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Sarah Dessen
“It shouldn't be easy to be amazing. Then everything would be. It's the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth. When something's difficult to come by, you'll do that much more to make sure it's even harder―or impossible―to lose.”
Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride

Erik Pevernagie
“Emotion is ‘recognition’. When treasured moments are identified in the jungle of our personal history during a visual or aural encounter, we capture magic sparks from our past, arousing flashes of insight and revealing an inner flare. These instants of recognition may kindle enthralling emotion and fulfilling inspiration. (“Those journeys of love”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Erik Pevernagie
“Let us not allow gaslighters to plunder the treasured gems of our mind file, nor erode the translucent color of its quality. ("Absence of Desire")”
Erik Pevernagie

Viktor E. Frankl
“In the past, nothing is irretrievably lost, but rather, on the contrary, everything is irrevocably stored and treasured. To be sure, people tend to see only the stubble fields of transitoriness but overlook and forget the full granaries of the past into which they have brought the harvest of their lives: the deeds done, the loves loved, and last but not least, the sufferings they have gone through with courage and dignity.
From this one may see that there is no reason to pity the old people. Instead, young people should envy them. It is true that the old have no opportunities, no possibilities in the future. But they have more than that: Instead of possibilities in the future, they have realities in the past -the potentialities they have actualized, the meanings they have fulfilled, the values they have realized -and nothing and nobody can ever remove these assets from the past.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

Munia Khan
“Night after night on starry wings
Night lovers soared so high
Miles apart, across the oceans
Their love forgot to sigh
In heavenly flight’s timelessness
That highest height treasured
Into the deepest of all blues
Their depth of love measured.

From the poem 'The Ballad of Night Lovers”
Munia Khan, To Evince the Blue

Ellie Lieberman
“There's a difference between belonging and love . . . It's the difference between being someone's treasure and being treasured by someone.”
Ellie Lieberman, A Dragon's Treasure

Virginia Alison
“Enjoy the little moments, you know, those ones where you feel like screaming "I love life," from the highest mountain knowing that it will be a treasured memory...”
Virginia Alison

Chris Dietzel
“You will find, as you get older, that the key to being happy is being able to turn those bad memories into treasured ones. I used to cringe at the thought of you being angry with us. Now, you couldn't give me all the gold in the world to take that memory away, because it reminds me of the type of person you were and still are.”
Chris Dietzel, A Different Alchemy

Ryan Lilly
“A quote is a story, suspended in a sentence and treasured through time.”
Ryan Lilly

“Tragically though, it is that same life that is often least treasured or valued by men who possess it.”
Sunday Adelaja

Munia Khan
“The value of darkness can never be measured
if you don’t break its cheap spell secretly treasured”
Munia Khan

Gift Gugu Mona
“Religion is treasured when it brings goodness out of a person.”
Gift Gugu Mona