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Amit Ray
“Be brave. Be free from philosophies, prophets and holy lies. Go deep into your feelings and explore the mystery of your body, mind and soul. You will find the truth.”
Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations

“Hang on! God will be thy strength in any act of your pursuit.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

“What is pulp novel to literature, religion is to philosophy.”
Abhaidev, The Gods Are Not Dead

“Never be afraid to travel on a new path.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Ali Nuri
“and in the soil
of his being,
a soul is planted
bearing the fruits
of his masterpiece”
Ali Nuri, Rain and Embers

“The Lord is God.
God is Holy.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

“Jesus was the last prophet from this little band of Jews who were destined to deliver messages to all mankind. Against all odds, these men had the greatest impact on shaping our destiny. They took us from the Ice Age to the Space Age with little more than a rod, a staff, and true grit. They were beaten, enslaved, martyred, yet they remained steadfast for they were the chosen ones. Although reluctant messengers at times, the risks were often greater than the rewards.. They cursed. They wept. They suffered and sacrificed. But they didn't fail. And among them all, Jesus stands tall and proud. He has had the most profound influence upon all mankind.”
Suzanne Olsson, Jesus in Kashmir: The Lost Tomb

M.K.  McDaniel
“Be loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, encouraging, grateful, non-judgmental and useful.”
M.K. McDaniel, Misfit in Hell to Heaven Expat: Lessons from a Dark Near-Death Experience and How to Avoid Hell in the Afterlife

J.D. Salinger
“Jesus realised there is no separation from God.”
J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

J.D. Salinger
“...who in the Bible besides Jesus knew - knew - that we're carrying the Kingdom of Heaven around with us, inside...”
J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

“Scapegoating and boasts from the mouthpieces of our political elites and rulers have eternally dogged us over the questions of a dysfunctional corrupt system, fractured economy and failed egalitarianism.”
Qamar Rafiq

“Turbo-charged with sectarian violence, anaemic rule of law and hefty reliance on foreign debts we cannot compete in the world by allowing outrageous racial inequalities to destroy our dreams, our hopes and our future.”
Qamar Rafiq

T.S. Eliot
“For good and ill deeds belong to a man alone, when he stands
alone on the other side of death,
But here upon earth you have the reward of the good and ill that
was done by those who have gone before you.
And all that is ill you may repair if you walk together in humble
repentance, expiating the sins of your fathers;
And all that was good you must fight to keep with hearts as
devoted as those of your fathers who fought to gain it.”
T.S. Eliot, Choruses from “The Rock”

“Movative synaclousis of humans lifemies,they've not sin,not live,no religion,no culture,no traditions,no taboo,no rules and no style,we afenibrate.Its the animals with living customs,anemigrate.”
Ben Jr Grey

Guillermo del Toro
“Monsters are the patron saints of otherness.”
Guillermo del Toro

Николай Бердяев
“Ответственность за зло возвышает, а не унижает тварный мир и человека, ибо приписывает ему огромную силу свободы, способной восстать на Творца, отделиться от него и создать собственный безбожный мир, создать ад. Ведь идея грехопадения есть, в сущности, гордая идея, и через нее человек выходит из состояния унижения. Отпадение от Бога предполагает очень большую высоту человека, высоту твари, очень большую ее свободу, большую ее силу. И выходит, что тварь возвышают лишь тогда, когда речь идет о свободе грехопадения и об ответственности за него. Во всех остальных случаях тварь унижают. Самое слово «тварность» приобретает унизительный характер. Тварь ничтожна, бессильна, жалка, беспомощна, она есть ничто и небытие. Как будто Бог, творя мир, хочет унизить тварь, показать ее ничтожество и бессилие. И требует Бог от твари лишь слепой покорности и жестоко карает за непокорность. Понять это можно лишь как выражение человеческой греховности.”
Николай Бердяев, О назначении человека

Anselm of Canterbury
“I was striving unto God but
collided with myself. I was seeking rest in my inner recesses but
found tribulation and grief in my inmost being.”
Anselm of Canterbury, Proslogion

Trevor John Peach
“Is true Godliness about our differences and not what we have in common?”
Trevor John Peach & Dr. Neil Warren Peach

Trevor John Peach
“Nature is so diverse and so are we!”
Trevor John Peach & Dr. Neil Warren Peach, Life Questions

“The absence of religion is religion”
Tamerlan Kuzgov

“For those of you peeking over the fence at Christianity, you don’t clean yourself up before you get in the shower. You jump right in.”
Tommy Caldwell, The Push: A Climber's Journey of Endurance, Risk, and Going Beyond Limits

“To the One
By: Lorena Tamayo Castillo

To the one who tells me to write;
I, myself owe from them that courage.
For I alone, have stand with them.
The league of Angels and God.
The glory belongs to them.
From Enoch, he heard the angel,
who goes astray becomes a siren.
For I trust the forces of Angel Michael;
For here, my spirit dwell with Christ.
I was given a word to sing and
And made them a sign; for
my insight belongs to God’s goodness.”
Lorena Tamayo Castillo

“3) Chrislam is an Obvious False Teaching that Has Entered Christianity:
Marloes Janson and Birgit Meyer state that Chrislam merges Christianity and Islam. This syncretistic movement rests upon the belief that following Christianity or Islam alone will not guarantee salvation. Chrislamists participate in Christian and Islamic beliefs and practices. During a religious service Tela Tella, the founder of Ifeoluwa, Nigeria’s first Chrislamic movement, proclaimed that “Moses is Jesus and Jesus is Muhammad; peace be upon all of them – we love them all.’” Marloes Janson says he met with a church member who calls himself a Chrislamist. The man said, “You can’t be a Christian without being a Muslim, and you can’t be a Muslim without being a Christian.” These statements reflect the mindset of this community, which mixes Islam with Christianity, and African culture.
Samsindeen Saka, a self-proclaimed prophet, also promotes Chrislam. Mr. Saka founded the Oke Tude Temple in Nigeria in 1989. The church's name means the mountain of loosening bondage. His approach adds a charismatic flavor to Chrislam. He says those bound by Satan; are set free through fasting and prayer. Saka says when these followers are set free from evil spirits. Then, the Holy Spirit possesses them. Afterward, they experience miracles of healing and prosperity in all areas of their life. He also claims that combining Christianity and Islam relieves political tension between these groups. This pastor seeks to take dominion of the world in the name of Chrislam (1).
Today, Chrislam has spread globally, but with much resistance from the Orthodox (Christians, Muslims, and Jews). Richard Mather of Israeli International News says Chrislamists recognize both the Judeo-Christian “Bible and the Quran as holy texts.” So, they fuse these religions by removing Jewish references from the Bible. Thereby neutralizing the prognostic relevance “of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.” This fusion of Islam with Christianity is a rebranded form of replacement theology (2) (3). Also, traditional Muslims do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they do not believe Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world. Thus, these religions cannot merge without destroying the foundations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


1. Janson, Marloes, and Birgit Meyer. “Introduction: Towards a Framework for the Study of Christian-Muslim Encounters in Africa.” Africa, Vol. 86, no. 4, 2016, pp. 615-619,
2. Mather, Richard. “What is Chrislam?” Arutz Sheva – Israel International News. Jewish Media Agency, 02 March 2015,
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Marloes Janson, Crossing Religious Boundaries: Islam, Christianity, and 'Yoruba Religion' in Lagos, Nigeria

“When the Bible says black, I say white. When it says good, I say evil. When it says Behold, Jehovah is a God of Light, I say, Behold, He is the Lord of dark places, for his children gnash their teeth and cry unto him and are not heard.”
Hal Bennett, Lord of Dark Places

“The power of forgiveness; -
Choose to forgive the one who wrongs you. Forgiveness changes your psychological world from negative emotions to positive attitudes. Forgiveness liberates resources both individually and collectively in the face of the irreparable.
So, forgive as the Lord Jesus Christ forgave you.”
Yando Wanii Nimbo

“The God Who Said, I Am Who I Am.
Creations Speaks of Who He Is. Every Day We See A New Of Him.
Colors Can't Express His Beauty Enough,
Writers Can’t Write About Him In A Million Books.
He Is Who He Is”
Yando Wanii Nimbo

“If you feel physically breathless at the current state of religious freedom that's just forced conversion and forced marriages immediately sucking all of the oxygen.”
Qamar Rafiq

Deepak Kripal
“God probably wanted us to discover him. We started following him.”
Deepak Kripal, Sense of a Quiet

Abhijit Naskar
“There is no such thing as organized religion, because religion organized is religion lost. Religion by nature ought to be about liberating the mind of all divisions - all organizations - if not, then it is not religion to begin with - or at the very least, it is the most infantile form of religion.”
Abhijit Naskar, Mukemmel Musalman: Kafir Biraz, Peygamber Biraz

Vladeta Jerotić
“Kada govorimo o religiji (i hrišćanskoj religiji), nije teško prepoznati revnosne vernike. Kako ih prepoznati? Istinska revnost (dakle usrdnost, trud, živa želja) odaje se smirenošću i skromnošću, blagošću i opraštanjem, nepokolebljivom verom i nadom u Hrista Spasitelja (kada govorimo o hrišćanskoj religiji), verom koja se nikad i nikom ne nameće, razumevanje drugih ljudi, i to, razumevanjem i srcem i umom. Sve suprotno od ovih vrlina kojima Bog obdaruje Njegove revnitelje, prepoznaćemo u izrazu lica, ponašanju i delanju fanatičnog čoveka.”
Vladeta Jerotić, 50 pitanja i 50 odgovora iz hrišćansko-psihoterapeutske prakse

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