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Bill Watterson
“S...For Stupendous!
T...For Tiger, ferocity of!
U...For Underwear, Red!
P...For Power, Incredible!
E...For excellent physique!
N...For...Um...Something..Hm, well, I'll come back to that...
D...For Determination!
U...For...Wait, How do you spell this? Is it "I"??”
Bill Watterson, Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat

Lola Dodge
“My body shook from pain, exhaustion, and the beginning of shock. I'd pay for all the powers I'd used, but the portal most of all. Good girls weren't supposed to open hell dimensions.”
Lola Dodge, Temptress

Mohith Agadi
“All Superheroes are differently abled.
All differently abled are Superheroes.”
Mohith Agadi

Steve Maraboli
“We’re a society that creates super heroes who aren’t really super heroes. They are just regular people who live in alignment with their goals and dreams. They don’t just talk about it, the LIVE it. You can choose to do the same.”
Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Linden Morningstar
“Mad, in exasperation, cried out to the unseen force, “Why did you summon us? There must be a reason. Tell us.” She heard a dreamlike voice.
“You are Stargirls.” The voice paused, letting the fog and confusion of their nightmare to lift.
Lyn found her voice, “But why us?”
“You are the chosen ones by prophecy; you have proven your worthiness. A time warp brought you here. The one you opened was no accident. It was left a hundred thousand years ago just for you. Your Star training as children has prepared you well. You are ready for the next stage in your evolution.”
Linden Morningstar, The Starlight Prophecy

Nadia Fezzani
“People who have suffered understand pain and are often the best at helping others.”
Nadia Fezzani, Real Life Super Heroes

“There are threads of fiction intricately woven into our muscles. Fictional characters such as Superman, Black Panther, Wonder Woman etc., are birthed from something struggling to come alife from deep within us.”
Nike Thaddeus

DeBorrah K. Ogans
“~ A taste of Heaven on earth!" "THE ENCHANTING LEGENDS OF SHILOH MANSION:The Young King!" ~”
DeBorrah K. Ogans, The Enchanting Legends Of Shiloh Mansion: The Young King

Christina L. Barr
“Justice doesn’t talk. It sings!”
Christina L. Barr, Superkid

Linden Morningstar
“Lyn, this was the “Aha!” moment when Desta found another astonishing skeleton. Remarkably, it appeared utterly human but existed before humans walked the Earth. Clutched in its hand a small sphere attached to an elaborate gold necklace. The sphere was not like any material on Earth. Remember when I told you our origins might lie in the stars? Well, I think we found the answer in the Afar desert
Linden Morningstar, The Starlight Prophecy

“Once we’ve become Gods,
And Superheroes,
and Spidermen(ed) through the web of potential,
what will be next?”
Natasha Tsakos

Ana Claudia Antunes
“It's a great indy movie with many a spark,
Robert Downey Jr starring as Tony Stark.
Only that it didn't have the public recognition,
Now are the headlines about films in exhibition:

Many good movies with no channel to portrait
All end up with a few public to its own fate.
No need to say who made them obliterate.

(AnA Cross+Tic for Iron Man)”
Ana Claudia Antunes, ACross Tic

Kristen Granata
“We often look at our parents like superheroes. We think they can do no wrong. They raise us, protect us, and care for us. Then, we get to a certain age and realize our parents are only humans. They make mistakes, just like we do.”
Kristen Granata, The Other Brother