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Christopher Hitchens
MT [Mother Teresa] was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction.”
Christopher Hitchens

Kristi Bowman
“The more we see ourselves as a vibrant, successful, inspiring person who boldly declares and manifests her vision, the more we become just that.”
Kristi Bowman

Shahla Khan
“Every woman in this world wears a little sparkle, some in their dress, and some in their eyes.”
Shahla Khan, I Want Back My Sparkle!: Breaking the Global Chains of Gender Slavery.

Nina George
“I don't know why we women believe that sacrificing our desires makes us more attractive to men. What on earth are we thinking? That someone who goes without her wishes deserves to be loved more than she who follows her dreams?”
Nina George, The Little French Bistro

Dana Arcuri
“Being stuck serves a spiritual purpose. It's a bountiful harvest for transformation to occur. It tells us that a change is needed. More than any type of outward change, what's really being asked of us is an inner change. It could be a change of heart, change of priorities, a change of beliefs, or even a change of perspective.”
Dana Arcuri, Reinventing You: Simple Steps to Transform Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Shannon L. Alder
“Dear my strong girls, you will all go through that phase of life making a mistake of helping a toxic girl whose friendship with you turns into her self-interest. This kind of girls is a real burden towards the empowerment of other females as they can never get past their own insecurity and grow out of high-school-like drama. Despite how advanced we are in educating modern women, this type will still go through life living in identity crisis, endlessly looking for providers of any kind at the end of the day. They can never stand up for others or things that matter because they can't stand up for themselves. They care what everyone thinks only doing things to impress men, friends, strangers, everyone in society except themselves, while at the same time can't stand seeing other women with purpose get what those women want in life. But let me tell you, this is nothing new, let them compete and compare with you as much as they wish, be it your career, love or spirit. You know who you are and you will know who your true girls are by weeding out girls that break our girlie code of honor, but do me a favor by losing this type of people for good. Remind yourself to never waste time with a person who likes to betray others' trust, never. Disloyalty is a trait that can't be cured. Bless yourself that you see a person's true colors sooner than later. With love, your mama. XOXO”
Shannon L. Alder

Caroline George
“Men tend to treat women as fragile creatures, but our bodies were built to withstand pain and hard work, think with profound insight. We were created to do what men can’t. And if that isn’t reason enough for us to be treated equal, I’m not sure what is.”
Caroline George, The Vestige

Kailin Gow
“Feminism is about women having choices and living the life they choose, not about hating men. Many feminists, like me, love and marry men because we choose to embrace being a woman completely and whole-heartedly. - STRONG: Powerful Philosophy for Timeless Thoughts by Kailin Gow.”
Kailin Gow

Christine de Pizan
“Speak gently but look out for your rights.”
Christine de Pizan, The Selected Writings

“Like seeds planted in the depths of our souls, our dreams are at the center of who we really are. Our mission and our right is to nurture them and to allow them to grow. To follow your dreams takes courage, action, persistence, time and patience, but most of all, you must first believe in them. Believing in your dreams means that you trust your aspirations exist for a reason and the reason is your calling. Believing in your dreams means that you hold true that everything is possible and you can manifest the life and experiences you desire.

We know that dreaming is a form of planning. We know that everything we enjoy and appreciate around us – every advancement and contribution to society – developed from the commitment, perseverance, and belief in our dreams.”
Melia Keeton-Digby, The Heroines Club: A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle

“She has a fiery soul that cannot be tamed.

She has free spirit that cannot be maimed.

She moves with the wind and flows with the river.

She howls at the moon and smiles at the sun.

Just when you think she is finished, she declares, “I’ve just begun.”

Like wild flowers, she grows where she decides to push through fallow ground.

Like wild fires, she spreads with speed that can’t be drowned.

She has mystery in her blood, magic in her touch and regardless of her frame

she can be too much-wild woman.

She is not predictable, controllable nor the people pleasing kind.

That’s why she is called wild woman and can never be defined.”
Mishi McCoy

Akosua Dardaine Edwards
“Tools of empowerment - heartset and mindset.”
Akosua Dardaine Edwards, Nyabo (Madam) - Why Are You Here?: The Truth about Living in Service, Love, and Personal Power

Stalina Goodwin
“Somewhere someone else’s break-through is hinging on you simply knowing that you matter. So please, remind yourself of this truth every single day.”
Stalina Goodwin, Dear Beautiful: 31 Days of Affirmations for Women

“I believe in women helping each other feel good about themselves instead of trying to compete.”
Hopal Green

Debra Fox
“If you don't have the courage to confront, you don't have the right to complain.
Don't wait until anger gives you the courage!”
Debra Fox, Finding Your Moxie: Myths and Lies Successful Women Kick to the Curb

H.L. Balcomb
“Surround yourself with what matters.”
H.L. Balcomb, Cinderella In Focus: "Curiosity is the doorway to our personal possibility!" 2nd Edition coming Feb. 4 , 2018

Marianne Williamson
“Love as much as you can from wherever you are.”
Marianne Williamson

Stalina Goodwin
“Other people will not always see our worth the way we wish they would. Sometimes our own loved ones won’t be able to compute our true value. That doesn’t mean you are of less value or worth. It means that they’re unable to see you for the amazing wonder that you are and that’s their loss.”
Stalina Goodwin, Dear Beautiful: 31 Days of Affirmations for Women

Stalina Goodwin
“You must remember that you were made so that the world might be graced with a brilliance that only YOU can display.”
Stalina Goodwin, Dear Beautiful: 31 Days of Affirmations for Women

Stalina Goodwin
“Don’t allow anyone to shame you with your life story. Walk in your truth knowing that you are the better because of it. It is because of all the things you've been through that you are able to be who you are today.”
Stalina Goodwin, Dear Beautiful: 31 Days of Affirmations for Women

Stalina Goodwin
“You will trip up and fall sometimes. It doesn't take away from how great you are. You will not always say the right thing. It doesn't revoke the light within you.”
Stalina Goodwin, Dear Beautiful: 31 Days of Affirmations for Women

Stalina Goodwin
“The truth is that you may mess up a bit. Don’t panic. Relax and remember to give your best and let the chips fall where they may.”
Stalina Goodwin

“Don’t wait for someone else’s magic. Pick up your own wand and start waving it around.”
Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Don't wait for someone else's magic. Pick up your own want and start waving it around.”
Buffy Stainte-Marie

Matt K. Turner
“She would use her sexuality, but she would make it hers. She would use her beauty not to appeal to their desire, but to strike fear in the hearts of men.”
Matt K. Turner, GENESIS

F. Scott Fitzgerald
“Una mujer debe ser capaz de besar a un hombre hermosa y románticamente sin experimentar por ello el menor deseo de ser su esposa o su amante.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Stephanie Lahart
“There’s No Denying It. It’s a great feeling when others believe in you. But today, I want to encourage you to believe in yourself, no matter what! Always believe in yourself, wholeheartedly. No matter what people may say or think, if YOU believe in your capabilities to do something, DO IT. Allow your passion to motivate you every step of your journey. Allow your passion to give you strength when doubt tries to set in. Stay true to yourself and do it how YOU see it! And remember: It’s okay to be different! Be uniquely YOU.”
Stephanie Lahart

Jeanne McElvaney
“For many years, I have felt at the fingertips of redefining my days. I was just around the corner of convincing myself a change was not only necessary but would be valuable to all.”
Jeanne McElvaney, Time Slipping

Valerie Solanas
“Solamente las mujeres que confían plenamente en sí mismas, las arrogantes, las extrovertidas, las orgullosas, las poseedoras de mentes rigurosas, son capaces de mantener una conversación intensa, audaz, ingeniosa.”
Valerie Solanas, SCUM Manifesto

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