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Catherynne M. Valente
“I wouldn't even consider it if I were you. But then if I were you, I would not be me, and if I were not me, I would not be able to advise you, and if I were unable to advise you, you'd do as you like, so you might as well do as you like and have done with it.”
Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

“When you have been killed as many times as I have, you get used to it.”
Peter Sellers

Lola Dodge
“From moment one, you were the wildest thing I've ever seen. ll I do is imagine how you'd taste.”
Lola Dodge, Ivory

“Left alone, the Florida panther would be remembered as a textbook exercise on how to go extinct while your abundant and vociferous advocates argue about the process.”
Stephen J. O'Brien, Tears of the Cheetah: The Genetic Secrets of Our Animal Ancestors

Kathleen O'Neal Gear
“What kind of incompetence is this, leaving dangerous fiends like us alone to commit mischief?”
Kathleen O'Neal Gear, People of the Mist

“So now you've met the pink panther,
The rinky-dink panther,
And it's as plain as your nose,
That he's the one and only, truly original,
Panther-pink-panther from head to toes !”

Carl Hiaasen
“So for a while, they sat peacefully in the swamp, listening to Mrs. Starch hum while the little panther slurped happily and the emerald leaves overhead shimmered and shook in the sunlight.”
Carl Hiaasen, Scat

Katie McGarry
“I should run, but I’m paralyzed by the sight of him. Even moving slowly, Isaiah possesses the prowess of a panther. His muscles pronounced in the easy way he strides. The set, determined gaze on me as his prey. This only proves how weak I am. Like the animal on the verge of being devoured in the wild, I stand here stunned by his dangerous beauty.”
Katie McGarry, Crash into You

“Enough !! of the lion ruling the wild territory, time to vote the panther gentlemen.”
Neymat Khan

Charles Frazier
“If she had not been alone, she would never have seen the panther or felt the hope it spread into the world like rings around the splash of a rock thrown into a still lake.”
Charles Frazier

Vanessa Sangue
“Maria legte die Stirn in Falten. Sie schien besorgt. „Das war Lucano Malone. Er gehört zum Leopardenrudel und ist der Sohn des Alphatiers.”
Vanessa Sangue, Dark Hope - Verbindung des Schicksals

Vanessa Sangue
“Lucano zögerte keine Sekunde. Das Knurren löste sich von seinen Lippen und erfüllte den Raum. Dann packte er den Mann im Nacken, riss ihn von der Frau los und stieß ihn von ihr weg. Mit einem weiteren Knurren holte er aus und registrierte das befriedigende Geräusch von brechenden Knochen, als der Mann geradewegs durch die gläserne Tür segelte.”
Vanessa Sangue, Dark Hope - Verbindung des Schicksals

Ursula Hegi
“Their train speeds through the cities and crosses rivers until it reaches Paris. They leave the station, their arms around each other, and walk to the Jardin des Plantes where the panther paces the length of his cage. The young teacher nods as Hannelore Beier reaches into the cage, and strokes the animal's magnificent neck. The panther arches his back. A curtain lifts from his pupils as the pastor's sister slides aside the bolt that has kept him in captivity. His eyes like sudden, green flames, he recognizes a world beyond the bars of his cage.”
Ursula Hegi, Floating in My Mother's Palm

Stewart Stafford
“That boorish man stole colour from a maiden's cheek to redden his ardour. She, with her prancing panther's gait and proud, undulating beauty, revelled in her existence and left him foolishly in her wake.”
Stewart Stafford