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Munia Khan
“All shadows of clouds the sun cannot hide
like the moon cannot stop oceanic tide;
but a hidden star can still be smiling
at night's black spell on darkness, beguiling”
Munia Khan

Nicole  Lyons
“I am a lover of words and tragically beautiful things, poor timing and longing, and all things with soul, and I wonder if that means I am entirely broken, or if those are the things that have been keeping me whole.”
Nicole Lyons

Sanober  Khan
“A rain like melting pillows…
a rain so beautiful

I could never
have let go of

if not certain
that someday...it would find its way
into my poem.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Ankita Singhal
“Poetry is breathing words that give a reader pause.”
Ankita Singhal

Munia Khan
“I climb the door instead of a tree
Just to crawl with myself walking free
What if I’m a lizard beneath my skin
Changing my colours of the human I’ve been”
Munia Khan

Munia Khan
“Give me one more night to taste the dark
When wolves imitate a lone dog's bark
Let those secrets remain unspoken
Fallen angel's heart now lover's token
Light grows dim burying riddle’s death
Just breathe to free your one last breath”
Munia Khan

Munia Khan
“Night after night on starry wings
Night lovers soared so high
Miles apart, across the oceans
Their love forgot to sigh
In heavenly flight’s timelessness
That highest height treasured
Into the deepest of all blues
Their depth of love measured.

From the poem 'The Ballad of Night Lovers”
Munia Khan, To Evince the Blue

Nichole McElhaney
“A poetess is a collection of unfinished thoughts. She is a tormented phantom, a harbinger of life and death. Those who peer deep inside her catacombs will learn that even madness is a virtue.”
Nichole McElhaney, Poetry for Melancholy Ghosts and Ethereal Maidens

Munia Khan
“If I die today, will you remember me tomorrow?
The love I'm leaving behind, will you care to borrow?
From a snake-shed-skin or from the sky unknown
In all living and the dead I'll dwell to groan”
Munia Khan

Munia Khan
“Every known thing used to be unknown
And every rock could become a stone
Someday nature will have to atone
When soul sees dead flesh leaving the bone”
Munia Khan

أحمد  العفيفي
“الأوِّله للمُستحيل
و التانيَه للناى
و التالته تابَته يبقي توهنا ازاى
و الرابعه أربَع كاس
و صُبّ أتنين
واحِد لآدم
و التاني للفُخار
يمكِن يبوح للأرض
فمتخلقوش النّار
و ميلتفِتش ف يسرقُه المِشوار ..”
أحمد العفيفي, رقصات القديس فِستو

“The Throes of Poetry - Hymns formed from groans of acquaintance, its rhythm weaving between tranquility, compassions, and peril - like bare feet stomping on broken glass - bleeds, recoils, then steps again.”
Traci Lea LaRussa

Richard L.  Ratliff
“Your words on the screen are my color palette
I dip my brush into your words and paint you
On the sky, on the ceiling, on the snow; on the tablet
Of things eternal : love truth beauty happiness”
Richard L. Ratliff

Munia Khan
“Death is buried there into death
Hunger strikes on its own last breath
No spine to shiver, no heart talks
At life’s craving poverty mocks

From the poem 'Exhumation”
Munia Khan, To Evince the Blue

Charles Bukowski
“beware women grown
who were never
anything but
Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers at Last

Adrienne Rich
“A poem can't free us from the struggle for existence, but it can uncover desires and appetites buried under the accumulating emergencies of our lives, the fabricated wants and needs we have had urged on us, have accepted as our own. It's not a philosophical or psychological blueprint; it's an instrument for embodied experience.”
Adrienne Rich, What is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics

Charles Bukowski
“I always felt it would

I listened to the charges against me
knowing some of them to be true
but certainly not
important enough
to become the target of
violence, envy,

I thought it would surely
Charles Bukowski

Nicole  Lyons
“There are many things you can lie your way through; poetry is not one of them.”
Nicole Lyons

Jenai Charles
“no need to seek your other half.
you are already whole”
Jenai Charles, Unfolding

Christina Hopp
“Your breaking point will be a bloody refuge, not a clean slate.”
Christina Hopp, The Morning After Relapse

Maria Elena
“I am all things, I am not your words. I am defined by me.”
Maria Elena, Eternal Youth

“A fire burns in the evening sky
Breaking like an egg in a pan
A sea of yellowish orange spreads
In accordance with divine plan. 

Vibrant paint drips to the edge
Of ashen clouds drifting past
The sun is a messy painter
Every brush stroke massive and vast.

The clouds are like matches
Starting as fiery flame
Then fading to ashes 
A burning passion, tamed. 

The red, orange, yellow leaves
On the ground in this season
Reflect the colors of the sky, and
The sunlight that used to feed them. 

A September sunset beaming 
Down as a sailor's last call
A herald for the coming winter
A message, enjoy the fleeting fall. ”
Justin Wetch, Bending The Universe

Ogden Nash
“Very Like a Whale”
Ogden Nash

Roxane Orgill
“Hundred-and-twenty-six street
on a Tuesday morning
"Hi ya, Monk"
"Fump, my man!"
camera guy's sweeping
jazzmen like bundles
toward number 17
they don't notice
too busy with how you been...”
Roxane Orgill, Jazz Day: The Making of a Famous Photograph

Alli Warren
“I wouldn’t call it going to bed so much as a six hour fall
Our success is waking up”
Alli Warren, Little Hill

“The poeticization of words

I was worried now,
I do not do it anymore, and the silence continues to ravage my soul
I was worried now,
I do not know and the silence of love continues to ravage my soul and my heart

drained of emotions and the lonely road never seems to end

the lightning of love continues to fail
and I stay with a heart full of burning scars
I see them in the crowd the mocking laughter

the bad jokers, the worthless people who are afraid
double-edged friends who stab, and slash

without thinking about the consequences

scars forming in the mind

filled with screaming voices

his stubborn voices will never leave me paralyzer

adding weight to the confusion of insecurity wearing

I was worried now,
I do not do it anymore, and the silence continues to ravage my soul
I was worried now,
I do not know and the silence continues to ravage my soul

the music call me night fall

to deliver me in synchronicity words memorize

restitution of my thinking I do not know to ask me

but why is my heart still so hollow?

and I can not find rest in any place

he told me one day everything will be better

but the weight of emotions enclose me agonize

and I have to stay hidden

because this world is without mercy

I was worried now,
I do not do it anymore, and the silence continues to ravage my soul
I was worried now,
I do not know and the silence of love continues to ravage my soul

and I'm tearing from the inside

my friends do not see it because a wall was built

and the trust beat hospitalizer

never got back from the fight lead lonely

in a slice surround with explosions of bad intent
and radiation of emotions

my last companion

the poeticization of words.

(Marty Bisson Milo)”
Marty Bisson milo

“To answer the what, where, why, and the who
You must start out with a clue
And the witnesses to interview
To know what is false and what is true.”
Heide Velarde

John D. Alexander
“A rhyme rose within me, it caused me to smile.
It focused my thoughts, I escaped for a while.”
John D. Alexander

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