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Orson Scott Card
“I will never hurt you.
I will always help you.
If you are hungry
Ill give you my food.
If you are frightened
I am your friend.
I love you now.
And love does not end.”
Orson Scott Card, Songmaster

Sanober  Khan
“in the afterglow
of an evening rain

i lay down
in the grass
and think of you

my body aches
like an after-kiss

breaking in soft fires
and wildflowers

my dear,
i will always be
this tender for you.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Bayard Taylor
“The bravest are the most tender; the loving are the daring.”
Bayard Taylor

Sanober  Khan
“i'm glad to be alive
in a world where
his gently awakening eyes
nourish the morning sun.”
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

Sanober  Khan
wounds me
with soft pillows
with tender lips
and fingers”
Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Kahlil Gibran
“That deepest thing, that recognition, that knowledge, that sense of kinship began the first time I saw you,and it is the same now - only a thousand times deeper and tenderer. I shall love you to eternity. I loved you long before we met in this flesh. I knew that when I first saw you. It was destiny. We are together like this and nothing can shake us apart.”
Kahlil Gibran

“Let’s not wait until the light fades into irreparable loss, but let’s stay in the loop and pursue the momentous flow of daily little wonders, since life kindly tenders us gorgeous bouquets of sparkling colors, telling signs and rousing episodes. (“Côté cour…Côté jardin”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Sanober  Khan
“And stay, my dear
forever, as my quiet song,
in my lilac dawn.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Sanober  Khan
“I have woken up…quite sloshed
from night-mingled rains
a little drugged, by mountain fogs
I have been kidnapped
for years....by a mere kiss.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Meg Wolitzer
“People like to warn you that by the time you reach the middle of your life, passion will begin to feel like a meal eaten long ago, which you remember with great tenderness.”
Meg Wolitzer, The Uncoupling

“I am metaphysical being, mystical and emotional, skeptical and cynical, happy and boisterous, loud and bawdy, quiet and melancholy, tender and cruel, full of mirth and despair. Inherent inconsistences mark me as part of nature, which is neither cruel nor fair, or reliable or predictable.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Marie Rutkoski
“A lover? Maybe. Something tender, anyway. But tender like a bruise.”
Marie Rutkoski, The Winner's Kiss

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Love knows no barriers, no distance.
It makes you dance as if in a trance,
And catches you up when you are down.
It makes you draw a smile from a frown,
And embarks you in a river when you fall,
And most of its grace, it embraces us all!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, Pierrot & Columbine

James Salter
“He was the friend of my life. You know, you only have one friend like that; there can't be two.”
James Salter, Light Years

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Well, there would be no sound
if we shout on the background.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, The Tao of Physical and Spiritual

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Treat me well and I will tell...
Treat me bad and I feel sad.
Treat me good, change my mood.
Treat me sweet and call it quits!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, Pierrot & Columbine

“oh, the heartbreakingly beautiful
tender weight of being human.”
AVA., you are safe here.

Ibi Zoboi
“If hot red is for anger and rage, pink is the color of a soft burning – hot enough to light up the dark corners of sadness and grief, but cool enough to be tender, innocent, open.”
Ibi Zoboi, American Street

Alfred Hayes
“I made spasmodic efforts to work, assuring myself that once I began working I would forget her. The difficulty was in beginning. There was a feeling of weakness, a sort of powerlessness now, as though I were about to be ill but was never quite ill enough, as though I were about to come down with something I did not quite come down with. It seemed to me that for the first time in my life I had been in love, and had lost, because of the grudgingness of my heart, the possibility of having what, too late, I now thought I wanted. What was it that all my life I had so carefully guarded myself against? What was it that I had felt so threatened me? My suffering, which seemed to me to be a strict consequence of having guarded myself so long, appeared to me as a kind of punishment, and this moment, which I was now enduring, as something which had been delayed for half a lifetime. I was experincing, apparently, an obscure crisis of some kind. My world acquired a tendency to crumble as easily as a soda cracker. I found myself horribly susceptible to small animals, ribbons in the hair of little girls, songs played late at night over lonely radios. It became particularly dangerous for me to go near movies in which crippled girls were healed by the unselfish love of impoverished bellhops. I had become excessively tender to all the more obvious evidences of the frailness of existence; I was capable of dissolving at the least kind word, and self-pity, in inexhaustible doses, lay close to my outraged surface. I moved painfully, an ambulatory case, mysteriously injured.”
Alfred Hayes, In Love

“The rain is a herald of love and tenderness. And rain that falls in the night intoxicates us in myriad feelings of sublimity. We then get swept along in the downpour of tender and sensitive feelings...”
Avijeet Das

J.K. Rowling
“Pero desde ese momento, Hermione Granger se convirtió en su amiga. Hay algunas cosas que uno no puede compartir sin terminar unido, y derrumbar un trol de tres metros y medio era una de esas cosas”
J.K. Rowling

André Aciman
“Looking at him now from the balustrade, I felt something so tender for him that it reminded me how eagerly I had rushed to B. to catch him before he'd even made it into the post office. This was the best person I'd ever known in my life. I had chosen him well.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

“Your gracefulness and feminine charms always so tender, you make my heart smile and wonder!”
Avijeet Das

“Returning to bed, Rachel strokes Zachariah's black curls as he drifts into sleep and appreciates the shape and fractal geometry there, the self-similarity and infinity of scale. She breathes in at his scalp, then presses her ear to his, listening for the clamour of voices within, to the long line of fighting men who made him, his head a seashell. There is a template for the fighting man. Rachel listens across three times nine countries, as the fairy-tale saying goes, across three times nine countries in the thirtieth tsardom . . .”
Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Although life is hard in pace
Lose not thy calm and grace.
If thee are not tender
Vow not to surrender
Eternity lies right before thy face.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic

“Old soul in a tender body is like chilly espresso in a hot cup”
Farid F. Ibrahim

“No Goodbye'

The floods of tears,
Flow for thee,
As I remember how it used to be.
Your gentle touch,
Your tender caress,
Your scented perfume,
Your tender kiss.
But things do change,
In the blink of an eye,
An errant driver,
No goodbyes.
All I remember,
Is how it was,
Before that fatal night,
When all was lost.

"I love you.”
Anthony T. Hincks

André Aciman
“And yet, out of the blue, a tender moment would erupt so suddenly between us that the words I longed to tell him would almost slip out of my mouth.”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

“The rain always reminds me of our kisses: soft, tender, and sublime!”
Avijeet Das

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