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Crystal Woods
“Unknowingly, he prepared me to survive the rest of my days with the way he shielded himself from emotional vulnerabilities that slowly destroy the rest of us.”
Crystal Woods, Write like no one is reading

Jodi Lynn Anderson
“She guarded herself like a secret.”
Jodi Lynn Anderson

“The strong we like, but the vulnerable we love.”
Nicholas M. Bugden, Blue Eyes Blazing

David Levithan
“My fear tries to keep my secrets locked down, but my hope keeps slipping you the key.”
David Levithan

Alfred Hayes
“I made spasmodic efforts to work, assuring myself that once I began working I would forget her. The difficulty was in beginning. There was a feeling of weakness, a sort of powerlessness now, as though I were about to be ill but was never quite ill enough, as though I were about to come down with something I did not quite come down with. It seemed to me that for the first time in my life I had been in love, and had lost, because of the grudgingness of my heart, the possibility of having what, too late, I now thought I wanted. What was it that all my life I had so carefully guarded myself against? What was it that I had felt so threatened me? My suffering, which seemed to me to be a strict consequence of having guarded myself so long, appeared to me as a kind of punishment, and this moment, which I was now enduring, as something which had been delayed for half a lifetime. I was experincing, apparently, an obscure crisis of some kind. My world acquired a tendency to crumble as easily as a soda cracker. I found myself horribly susceptible to small animals, ribbons in the hair of little girls, songs played late at night over lonely radios. It became particularly dangerous for me to go near movies in which crippled girls were healed by the unselfish love of impoverished bellhops. I had become excessively tender to all the more obvious evidences of the frailness of existence; I was capable of dissolving at the least kind word, and self-pity, in inexhaustible doses, lay close to my outraged surface. I moved painfully, an ambulatory case, mysteriously injured.”
Alfred Hayes, In Love

Janet Fitch
“(letters) They were like a kelp forest, they cast a weird green light, you could get lost there, become tangled and drown.

...still eyeing the letters like Portuguese man-of-wars floating on the innocent sea.”
Janet Fitch, White Oleander

Ayokunle Falomo
“I'm learning to let go of my shields, to take the armors off (they are too heavy anyways) and march unguarded, if ever the need arises, towards the battlefield in defense of love.”
Ayokunle Falomo, thread, this wordweaver must!

“Simon, she'd learned, was a man who studied people. He learned their weaknesses as a way of protecting himself.”
MacKenzie Taylor, The Way You Look Tonight

Fiona Wood
“It makes me feel tired about how guarded we are the whole time. Without even trying we're ready to make a joke of everything, serving up the day with big dollops of irony and derision and cynicism. As if. Sucked in. Kidding.”
Fiona Wood

Megan Abbott
“It is not aloofness, superiority. It’s a protection. Who in this ravaged battlefield doesn’t want to gather close her comrades?”
Megan Abbott, Dare Me