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Erik Pevernagie
“Emotion is ‘recognition’. When treasured moments are identified in the jungle of our personal history during a visual or aural encounter, we capture magic sparks from our past, arousing flashes of insight and revealing an inner flare. These instants of recognition may kindle enthralling emotion and fulfilling inspiration. (“Those journeys of love”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Tahir Shah
“The forest did not tolerate frailty of body or mind. Show your weakness, and it would consume you without hesitation.”
Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Edgar Rice Burroughs
“I got this story from someone who had no business in the telling of it.”
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes

Tahir Shah
“On a hard jungle journey nothing is so important as having a team you can trust.”
Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Nancy Farmer
“I am she who lifts the mountains
When she goes to hunt,
Who wears mamba for a headband
And a lion for a belt.
I swallow elephants whole
And pick my teeth with rhinoceros horns,
I drink up rivers to get at the hippos.
Let them hear my words!
Nhamo is coming
And her hunger is great.

I am she who tosses trees
Instead of spears.
The ostrich is my pillow
And the elephant is my footstool!
I am Nhamo
Who makes the river my highway
And sends crocodiles scurrying into the reeds!”
Nancy Farmer, A Girl Named Disaster

Tahir Shah
“There comes a stage at which a man would rather die cleanly by a bullet than by the unknown terror of the phantom in the forest.”
Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Greig Beck
“Hell is not hot, or cold. Nor is it deep below ground, or somewhere in the sky. Instead it is a place on Earth filled with sucking bogs, disfiguring diseases and millions of tiny flesh-eating creatures.
Hell is a jungle, and it is monstrously green.”
Greig Beck, This Green Hell
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Tahir Shah
“Spend sixteen weeks in the jungle and you being to question your own sanity, especially when you are the one goading everyone else ahead.”
Tahir Shah

Henryk Sienkiewicz
“There, about a dozen times during the day, the wind drives over the sky the swollen clouds, which water the earth copiously, after which the sun shines brightly, as if freshly bathed, and floods with a golden luster the rocks, the river, the trees, and the entire jungle.”
Henryk Sienkiewicz, In Desert and Wilderness

Tahir Shah
“The situation was different in the jungle. Every inch of ground had to be earned, and was done so through much exertion with the blade.”
Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Tahir Shah
“The inertia of a jungle village is a dangerous thing. Before you know it your whole life has slipped by and you are still waiting there.”
Tahir Shah, House of the Tiger King: The Quest for a Lost City

Michael Bassey Johnson
“I feel better when I am surrounded, not by humans, but by trees.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Michael Bassey Johnson
“If love grew on trees, the forlorn would frequent the forest.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Winston Groom
“Things is very primitive in the jungle - no place to shit, sleep on the ground like an animal, eat out of cans, no place to take a bath or nothing, clothes is all rotting off.”
Winston Groom, Forrest Gump

Liz Braswell
“Large-leafed plants at the edge of the jungle reflected the sun rather than soaking it up, their dark green surfaces sparkling white in the sunlight. Some of the smaller ones had literally low-hanging fruit, like jewels from a fairy tale. Behind them was an extremely inviting path into the jungle with giant white shells for stepping-stones. And rather than the muggy, disease-filled forests of books that seemed to kill so many explorers, here the air was cool and pleasant and not too moist- although Wendy could hear the distant tinkle of water splashing from a height.
"Oh! Is that the Tonal Spring? Or Diamond Falls?" Wendy withered breathlessly. "Luna, let's go see!"
She made herself not race ahead down the path, but moved at a leisurely, measured pace. Like an adventuress sure of herself but wary of her surroundings.
(And yet, as she wouldn't realize until later, she hadn't thought to grab her stockings or shoes. Those got left in her hut without even a simple goodbye.)
Everywhere she looked, Wendy found another wonder of Never Land, from the slow camosnails to the gently nodding heads of the fritillary lilies. She smiled, imagining John as he peered over his glasses and the snail faded away into the background in fear- or Michael getting his nose covered in honey-scented lily pollen as he enthusiastically sniffed the pretty flowers.
The path continued, winding around a boulder into a delightful little clearing, sandy but padded here and there with tuffets of emerald green grass and clumps of purple orchids. It was like a desert island vacation of a perfect English meadow.”
Liz Braswell, Straight On Till Morning

“A deer's cry never spooks the tiger.”
VKBoy, Shambala Sect

Shamini Flint
“Surviving in the jungle for any length of time was near impossible. Cuts turned to gangrene. Scratches became infected. Leeches latched on in a bloodthirsty frenzy. Clothes and shoes rotted in the intense humidity. Rainstorms washed away strength. Food was scarce. And there was always the threat of centipedes and cobras to make each step forward an adventure.”
Shamini Flint, A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder

Awdhesh Singh
“The world has always been ruled by violent people just as a jungle is ruled by a lion. Non-violent people have always had to submit to the onslaught of the violent people and lose their honour.The rule of non-violence i as utopian as the sheep ruling a jungle over lions.”
Awdhesh Singh, Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth

Mukta Singh-Zocchi
“The night was dark and pregnant with mystical presences. It was fragrant, startled one with sudden cries and incited him with fear and awe. Still, in its blackness each man felt like a prince.”
Mukta Singh-Zocchi, The Thugs & a Courtesan

Mukta Singh-Zocchi
“The night was dark and pregnant with mystical presences. It was fragrant, startled one with sudden cries and incited him with fear and awe. Still, in its blackness each man felt like a prince. They were used to it. Night after night they had walked through many paths, so they marched through the dark space like one does towards the bed of a lover. She strokes him with her dark, mysterious fingers. He leaps at her with wild passion. The gentle breeze tickles between his hairs.”
Mukta Singh-Zocchi, The Thugs & a Courtesan

“- Vous ne comprenez pas. Si je tombe à l'eau, je m’électrocute. (Zeus regardait Jaime en face, pour bien lui faire comprendre tout le sérieux de la situation.) Mon électricité va me tuer.
Là, le péruvien était près d'un petit rire, qui s'est amplifié jusqu’à la grosse poilade. Zeus l’a fusillé du regard, rouge de colère.
- Mais fermez-la ! Pourquoi vous vous marrez ?
- Amigo. Je ne veux pas te manquer de respect, mais regarde autour de toi. Tu vois ça, amigo ? Des caïmans. La rivière en est infestée, ainsi que de piranhas et d'anacondas. Si tu tombes à l'eau, tu meurs quoi qu'il arrive !”
Richard Paul Evans, Dans les griffes de l'ennemi
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Zuzanne Belec
“Gran!” I gasped. “You just killed a man!”
Zuzanne Belec, Layers: A Collection of Short Stories

“Making mistakes is like creating a path in the jungle. As you advance, you start to see more clearly.”
Maxime Lagacé

Anthony T. Hincks
“The jungle left me looking for flowers in the attic.”
Anthony T. Hincks

Nidhie Sharma
“For five long minutes, the skies rumbled and poured,
carpet-bombing the Jungle with spear-like drops. Puncturing the surface of the water with ferocity and purpose, those dark clouds were unrelenting. Unleashing their little warrior drops with the express purpose of drowning us. Cooking up a storm, relishing the deluge. Or perhaps the clouds were not at fault; maybe their delicate frame could no longer
hold the water. Maybe the Jungle had conspired with Zeus and Indra.”
nidhie sharma, INVICTUS

Tamerlan Kuzgov
“The jungle king for lion is a human.”
Tamerlan Kuzgov

Aida Mandic
“Lush scenery of the Lion’s hair
Illuminates the Regal Cat on High Chair
All those who come Across
The Outspoken jungle Boss
Seem to unanimously agree
It is better to cheer than to Flee”
Aida Mandic, A Candid Aim

Steven Magee
“Camping in the tropical Hawaiian jungle brought on the best health I had seen in years!”
Steven Magee, Magee’s Disease

Steven Magee
“After living in a tent in the Hawaiian tropical jungle for five months, I had a hard time adjusting back to a living in a home!”
Steven Magee

Steven Magee
“I was becoming feral after living in the Hawaiian tropical jungle for five months!”
Steven Magee

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