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Valentina Quarta
“Mother nature doesn’t complain
about compost and excrements
it turns them into flowers”
Valentina Quarta, The Purpose Ladder

“Through the trials of life, we are tempered and molded, forged into the strong and resilient beings we were meant to be. It is not the easy path that shapes us, but the difficult one, with its twists and turns, its hardships and suffering. But if we can accept and embrace these challenges as a part of our destiny, we will find the inner strength and wisdom to overcome them and emerge even more beautiful and radiant than before.”
Sambou Lamine Diaby

Dele Ola
“A landscape where great achievements are made is not a level field. It is a landscape full of obstacles and barriers”
Dele Ola, Pursuit of Personal Leadership: Practical Principles of Personal Achievement

Germany Kent
“You don't know the background story of resilience, struggles and strength of beautiful and outgoing women. All you see is what is showcased.”
Germany Kent

Germany Kent
“If you're reading this for direction in a struggle, understand that all of the hurt and disappointments are leading to something. You must learn something during this season to become more resilient and tenacious. Trust the process.”
Germany Kent

Kimberly Anne Bell
“My resilience overflowed and I found determination, empowerment, and love for myself.”
Kimberly Anne Bell, The Epitome of Kimmy: Accept & Embrace It All

“Disappointment is a wave,
that I can respond to in different ways.
I have a choice.
I can focus on what I can control,
instead of what I cannot control.”
Lauren Martin, Disappointment is a Wave

“Disappointment is a wave
that can knock me down,
or lead me somewhere new,
depending on what I do with it.
Instead of trying to change what is happening,
I change the way I respond to it. 
I can let the wave crash on me,
or go with the flow and enjoy the ride.”
Lauren Martin

“How can you focus on what you can control instead of what you cannot control to make the best of every situation?”
Lauren Martin, Disappointment is a Wave

Janet Autherine
“Bravery is a single act of courage and it doesn’t tell the full story. Courage powers us from deep inside.
It wills us to shake off the disappointment, push on through, blaze a new trail.”
Janet Autherine, The Heart and Soul of Black Women: Poems of Love, Struggle and Resilience

Ulonda Faye
“Here for Love

As is water, so is life. The waves may test our strength as the ocean currents too may test our balance. The little splashes of wet sand may test our inner humor.
Let it test you
Stay the course
Being grounded is purely a state of mind, connection helps.

Stay connected to all that nurtures your Soul, and release into the mystical stormy waters all that has served its place.
We are here to love and be love, and absolutely nothing less.
Go ahead and walk into the waters knowing that the only certainty in life is in miracles.

We are a miracle.”
Ulonda Faye, Sutras of the Heart: Spiritual Poetry to Nourish the Soul

Amit Ray
“The beauty of a resilient spirit is that it shines brightest in the face of adversity.”
Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

“The path to success is not a walk in the park, but a climb up the mountain. It's up to us to keep pushing higher.”
Jeff Ocaya

“The journey to success is not about avoiding rough seas, but about learning to surf through the waves.”
Jeff Ocaya

“When the winds of change blow, it's up to us to adjust our sails and keep moving forward.”
Jeff Ocaya

“Grief, I’d only begun to learn, can be so startling in the morning, it feels like an ambush.”
Cara Sapida

Keisha Blair
“Too often we conventionally define success in economic terms. But there is so much more to a beautiful and successful life—especially when it comes to facing and overcoming major obstacles”
Keisha Blair

Carlos Wallace
“Strength is not just a word; it's a testament to the resilience within us. To all the survivors out there, your courage lights up the darkest paths. Each step you take, each breath you conquer, is a victory that speaks volumes. Your journey inspires us all to rise, heal, and thrive. Remember, your story isn't just about what you've been through; it's about the incredible person you've become.”
Carlos Wallace

Carlos Wallace
“When I think about the battles I've faced, the obstacles I've overcome, and the trials that have tested my spirit, I realize that the source of strength was never external. It was always within me. (I Am A Survivor speech August 12, 2023)”
Carlos Wallace

Carlos Wallace
“Turning wounds into wisdom, scars into strength. Your journey as a survivor is a source of empowerment for us all. Your courage lights the way for others to find their own resilience. Keep being the incredible soul you are!”
Carlos Wallace

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