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Peter S. Beagle
“Heroes know that things must happen when it is time for them to happen. A quest may not simply be abandoned; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever; a happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story.”
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

“if there are no heros to save you,
Then you be the hero”
Denpa kyoshi

Catherynne M. Valente
“...while epic fantasy is based on the fairy tale of the just war, that’s not one you’ll find in Grimm or Disney, and most will never recognize the shape of it. I think the fantasy genre pitches its tent in the medieval campground for the very reason that we even bother to write stories about things that never happened in the first place: because it says something subtle and true about our own world, something it is difficult to say straight out, with a straight face. Something you need tools to say, you need cheat codes for the human brain--a candy princess or a sugar-coated unicorn to wash down the sour taste of how bad things can really get.

See, I think our culture has a slash running through the middle of it, too. Past/Future, Conservative/Liberal, Online/Offline. Virgin/Whore. And yes: Classical/Medieval. I think we’re torn between the Classical Narrative of Self and the Medieval Narrative of Self, between the choice of Achilles and Keep Calm and Carry On.

The Classical internal monologue goes like this: do anything, anything, only don’t be forgotten. Yes, this one sacrificed his daughter on a slab at Aulis, that one married his mother and tore out his eyes, and oh that guy ate his kids in a pie. But you remember their names, don’t you? So it’s all good in the end. Give a Greek soul a choice between a short life full of glory and a name echoing down the halls of time and a long, gentle life full of children and a quiet sort of virtue, and he’ll always go down in flames. That’s what the Iliad is all about, and the Odyssey too. When you get to Hades, you gotta have a story to tell, because the rest of eternity is just forgetting and hoping some mortal shows up on a quest and lets you drink blood from a bowl so you can remember who you were for one hour.

And every bit of cultural narrative in America says that we are all Odysseus, we are all Agamemnon, all Atreus, all Achilles. That we as a nation made that choice and chose glory and personal valor, and woe betide any inconvenient “other people” who get in our way. We tell the tales around the campfire of men who came from nothing to run dotcom empires, of a million dollars made overnight, of an actress marrying a prince from Monaco, of athletes and stars and artists and cowboys and gangsters and bootleggers and talk show hosts who hitched up their bootstraps and bent the world to their will. Whose names you all know. And we say: that can be each and every one of us and if it isn’t, it’s your fault. You didn’t have the excellence for it. You didn’t work hard enough. The story wasn’t about you, and the only good stories are the kind that have big, unignorable, undeniable heroes.”
Catherynne M. Valente

Bill Watterson
“Quick! To the Bat-Fax!”
Bill Watterson, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

Lucian Bane
“Life bends us, shapes us, molds us, makes us, and breaks us." ~Lucian Bane~”
Lucian Bane, 1st Semester

Ricky Maye
“You don't need superpowers to be someones hero”
Ricky Maye

“I have to keep my mouth shut about Nam though. All of these guys want to believe they were fighting an honorable war, and that their conduct deserves respect. They want the public to treat them like they’re heroes—like the WWII vets were.” “Instead, smart ass, pampered kids call them names and throw dog shit at them.”
Bud Rudesill, Hurricane Ginger

Seb Kirby
“Each age selects its own geniuses from the past to suit its own needs. It's always been that way.”
Seb Kirby, Take No More

Carlos Ruiz Zafón
“En aquellos días aprendí que nada da más miedo que un héroe que vive para contarlo, para contar lo que todos los que cayeron a su lado no podrán contar jamás.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

James William Peercy
“It is an interesting thing, love ,” the Princess stated. “It can turn lambs into heroes, and heroes into lambs.”
James William Peercy, The Wall Outside

Harold Bloom
“King die hard, in Shakespeare and in life.”
Harold Bloom, The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

“Heros they're not always tough or brave, and the last look on their face is scared or uncertain like rethinking the choice they just made. But they don't change their mind, they stick to it. Then boom they're gone”
haley jackson

Anastasia Bolinder
“Starting out a new day gives hope for new adventures, villains and hero's to cross your path. Make the most of it.”
Anastasia Bolinder

Alan G. Robinson
“Try this: Identify a bottom-up improvement or innovation in your organization, and interview the person who championed it. Chances are you will find a hero story of some kind. Why do we have to be heroes to implement perfectly good ideas?”
Alan G. Robinson, The Idea-Driven Organization: Unlocking the Power in Bottom-Up Ideas

Holly Evans
“I squared my shoulders and told it that I was trying to be a goddamn hero and it was going to give me a break. It flickered soft silver before it formed the image of a woman.
"Finally. I am proud," it said before it dropped me back into the normal world with a thud.”
Holly Evans, Ritual Ink
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