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Sanober  Khan
“in a world
full of
temporary things

you are
a perpetual
Sanober Khan

Ernest Hemingway
“If my Valentine you won't be,
I'll hang myself on your Christmas tree.”
Ernest Hemingway, 88 Poems

“What a lover’s heart knows let no man’s brain dispute.”
Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

“This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls.”
Aberjhani, Elemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

“Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace.”
Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

“Most people are slow to champion love because they fear the transformation it brings into their lives. And make no mistake about it: love does take over and transform the schemes and operations of our egos in a very mighty way.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

“If I say your voice is an amber waterfall in which I yearn to burn each day, if you eat my mouth like a mystical rose with powers of healing and damnation, If I confess that your body is the only civilization I long to experience… would it mean that we are close to knowing something about love?”
Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

Sanober  Khan
“in the afterglow
of an evening rain

i lay down
in the grass
and think of you

my body aches
like an after-kiss

breaking in soft fires
and wildflowers

my dear,
i will always be
this tender for you.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

“This is what our love is––a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images, thoughts, smells, and sounds.”
Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

Ted Kooser
“Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday.”
Ted Kooser

Ana Claudia Antunes
“True love is like little roses,
sweet, fragrant in small doses.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, Pierrot & Columbine

Joan Bauer
“It was February sixth: eight days until Valentine's Day. I was dateless, as usual, deep in the vice grip of unrequited love. It was bad enough not having a boyfriend for New Year's Eve. Now I had to cope with Valentine datelessness, feeling consummate social pressure from every retailer in America who stuck hearts and cupids in their windows by January second to rub it in.”
Joan Bauer, Thwonk

Lisa Greenwald
“Today's Valentine's Day. There's a whole day devoted solely to love. Does that make any sense? Nah. Love makes us all crazy. But it's fun too.”
Lisa Greenwald, Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes

Carolyn Mackler
“ On Valentine's Day, the Spirit Club plastered the school with red streamersand pink balloons and red and pink hearts. It looked like Clifford the Big Red Dog ate a flock of flamigoes and then barfed his guts up.”
Carolyn Mackler, Vegan, Virgin, Valentine

Joan Bauer
“It was bad enough not having a boyfriend for New Year's Eve. Now I had to cope with Valentine datelessness, feeling consummate social pressure from every retailer in America who stuck hearts and cupids on their windows by January second to rub it in. (Thwonk)”
Joan Bauer

Mallika  Nawal
“She turned and bolted out the door. She had learnt an important lesson - "When a man paid 'for' paid 'to' him." It was her first Valentine slaughter.”
Mallika Nawal, I'm a Woman & I'm on SALE

Stephen Sondheim
“Unless the object of the singer’s affection is a vampire, surely what Hart means is unphotogenic. Only vampires are unphotographable, but affectionate ‘-enic’ rhymes are hard to come by.”
Stephen Sondheim, Finishing the Hat: Collected Lyrics, 1954-1981, With Attendant Comments, Principles, Heresies, Grudges, Whines, and Anecdotes

J.K. Rowling
“Right,' he said, sitting on Harry's ankles, 'here is your singing Valentine: His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad,
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he's really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.”
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

“No matter your language, the language of love, is a novelty that never wears off.”
Jaco Snoek

“A true love is just a untouched feeling toward the beloved one.”
Arbab J. Edhi

Verliza Gajeles
“Always remember that
Not only on Valentine's Day.”
Verliza Gajeles

Lailah Gifty Akita
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Lailah Gifty Akita
“The greatest of all things is the love of the LORD GOD.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Laura Chouette
“I was always afraid
to love too much -
now I fear
that I loved you too little.”
Laura Chouette

Stewart Stafford
“The day for words of love becomes the night of amorous actions that say far more! The world shifts back on its axis at dawn on February 15th.”
Stewart Stafford

Francine Patterson
“I realized that when she tears a page out of a magazine or a book, it’s not trash. It’s meaningful. She wants us to see it. Plus, she also uses some cards we gave her with objects printed on them when she has something to say. I remember one Valentine's Day, she had some cards out waiting for me that stated pretty clearly “Where are the goodies?”
Francine Patterson

Sarvesh Jain
“You can focus on history as to why people celebrate. Or you can enjoy the opportunity to express your love in a way that you don’t get every day. The choice is yours. Love is yours.”
Sarvesh Jain

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“There is this utterly fascinating rumor of a glorious sort of love. And even though we are crafted for it, the best that we can do is to catch the slightest hem of it before it slips away yet again. For we have yet to learn that what we seek is not the love of another person, but the love of God coursing through another person.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

J.S. Mason
“The guests also clanked together the special romantic shaped forks with hearts on the points, called valentines.”
J.S. Mason, A Dragon, A Pig, and a Rabbi Walk into a Bar...and other Rambunctious Bites

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