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Mother Teresa
“These are the few ways we can practice humility:

To speak as little as possible of one's self.

To mind one's own business.

Not to want to manage other people's affairs.

To avoid curiosity.

To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.

To pass over the mistakes of others.

To accept insults and injuries.

To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.

To be kind and gentle even under provocation.

Never to stand on one's dignity.

To choose always the hardest.”
Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

Friedrich Nietzsche
“the voice of beauty speaks softly; it creeps only into the most fully awakened souls”

“Sometimes its not the strength but gentleness that cracks the hardest shells.”
Richard Paul Evans, Lost December

Sanober  Khan
“whatever you do
be gentle with yourself.
you don’t just live
in this world
or your home
or your skin.
you also live
in someone’s eyes.”
Sanober Khan

Sanober  Khan
“funny how our hearts
were designed
to love
so fiercely.

but break
ever so gently.”
Sanober Khan

Sanober  Khan
“i'm glad to be alive
in a world where
his gently awakening eyes
nourish the morning sun.”
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

C. JoyBell C.
“Silk is a fine, delicate, soft, illuminating, beautiful substance. But you can never rip it! If a man takes this tender silk and attempts to tear it, and cannot tear it, is he in his right mind to say "This silk is fake! I thought it was soft, I thought it was delicate, but look, I cannot even tear it" ? Surely, this man is not in his right mind! The silk is not fake! This silk is 100% real. It's the man who is stupid!”
C. JoyBell C.

“From her thighs, she gives you life
And how you treat she who gives you life
Shows how much you value the life given to you by the Creator.
And from seed to dust
There is ONE soul above all others --
That you must always show patience, respect, and trust
And this woman is your mother.
And when your soul departs your body
And your deeds are weighed against the feather
There is only one soul who can save yours
And this woman is your mother.
And when the heart of the universe
Asks her hair and mind,
Whether you were gentle and kind to her
Her heart will be forced to remain silent
And her hair will speak freely as a separate entity,
Very much like the seaweed in the sea --
It will reveal all that it has heard and seen.

This woman whose heart has seen yours,
First before anybody else in the world,
And whose womb had opened the door
For your eyes to experience light and more --
Is your very own MOTHER.
So, no matter whether your mother has been cruel,
Manipulative, abusive, mentally sick, or simply childish
How you treat her is the ultimate test.
If she misguides you, forgive her and show her the right way
With simple wisdom, gentleness, and kindness.
And always remember,
That the queen in the Creator's kingdom,
Who sits on the throne of all existence,
Is exactly the same as in yours.
And her name is,
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

L.M. Montgomery
“Life, deal gently with her ... Love, never desert her”
L.M. Montgomery, Jane of Lantern Hill

Richelle E. Goodrich
“When it comes to the crusty behavior of some people, give them the benefit of the doubt. They may be drowning right before your eyes, but you can't see it. And you would never ask someone to drown with a smile on his face.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, and Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

Steve Maraboli
“...she doesn't have to choose between being gentle or being fierce. Both exist in nature and both exist in her. That's ok. She'll know to nourish them both and when applicable, use each unapologetically.”
Steve Maraboli

“...I pray this winter be gentle and kind - a season of rest from the wheel of the mind...”
John Geddes A Familiar Rain

Tracy Deonn
“It is always the gentle ones I fear for the most, those willing to bare their hearts, who grieve for others and feel happy for others’ happiness.”
Tracy Deonn, Legendborn

“For someone so violent, he has a gentle face, doesn't he?”
Fuyumi Soryo (惣領 冬実)

Nikki Rosen
“We need to learn to dance more softly.”
Nikki Rosen, Dancing Softly

“Treat what you love with gentle kindness and appreciative respect.”
J. Earp

“So don't ask people to be nicer
unless they're abusive,
unless they're the abusers.
And if they are,
maybe the nicest thing you can do in 2022
is kindly, gently, read them the so-called riot act.
And warn them a riot may be coming their way.”
Shellen Lubin

Stephanie Garber
“There are much better ways to die than this, Little Fox.'

'Your attempts to comfort are tr-tragic,' Evangeline stuttered.

'You're still alive,' he grumbled. His fingers found her eyelids then, and with feather-soft touches, he brushed away the melting ice.

Maybe he wasn't entirely hopeless. She wondered if he just hadn't had much practice at this. Comforting someone was an intimate thing, and according to the stories, intimacy didn't end well with Jacks. But he clearly knew how to be gentle. She felt herself thaw in increments as his fingers went to her cheeks, sweeping away the frozen tears.”
Stephanie Garber, Once Upon a Broken Heart

“The truly strong are always gentle.”
Yuuki Obata

Anthony Liccione
“She stared at me, like day stares at an hourglass and night, the sand trickling through time; the sea disappearing to eyes in the dark. But I hear her waves coming in, as she whispers one last chance goodbye.”
Anthony Liccione

Sarah J. Maas
“Elain had always been gentle and sweet- and I had considered it a different sort of strength. A better strength. To look at the hardness of the world and choose, over and over, to love, to be kind. She had been always so full of light.

Perhaps that was why she now kept all the curtains open. To fill the void that existed where all of that light had once been.

And now nothing remained.”
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Wings and Ruin

Sarah J. Maas
“Azriel arrived first, no shadows to be seen, my sister a pale, golden mass in his arms. He, too, wore his Illyrian armour, Elain's golden-brown hair snagging in some of the black scales across his chest and shoulders.

He set her down gently on the foyer carpet, having carried her in through the front door.

Elain peered up at his patient, solemn face.

Azriel smiled faintly. 'Would you like me to show you the garden?'

She seemed so small before him, so fragile compared to the scales of his fighting leathers, the breadth of his shoulders. The wings peeking over them.

But Elain did not balk from him, did not shy away as she nodded- just once.

Azriel, graceful as any courtier, offered her an arm. I couldn't tell if she was looking at his blue Siphons or at his scarred skin beneath as she breathed, 'Beautiful.'

Colour bloomed high on Azriel's golden-brown cheeks, but he inclined his head in thanks and led my sister toward the back doors into the garden, sunlight bathing them.”
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Wings and Ruin

“In the corporate world, married & unmarried all genders must know their limits & up to where they are bonded for. This will not only make them gentle, modest but also build up a unique sense of being committed to their work.”
Sonal Takalkar

Alex Dimitrov
“Make sure you date and sign here then save all the soft things. Because everyone wants to know when it was, how it happened — say something about it.”
Alex Dimitrov

Luca Evola
“Holding her smooth hands and fingers warm she says my name without saying a single word. Speaking to me with those soft soul-stirring eyes that ask for nothing more except for my love.”
Luca Evola, Arabala

Abhijit Naskar
“People boast about having a gentle soul. I'll tell you right away, I am not gentle, I am the pinnacle of everything that is violent in nature. Yet nobody has ever seen me violent - you know why? Because gentleness is not the absence of violence, gentleness is the mastery over violence.”
Abhijit Naskar, Visvavictor: Kanima Akiyor Kainat

Abhijit Naskar
“Gentleness is not the absence of violence, gentleness is the mastery over violence.”
Abhijit Naskar, Visvavictor: Kanima Akiyor Kainat

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