! I want more... more intimacy... more passion... more desire. I want to feel alive in my own skin. I want to go deeper. What they are really asking for without knowing it is more sensuality. Why? Well, because life without sensuality has no depth. It's dull, boring and depressing.”
Lebo Grand, Sensual Lifestyle

Drishti Bablani
“Intimacy calls for listening and speaking both.
Listening to a person’s changing emotions and speaking about your own emotions.
Intimacy flourishes by knowing and being known.”
Drishti Bablani

Cristen Rodgers
“Oh sure, I appreciate physical beauty too. I can get excited about the primped and pruned outer shell; I can swoon over bright feathers, striking poses, and perfected prose as much as the next person. But in truth, I much prefer indulging my ethereal sense to those lesser ones – that inner sense that picks up on a deeper and far more exhilarating kind of beauty. That kind of beauty that presents itself slowly, slipping out one layer, one moment, one expression at a time as you really get to know someone. That’s what really gets me going. That’s the only kind that truly satisfies me – the kind of beauty that shines from within. The kind that speaks, not to the eyes, but that reflects back to them after first touching the heart.”
Cristen Rodgers